Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breakdown of allocation for 2008

For our term this year, the state allocated RM375,000 for my constituency. You can view the details of the allocation here. We have diligently ensured that the allocation is spent only for the residents/organisations in the Subang Jaya constituency. All funds used for programs organised by my office are accounted for. For those who wish to view the receipts or breakdown of these funds or if you have any query pertaining to the allocation, please contact my special assistant Rajiv at and make arrangement to view it at our office.
We will continue to be transparent and accountable to you - the taxpayers of Subang Jaya. Here's wishing all of you a very Happy New Year as you usher in 2009 tonight!


Baby said...

I really salute you. Your account is detail.

Teh said...

Good evening Hannah,

Congratulations on the good work that you had carried out so far for the rakyat in Subang Jaya. You have set a fine example for other politicians from both sides of the divide to emulate.

HAPPY, HEALTHY AND A SUCCESSFUL 2009 to you and your family, your fellow team members and every visitor to your blog.

Anonymous said...

brave, transparency

even FHM does not show so much

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

This is transparency. Congratulations to YB Hannah for spending wisely and accounting for every cent of OUR (public) money. This is the way to go.

YB Hannah, you have done an outstanding job within the constitency. Thank you.

OMGGosh said...

YB Hannah

You are an Good Example .
God Bless you always.

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats. WELL DONE!! Just one comment though...if you notice that the SJ constituency is non-muslim majority...but a lot a lot of your allocation given to the muslim groups..don't forget the non-muslims next year!


Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, Congratulation and Keep up the good work. TQ

Anonymous said...

I tried to inspire my DAP ADUN Mambau, Wong MayMay to emulate your way of serving the ppl, but this is her response by shutting down her blog.....

I feel like been cheated with my vote to her in last GE.

Ah Niu from Mambau

Anonymous said...

Denggi is getting epidemic in Subang. How about spending some $ in fogging?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ah Niu,

I have the good fortune to be counted as May May's acquaintance and on speaking terms with her.

She is not shutting down her blog, she is getting a new one.

Also, her approach to blogging is different and as blogs are personal, one has to respect her right to choose the way she does hers.

Anyway, in Mambau, most of the voters there are not blog readers. Messages there get passed on by mouths in market, coffee shops and 5 foot way.

To reach out to the voters' hearts and minds in Mambau, she has to be seen and heard on the ground and not cyberspace.

May May is featured heavily in local editions of the Chinese vernacular press about the things she do for the people over there.

In fact, an ex-UMNO member corresponded with me on how happy he felt about May May's effort to help in his area.

May May and DAP in NS belongs to the opposition side of the divide and does not have state allocations like Hannah; nor does she has power over local councils.

Yes, a political blog can be a powerful tool and if May May is carving a niche of her own in the area she decides to fight in, she has the right to choose. Let's judge her by her work, not her blog.

Anyone here is free to accuse me of being an arse-kisser and I would gladly suffer fools this time.

Lee Wee Tak

amoker said...

I salute the transparency