Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan

My first post on my blog has to be on some quick facts of myself.

· I'm 29, married to an IT engineer

· Education: Tadika Ladybird Subang Jaya; SRK Sri Subang Jaya, SS14; SRK SS19 Subang Jaya; SMK Subang Utama, SS18 (Head Prefect); and Taylor’s College, SS15

· Obtained my Bachelor of Laws from University of Tasmania, Australia in 2001

· Admitted to practice in Australia and Malaysia

· Current job: Event Manager

I grew up in Subang Jaya and now live in USJ with my husband. This neighbourhood is my 'home'-town. Even my wedding banquet was held in SJ.

I have recently been given an opportunity to contest in the coming election. Recent developments in our country have caused me to reconsider my responsibility as a citizen in M'sia. Time to walk the talk.

Constant complaining without any action makes us equally responsible for our current situation. Out of the 56 state seats in Selangor, only 2 are of the opposition. We need a stronger voice to provide effective check and balance to the government.

My husband and I have wonderful Malay friends. My family is of Chinese origin. My in-laws are Indians and we have friends of various cultures. As a woman in a mixed marriage, I am determined to stand up for multiculturalism and racial harmony. The children I will have must be known as only Malaysians. We must eliminate any form of discrimination. Any nation divided against herself will fall.


deva said...

Hi Hannah,

Greetings. It is wonderful and a great blessing that people like you have come forward to help an ailing country. More importantly, it is reassuring that you have received due endorsement through the ballot box.

I saw and heard you last week at the USJTree Resident's Association gathering.

Like you, I too am from a mixed background. I am Indian, my wife is Malay. between us, we have relatives and friends of all hue, colour and beliefs. We are all shocked with recent developments especially in terms of the irresponsible statements made by "people in authority" out to incite racial trouble.

It is not the common people who want to create trouble. It is the people who have vested interests. The biggest culprits are the politicians and their cronies who have been hit by the political tsunami. They stand to lose big time. Massive projects, handouts and all the perks of a no sweat easy life. These people who have been addicted to the substance of "entitlement" are now in a severe withdrawal syndrome. They will resort to all sort of dangerous tactics to obtain their "substance." The biggest scare tactic is to play the racial card and the issue of the majority rights being eroded or lost.

I pray that you, your team and all those who have been given the opportunity, stay strong, stay true and fight the good fight.

God Bless,
Azhar Victor.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Please check out this issue. Your kind consideration is appreciated. Summary: A Chinese Temple is being erected on a plot of land previously gazetted and used as a recreation area along the main road along Jalan Permaisuri 1/6 of Section 6 in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. The MKAJ supports the construction by issuing an approval for the same. They have also disregarded the sentiments of those staying here during a call for resident feedback where they blatantly stated that the project is already approved and no objection will be entertained.

It also simply cannot be understood at all why the new but fast becoming old state government in Selangor has failed to take any action to determine whether any wrongdoing in this matter. Moreover when the good people who own houses in that particular section brought their plight to the dailies.

I do believe that there is a planning guideline where such matters are concerned.

The plot of land which is situated along the main road leading to Jalan Permaisuri 1/6 of Section 6 in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, used to be fully occupied by a jogging track, badminton court, and childrens' playground.

Not wishing to comment on the apparent neglect of upkeep of the facilities mentioned before it was ceremoniously taken over by a group of people claiming to be the committee for a Chinese Temple, and I do say ceremoniously because the kick-off party was very colourful and loud with trafffic guards, Karaoke, and the like, the fact that remains that this temple is in the midst of construction already and located on a land reserved for recreation.

Over 8 metre-high walls and the temple structure are being erected on the spot where the playground once stood in entirety.

Liau, a retiree, laments that the MKAJ is not doing their work in safeguarding the interests of the residents in the area by allowing the work to go on as long as it has. He and many others banked on the capability of the new government to step in correctively and audit the whole process for any wrongdoing.
His gaze lingers on the outline of the newly erected temple brick walls and the site where his grandchildren would play during the weekends they would visit him and his wife. "A temple they can build again. Do I have to move? I'm retired and my life savings went into buying this house. The people building this temple are an inconsiderate lot. Although I share the same religious faith, this is more than just money, this is about proper governance and location. Look at it. When it is fully done, it will block the view which I have enjoyed for years," he says.
The construction of the temple is a blow to the local residents. My only hope is that it does not turn into a political fiasco. Hmm..maybe that's why there is a declined effort to act...


It has come to my attention that construction of a Chinese Temple has commenced at the Children's Playground near Jalan Permaisuri 1/6 of Section 6 in Bandar Mahkota Cheras amidst serious objections from the houseowners along the stretch facing the playground and from other residents living in that area.

Apparently, the Kajang Municipal Council (Majlis Perbandaran Kajang - MPKJ) had earlier sent notice of this project to the houseowners seeking their feedback and possible objections to the same. After some written protest, as these residents did not want to lose the playground and the land it was on, the MPKJ "invited" them to a meeting at the MPKJ headoffice located at Jalan Cempaka Putih, Off Jalan Semenyih, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. At this meeting, they were informed that the project had already been approved by the MPKJ and that the letter sent requesting for feedback was only a formality. Reportedly, the temple's representative also had the nerve to tell one resident that they were initially "offered" 2 choices and they had chosen the playground for obvious reasons and also that nothing would deter the project as they had gotten it approved by the MPKJ.

While we are living in a multiracial society, it is extremely rare to find Chinese Temples along major main roads in the community. Although nice the fact harbors that some abuse of power may have taken place since there is a MPKJ notice board erected on this piece of land quoting the 1976 Land Act, forbidding the use of the land for any other purpose than it's original purpose of a children's playground and badminton court. This brings to mind a similar case at Bukit Gasing where original plans for the land development deviated.

It will be a sad day for these residents when the project is completed as they would not only have lost an area for recreation and leisure activities, but they would have also been short changed in their purchase of their residential properties since they did not expect they would have a house fronting a place of worship. Least of all, the various pollution from increased traffic during festivities, incense smoke, and noise.

Best Regards,

Rosli said...

Hi YB,

Nice to know that you are formerly the head prefect of SMKSU SS18. I am an AJK for Surau Al-Hikmah at SMKSU SS18, which is one and only surau in Malaysia which is co-manage by school and the community. This makes Surau Al-Hikmah very unique. Even the headmaster acknowledged the effort of the community and also the "warga sekolah" to make this Surau a "surau contoh".

Hope YB support the Surau for this effort and also the efforts done toward making Malaysia is a country for all dream to stay in general. At Surau Al-Hikmah, we have students from overseas, like from USA, Singapore and Bangladesh.

Our contribution at the Surau is consider small but your effort at national level is bigger.

Recently I posted a post regarding Surau Al-Hikmah at my personal blog. Your comments are appreciated at

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

This is just a brief email just to let you know that my parents and I were victims of Dengue which took place 2 weeks ago.
They were both admitted to Klang GH where my mother is still given medical attention.

I stay in SS14 and as you may know, there had been many Dengue cases in Subang Jaya and there are many more taking place just as I pen down this email to you.

I hope some drastic action can be taken to help minimize/prevent such occurrences of this deadly virus.
Of course, each occupant of Subang Jaya must play a role. Ie: ensuring their surroundings are clean.

I hope this matter can be taken very seriously and brought to the attention of the authorities concerned.

Dying because of Dengue is really a not a valid reason to leave our loved ones. Reactions to actions is how we typical Malaysians are. Lets work towards a better Subang jaya to live in.

Btw, my mom is recovering well and dad has been discharged. I didnt get myself admitted as I decided to fight the virus on my own. I succeeded and I am good and on my feet now.. :)

besitai said...

YB Hannah Yeoh,
I use the narrow road between Careefore and Subang Parade everyday to return to USJ 6 from the Federal Highway. Inconsiderate people are still parking on the left lane thereby effectively narrowing the already narrow road to one lane. At peak traffic hour, cars and vans would fight to get through this narrow road. I see two signs, one warning that cars will be towed away or have their wheels clamped. Unfortunately, the problem still exists because there is no enforcement at critical times. Please do something about this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Bravo to the Persiaran Tujuan traffic flow!!! It's been amazing and since the introduction of the hazard cones, it's a 101% breeze getting onto the main road.

Unfortunately since the start of the school holidays, it seems as though the situation has regressed & maybe be heading towards "chaos" again.

No sign of the hazard cones & traffic's simply chaotic ...yet again.

Appeciate if you could look into this and hopefully revive the smooth traffic flow again. Believe the positioning of the hazard cones during peak hours had helped tremendously & this idea should be a permanent fixture.

YB, we have in your faith in your leadership and thank you for your effort, thus far.

Bravo again!

Anonymous said...

hi hannah.big fan of urs.

Anonymous said...

Hannah - I am an avid supporter of the DAP from Queensland Australia. It is great to see you keeping the faith and fighting for what you believe in. My best wishes to you and congratulations.

I believe that with the Lord's help - the darker forces will be vanquished.

Warm regards


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
I am just a 18 year old girl that is inspired by your leadership and skills.
I came to know about you through my parents as they think you are a great leader.
I was supporting you throughout the elections process and I am so happy you won.
I will be voting in the next election provided Im still in the country but I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me