Friday, December 12, 2008

Combatting Crime

Very recently, the USJ Residents Association organised a Crime & Security round table dialogue. Community leaders from all around USJ were invited to participate in the dialogue, with me as the moderator. The issues discussed were on ways to combat crime, success stories on gated and guarded schemes, neighbourhood watch and etc. Dato' Fuad of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation who has vast experience in crime prevention having served as Senior Officer with the Royal Malaysian Police also joined us and provided his thoughts. Each community leader shared his/her story of the security initiatives in their respective USJ neighbourhoods and exchanged ideas on how the community can move forward with these initiatives.
Round table dialogue on Crime & Security

The USJ Residents Association also organised an appreciation hi-tea event for the police and the fire & rescue teams that are serving in the community. Policemen and firemen from stations in SS17 Subang Jaya, USJ 8, Taipan, Bandar Sunway and even Putra Heights came together for this purpose. You may have read this in The Star yesterday.

I got to know the Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar a little better. We had a good chat on how the community and the police can function better together while the policemen and firemen took part in a small karaoke competition. But just before I left, me and OCPD Zainal were coerced into singing a duet! I am not good at singing and what was even more difficult and challenging was the fact that the OCPD chose a P. Ramlee song! It's bad enough that I can't sing, now we're about to sing a song that I do not know. But I gave it my best shot and thankfully the song had a catchy melody which I could pick up midway through the song.
Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar and I doing our duet together

But that day wasn't just about singing some songs with the police. I believe it's very important that I do all that I can within my capacity as an elected representative to ensure that the people and the authorities are engaged in a healthy and productive relationship. Despite some recent events whereby some of my comrades from Pakatan Rakyat and citizens alike were subjected to arrests and persecution by the police, I will not hold any grudges against any of the police officers. I do believe that in our midst, there are competent and able policemen. The misgivings that the majority of Malaysians have with our police force are not to be directed at these policemen but at the powers that are directing these men. And I see it as my duty at this present time to work alongside good men who are serving in the force in my constituency, while we await for greater change in the federal government that will usher in real reforms to the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah,I would appreciate if you could share what was discussed at the round table and what was the plan and ways to combat crime besides the success of the G&G scheme, the neighborhood watch and etc? TQ

joshua said...

Yeah, blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

longing for low crime life said...

All this are not easy task but by the end of next year or the end of year after next we feel a lower rate of crime and when we think back we will start to appreciate all this effort started by the committee.

All through the years we want our YB to engage in activities of solving problems for our residents but we know that BN's YB are always busy in self enrichment programme.

We want our YB to be just like us, very approachable, very down to earth and have ears for us and a hand to solve our problems.

I left USJ for gated Kamuning Permai for safety of raising children but am missing USJ, I hope the day will come when USJ will be very safe and have very low crime rate.

Alan said...

Everywhere also got crime.
Most important thing is that residents around must cooperate with each other in solving this kind of matter.

However, too bad, in a big town like this, many will only care about their own business!

USJ 8 Resident.

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

I must commend your good effort doing your part to bring the police & community togather. Howver i am disapointed that u did request crime statistics & what the OCPD is planning to do to improve the crime situation in Subang Jaya. Given that the downturn of the economy is hitting us, what action is being taken by the police to monitor the situation.