Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slope rehabilitation works at Lafite Apartment

Few months ago, I chaired a meeting in MPSJ together with Sime Darby, MPSJ and Lafite Apartments Management Corporation (MC). It was decided in that meeting that Sime Darby would undertake slope rehabilitation works at Lafite Apartments in SS17. I was told by the MC that the condition has existed since 1999 and has worsened lately. You can read the full story here.

I called for a press conference yesterday morning at the site. Also present were the MC and residents led by chairman of MC, Mr TK Wong, MPSJ councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong and officers from MPSJ including engineering director En Adnan Derahman and Commissioner of Building Ms Tee. Sime Darby was also invited to be present at the press conference but no representative came. Purpose of the press conference was to inform the affected residents on the status and to urge Sime Darby not to further delay the works.

I urge Sime Darby to begin the rehabilitation works urgently to avoid any tragedy there. The Bukit Antarabangsa incident must be a lesson for all and not a one-off-passing-story-and-then-forget-about-it account.

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