Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morality vs the rule of law

I have been holding off on this follow-up posting to my earlier article titled 'A mockery of our democratic institution' for long enough. I was especially prompted to post it after that article was picked up by Malaysiakini (read: picked up by Malaysiakini a week after my original posting, and NOT me going to Malaysiakini with my thoughts!). After what has happened to my comrade Elizabeth Wong, I need to get this out.

Some people have read into what I did not write, just like how some are inclined to only pick up what a speaker did not say. Those who disagreed with my defence of Anwar argued that I should not be defending defections. For the record, I never defended defections nor did I discuss the morality of defections. I only presented the differences in approach and the mode of takeover, executed by Najib and attempted by Anwar. My stand was built within the confines of the constitution of the day. Whether you like it or not, the law of the land today does not prohibit defections. As such, defections will happen, party-hopping will happen. What is required of us is to understand constitutionally the following: what do we allow our political leaders to do when such defections happen?

When a nation does not have an anti-hopping law, expect hopping to happen. But hear this loud and clear: I am not condoning defections! In fact, I am in full support of an anti-hopping law and necessary amendments to the current law. If we have an anti-hopping law in place, then frogs will not jump. Even if they do, they cannot remain in their seats without a fresh mandate from the voters. Simply stated, a proposed anti-hopping law must mandate a by-election for any seat of an elected rep who has switched parties. Defections are morally and ethically wrong. No two ways about it but that moral and ethical judgment is not going to stop anyone from defecting. In fact, within the boundaries of our current law, a defector is in effect exercising his or her right of association and dissociation!

So what do we do today, when our laws allow party-hopping? We have the constitution which can guide us on how to proceed when defections happen. The constitutions of the state of Perak and of the Federation of Malaysia provide clear directions on how to proceed when a leader of the respective assembly loses a confidence of the majority of the assembly members, i.e. when defections happen. Those directions set forth in the respective Constitutions must be adhered to. And that is the minimum of which we expect of our political leaders today. Anwar met that minimum expectation, Najib did not. A confidence majority in a state assembly or Parliament is not obtained or validated via a press conference. That is not constitutional. Displaying 4 defectors with the state BN chief to prove that there’s a change in the majority in the state assembly is not constitutional. So is the case if Anwar had with him the names of defecting BN MPs on a piece of paper and held a press conference to announce it. That is also unconstitutional. Anwar’s failure does not make him a villain, as much as Najib’s success does not turn him into a hero.

I am stating here the extent of respecting the rule of law. As much as I feel that the laws are inadequate at the moment, I also call for a respect of the rule of law. And if you respect the rule of law, you have no legal standing to stop defections from happening. I do not have to be pro-Anwar for the defence of how he attempted to handle the crossovers of Sept 16. I only have to be pro-justice and to respect the rule of law. Respect the right of association and dissociation that is enshrined in the Constitution and not rob someone of that right. When you do not accept a defector into your party, you are robbing that elected rep of this right. This is exactly why we need an anti-hopping law. With the law in place, it does not mean that one is robbed of the freedom of association, but instead one is not allowed to remain an elected representative without the re-endorsement of the people. This is what we want: an anti-hopping law and necessary amendments to the Constitution that will grant more power to the people.

Hear this loud and clear too. The most democratically constitutional thing to do in a federal parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch is to go back to the constituents. Not to go back to the monarchy. Pakatan has always been prepared to go back to the voters. If Sept 16 was successful, Pakatan was prepared for a fresh, snap election. For the 4 defected state seats in Perak (including Bota), Pakatan is prepared for by-elections. If the 31 BN MPs were to come out today and pledge their support for Pakatan (as allowed for in the Constitution), do you think Pakatan Rakyat as a political coalition with the will to govern and to bring change to Malaysia should act unconstitutionally and reject the applications of these defectors? No. But we will ensure that we receive endorsement from the monarchy to go back to the people.

There is great danger in attempting to attain moral high grounds at the expense of the rule of law. This holds true for the Sept 16 plan, and more so for Elizabeth Wong. If Pakatan Rakyat were to attempt to build a moral high ground of not accepting defectors, we are doing that at the expense of our current Constitution. If you are to judge Elizabeth exclusively on moral standards, then you will have no choice but to demand her resignation. Because morally, and mind you, everyone has his or her own moral standards, it is not acceptable to some people for her to be found unclothed in her bedroom with her boyfriend. Never mind if she was sleeping or not, but can anyone show me the law which prohibits her from continuing to serve as an assemblyman?

What grave injustice would it be if that sort of moral judgment is to be handed down to Elizabeth. You will attain a moral mountain, but at the expense of justice and the rule of law. I urge Malaysians to carefully consider the morality which you preach.


traveleo said...

My opinion is that morality and the rule of law are two distinctly separate matters.

Unfortunately, the nation and its people in general, are not mature enough to make this distinction and therefore, I foresee the resignation of the said person in due time.

One should understand that everything that has happened since the general elections last year are if not, completely new to the majority of the people.

We are certainly in uncharted waters and only time will tell if we're heading towards a certain doom or otherwise.

Best regards from Zagreb.

Kopite78 said...

I concur with you but despite my support for pakatan, I must say you guys made a serious error of judgement. Furthermore, when there was so much hype about September 16, which made me sit at the edge of my seat with anticipation, correct me if I am wrong, never once did you guys say that if you had the majority in govt, there would be snap elections.

sp lim said...

Jumping to another party with a clear conscience is not morally wrong especially when we have the law that disqualifies the defector from recontesting for 5 years. The MP/ADUN will have to answer to his/her constituents.

But given that not many politicians in Malaysia have any conscience let alone a clear conscience, it is best to have a anti-hopping law with the provision that doesn't bar the defector from recontesting.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail.
Liz Wong must continue because we know she is capable.
Paria BN must die.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hannah! Very succint.... So proud my YB has standards!

SS14 resident

Anonymous said...

My sympathies are with Elizabeth.
Who are we to judge a person morally?

She should continue serving the people of Selangor.

She has my support.
Michelle CHow

DAC said...

Eli has done no wrong...and why the victim is now made to look as a moral culprit?

Bear in mind my dear readers that her privacy has been breached.

I wonder what will Khir Toyo do if someone decides to peep on his wife or daughters and starts circulating photos of their most intimate moments on their own. Are they then morally condemned then?

I think right minded M'sians knows what's right and wrong. I hope PR will spend more time at her constituency to explain it to the innocent voters whom many I believe has been misled to think that Eli posed unappropriately for her photo to be circulated.

Come what it may be, I always believe things happen for a reason. Let us all hope that Eli will fight this through with her head held up high. I know this is not easy for a lady but please also be reminded that you have a lot of people rallying behind you.

And Hannah, this is a good article. I am happy to see what you stand for and may the force be with you & Ram in your continuous efforts to bring the necessary changes to the nation.

Anonymous said...

OK, let me first say that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Pakatan supporter.

I have no problems with who Ms Wong hooks up with. And neither do I have any moral bones to pick with her.

All I am asking is she takes responsibility for her lack of judgment. In this case, she has, and has offered to resign.

If there is enough outcry from her constituents (which I am one) for her head, then she should resign. Otherwise, she should continue.

I don't see anyone from Bukit Lanjan really baying for her blood, do you?

If we cannot expect a higher standard from our elected leaders, then they are no better than the filth we get from Umno.

erniejean said...

Hannah.....believe me when I say the only ones passing their moral judgement on YB Eli Wong are the ones who are the most guilty...the UMNO dogs.

As far as we are concerned, she's been doing a great job at serving the voters (you too, btw) and doing what any other heatly single lady does in her private life is of no business of ours.

Please convey this to YB Eli if you can and tell her the voters (who should matter most) don't want to lose her.

two-face said...

Too much spin YB and my head is spinning. But at the end of the day you're a politician and it's your job to turn black into white.

Are you saying what Anwar did right after a GE is okay because of the mechanics that you've mentioned?

Yes, we have different moral standard. So your standard is to accept unmarried woman to be unclothed with her companion(s)....oh yes, she said she was asleep.

Did Clinton sucked the 'cigar' in public? Perfumo did his gymnastics live on air? Or DP Vijandran shouldn't have worn wig? What about CSL then? Oh yes, they are all married and the Elizabeth is single.

Justifying something which is clearly wrong is hard and you did your best.

But I don't buy it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah, why does Elizabeth have to resign? I am resident of Bkt Lanjan constituency and urge you to give her the piece of your opinion here as a close friend of yours. I really have no clue, if she does that it seems like she is giving in in letting others impose moral guidelines onto her.

phee tat said...

dear YB hannah,

i think when it comes to an issue of morality forbiding it and the law allowing it.....one has to take a side...

i guess if the ISA is ever used on you and your loved ones, i sure hope you dont complain. Its the law right? respect it. just like you eloquently wrote.

Adeline, Subang said...

Well said Hannah!! You & PR have my 100% support. As for Elizabeth Wong, my sympathy goes to her. We are all standing by her also. She should NOT resign, don't fall into the dirty tricks of those doing this to her.

phee tat said...

so if the ISA is used and procedures and processes are adhered, then we must respect the so called institution of justice right? its ok even its misused for the wrong reasons because it was made in a way that allowed it to.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Hannah, I salute you for your strength, patience and love in teaching and sharing our law to all Malaysian.

Leader like you make us want to come back to Malaysia to serve after so many years of exile in other country.

Thank you for the hope you bring to us. With you leading Malaysia, there is hope in this badly rotten ruling country.

I hope Malaysian do not just look at you as State Assemblyman of Subang Jaya. Your knowledge of law; your strength and your love for the Rakyat are so obvious and shining bright that I do hope Malaysian are not blinds.

Wake up people! Malaysia can be like USA. Change will and can take place only PEOPLE like you to have lots of leaders like your YB. LOTS OF THEM. We need to duplicate them; lift them up and support them. Your future is at risk without a leader like Hannah.

Do your part even you will only spend your energy to talk in kopitam. Let's share this blog with your family, educate your friends, just do something. May be let's start think big like American... Let's get the whole "village" involves. Let's change this beautiful country to a place ones can call a land of free instead of a land of corruption.

May God help us all in this task.

Anonymous said...

surely Morality is the standard which the rule of law is developed. It is how we become civilized. It is the will of the society that some of this value has to be in written form so that the next generation would continue to be civilized like they were? Isnt it the case?

On Eli's case, it is morally wrong, unethical and surely at some point criminally wrong of the photographer.. BUT for Eli, she has done nothing wrong but gave the opportunity to someone whom has betrayed her providing access to her domain, of which the other person do not have any LEGAL status with her. The law said that to enjoy many benefits please register with your partner through marriage! Fong po kuan did that! Get married legally! FPK now enjoys the freedom of love with her love ones.

If Eli was not a PR politician ,just ordinary person you would have acted differently or you would have championed the cause to protect many many other local malaysian teen girls found on the internet?

There are values of which the next generation should learn from us., today.

No political persons could harm Eli , only herself if she allows it.

Wei Liang Goh said...

I am a Perakian, Hannah. And I respect all the things you are doing in Subang Jaya.

A mistake from your side of being an Anwar's yes-man can land you in political trouble.

Do not be misguided by anything but believe in the struggles which you have fought all along on - the DAP.

Today, Karpal Singh is sidelined, YB Hee Yit Foong was criticised.

Perhaps YB you can lend some support to YB Hee and try to table a motion with the CEC about the Perak DAP dominance by Ngeh-Nga.

I remember that YB Fong (Batu Gajah) almost did not contest in March 2008. It was rumoured that "someone" in Perak DAP wanted to put a relative in Batu Gajah's list because it is a safe seat for DAP.

Is that ethical? DAP could have lost Batu Gajah just like that.

Perak DAP leadership must be sacked.

Article XVI(6): "If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council".

I don't remember it being necessary for the ADUNs to call NST, Utusan, Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press and The Star to present a vote of no confidence in a press conference.

I am not too sure about whether it is necessary for the ADUNs to table a motion of no confidence in the State Assembly to bring down Nizar.

I leave that open for a Constitutional lawyer or Court to judge.

The Speaker can trash the motion, just like how the Parliament of Malaysia declined one.

As a Perakian, I know that Najib went to the Palace the first time to tell the Sultan about the majority he has.

The Sultan requested to formally hear it from 28 BN ADUNs and 3 Independents that they agree for Perak to be governed by BN.

31 ADUNs was said to be in the Palace the 2nd time Najib seeked an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin Shah.

That was what happened.

The same also happened in PKR when some leaders of PKR were said to be considering a meeting with the King to present the majority of no confidence votes against Pak Lah if the Speaker declines the motion in Parliament.

Perhaps you can ask Tian Chua or Anwar if that was among the A-Z methods he considered?

Malaysia has NEVER seen anyone who died due to political struggles.

I hope YB Hannah Yeoh can show us the 31 MPs which Anwar confirmed to have agreed to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat.

And the numbers were said to be "increasing by the hour" on the 16th of September (NST).

Anwar need not announce that Barisan Nasional Govt has collapsed.

All Anwar needs to do is announce the list in his hands.

The people will rise:

1. against the unethical hopping
2. against the BN govt to handover (constitutionally although unethical)

Isn't this the Ketuanan Rakyat preached?

Unless of course, the list was a lie, Hannah.

Do not disappoint us by being an Anwar's yes men.

We want Anwar to be cornered to tell all. Just like what Karpal Singh is doing.

The culture of being yes-men of Anwar Ibrahim should not exist.

And if you have the time, lend your support to YB Hee just like how you support YB Elizabeth Wong.

We must always hear stories from both sides.

Thank you YB.


ethereal said...

well said. to fail to clearly distinguish between personal matters and that of the state with respect to morality will bring about grave consequences.

it is upsetting to note that while most of the world out there is focusing on how to solve economic problems, our country seems to be oblivious to the situation out there and getting distracted with sensationalist politics, the sort of which malaysians abroad squeak about in humiliation when asked on the subject by friends from other countries (e.g. how do we explain this circus to, say, our singaporean friends??).

now just to be a little pedantic:

"...If the 31 BN MPs were to come out today and pledge their support for Pakatan "

last time i checked, it was just 28 BN MPs whilst the 3 independents have yet to join any party.

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah Talking about rule of law. In politics there are no law ie they the Mps are so call the law makers so therefore they can always bend the law. Like the perwaja case what happen? Atantuya what is going to happen? Many more which is just going down the drain. If they have make up their mind and so calculated the feedbacks nothing can stop them protest is just a show of stupidity. Just like the proposed LRT in Subang the protest and the meetings are not going to change anything. RIGHT?

Tigerkiller88 said...

Dear YB Hannah Yeoh,
I give u two thumbs up on your statement. I believe those who disagree with u are ignorant or they do not understand the fundamentals of the Malaysian Constitutions. Katak or Party Hoppers are allowed as long as the Malaysia Constitution endorsed it. The Perak incident is a wake up call for all Malaysian and the elected MPs. The Malaysian Constitution is like a set of rules like the MONOPOLY game. It is up to our MPs (Players) in Parliament to amend the rules of their political game. Good or bad decisions, they will alter the course of this country.
I would agree more with our Yang Dipertuan Agong as the current government should look seriously into the economy as the global economic meltdown is eminent. By partisan spirit between ruling and opposition should take place. There will be more rakyat be displaced when jobs are lost, crimes fluctuate at unprecedented rate and more social unrest. Power grapping among BN or Pakatan will not provide any solution for the economic Tsunami. No more political games!!!!! Enough is enough. For I believe righteousness and justice will prevail when the next coming 13th general election. Malaysians are not “BUTA dan BODOH”.
May The Angles in Heaven look upon you and protect you YB.

From USJ Resident:

Anonymous said...

Hannah,in regards to Eli Wong.

Khir Toyo pressured Eli Wong to step down by comparing her with Dr. Chua case is completely out of line. Dr. Chua is a married man and Eli is a single woman. Her situation reminded me the below verses....

Joh 8:3 And the scribes and the Pharisees brought to Him a woman having been taken in adultery. And standing her in the middle,

Joh 8:4 they said to Him, Teacher, this woman was taken in the very act, committing adultery.

Joh 8:5 And in the Law, Moses commanded that such should be stoned. You, then, what do You say?

Joh 8:6 But they said this, tempting Him, that they may have reason to accuse Him. But bending down, Jesus wrote with the finger in the earth, not appearing to hear.

Joh 8:7 But as they continued questioning Him, bending back up, He said to them, The one among you without sin, let him cast the first stone at her.

Joh 8:8 And bending down again, He wrote in the earth.

Joh 8:9 But hearing, and being convicted by the conscience, they went out one by one, beginning from the older ones, until the last. And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the middle.

Joh 8:10 And Jesus bending back up, and having seen no one but the woman, He said to her, Woman, where are those, the accusers of you? Did not one give judgment against you?

Joh 8:11 And she said, No one, Lord. And Jesus said to her, Neither do I judge you. Go, and sin no more.

This is for you.

2Pe 2:8 For that righteous one living among them day after day, in seeing and in hearing, his righteous soul was tormented with their lawless deeds.

true patriot said...

Dear YB.

It’s very scary that at this moment, Malaysia in the hands of you know who has turned into a NO-LAW land, and I believe that if those who are entrusted with the power & authority do not have the wisdom to act immediately to stop this, very soon we are going to go from BAD to the WORST situation ever in the history of Malaysia.

Managing a country is like establishing a long-term reputable biz, and I must say now ours in the hands of you know who is running like an extremely messy, corrupted, immoral underworld family biz. Whatever happening now is enough to tell the investors with leaders of such mentality, they better don’t come in.

Our PM-in-waiting doesn’t seem to have much wisdom. Being tricky is different from being intelligent or having wisdom. Every trick he did expose more of his ugly side, weakness and short-sightedness to every one, it only strengthen my mind not to vote him or whoever he supports. It really doesn’t need a genius to perform dirty tricks. Some people don’t do it because they are not good at it, but majority including me, don’t do it because we have something in us called “conscience” & “fear GOD”, I don’t see this especially in our PM-in-waiting, the Home Minister, that DR ? Khir, that Oxford guy, some UMNO people & their gang from different government bodies. It always puzzled me how the BN supporters couldn’t see this if they truly love Malaysia. It’s so obvious that these people are ruining Malaysia.

A convenient path has been paved for the opportunists to sell their seats entrusted by the voters, with the consent even by using questionable tricks, who knows some may feel it's worthwhile to hop a few more times so as to get the highest bid in this get-rich-quick way. This is very likely to happen - join a political party, buy over at a good price, hop back , buy again in higher price. After all, this doesn’t seem wrong in the decision maker's mind. Therefore, anti-hopping law seems is needed now. Hopping for political ideal and buy-hopping are definitely two different things. Nobody would believe recent case was hopping for political ideal.

YB Eliz Wong’s case will make Malaysia another record of the best laughing stock in the world. The whole world will think Malaysians are still living in the Stone Age. Very soon that dirty culprit will snap photos of their opponents bathing, go toilet, making love to their spouse or lover, then spread out to the public to force their opponents to quit or sell for a good price.

Honestly, I don’t think YB Eliz Wong should bend to the evil force & quit. She can hold her head high and claim that she has every right to sleep nude on her bed or have love relationship with her lover, she’s single and this is her personal life, instead the person who peep her nudity & love life should be punished. It really made me laugh when the word “immoral” came out fr that DR ? Khir’s mouth. Excuse me, in the eyes of rakyat, your years of records are qualified to be claimed “immoral”, that’s the real meaning of “immoral”, we couldn’t be bother whether YB Eliz sleeping with clothes on or nude on her own bed lah, for goodness sake, think rakyat are retarded kah ?

If C4 & his gang can still live and talk nonsense as if nothing has happened, YB Eliz Wong’s case is really kacang putih comparing to that. This thick skin, buat tak tau tactic is something PR reps, especially PAS should learn from C4 IN ORDER TO SURVIVE TO FIGHT THEM – FOR THE SAKE OF THE RAKYAT & THE NATION, DON’T QUIT !! Let them say whatever they like. If they call you nude, you can calmly call them C4, or just pick anything, their list is so long you will never run out of ideas..

Anonymous said...

Check out the meanings of The Rule of Law ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_law

Anonymous said...

Saw these comments in Malaysiakini and these are exactly my thoughts.

On Pakatan makes no apologies for Sept 16

Teh Thian Hwa: Hannah Yeoh of Pakatan Rakyat tried to defend Anwar and said Pakatan makes no apologies for the Sept 16 attempt. I think she is wrong and she has clouded the issue. I do not know if she did it intentionally.

I hope she is not one of those dishonest politicians who make an argument knowing full well it is either a weak or even wrong one, but makes it anyway because she is either a thick-skinned politician or thinks she can hoodwink her audience.

The issue is inducing an elected representative to switch political allegiance. That is a betrayal of the voter, pure and simple. When I vote for someone, I do so on the basis of my views of that person as well as the political party that person represents.

When that representative switches political parties, he or she has betrays me and shortchanges me.

Anwar’s harping of Sept 16 was based on his actions of inducing elected representatives to switch from being BN reps to PR ones. No context can right this wrong principle.

If it was wrong for Najib, it is wrong for Anwar. Hey, if my memory serves me right, Anwar is an old hand at this game. Maybe this time, Umno money simply out-muscled him. Anwar no longer has the money to dish out like he used to when he was in BN.

It is wrong no matter who tries it. One won’t think much of Najib doing it. After all, that is the BN way. With Anwar however, it is just a tad disappointing. Talks of building a better Malaysia surely must at some stage give way to altruism and good principles?

Don’t make Anwar out to be a defender of the constitution - he would have moved more forcefully and decisively had he got the right numbers.

No, I think not many would think Anwar’s failure on Sept 16 was out of some adherence to constitutional rule and principles. I’m afraid you clouded the issue, Yeoh.

Brad: I must take issue with Yeoh, especially as a loyal supporter of the PKR, particularly the DAP, and as the actions of my hero Karpal have been nothing short of ‘Fantastic Fou’r stuff.

When you as a politician can call a spade a spade, then Yeoh, then I’ll believe you have graduated in politics but if you say a spade is a hearts for you and a spade for the another, then we call you unqualified and irresponsible to the people you serve.

We all know what hudud means and if allowed to precede the constitution for any reason, it can then be applied to anyone. Karpal knows this, but Yeoh, you will explain this issue away in the same method as you have tried to explain Anwar's attempted take over of the federal government.

Yes, he did all you said, but the crucial question and main difference was, he could not produce the ‘crossovers’ while BN could and did.

So be careful Yeoh, we have to remain consistent, and that is any type or person who crosses over should be condemned. Anwar also had his Parliament sitting later, whereby he could have got all the crossovers to move to his bench but could not.

BN , when the Perak assembly opens, can do that. So be careful. All your rhetoric is not going to change things in Perak. When the assembly opens, Sivakumar is speaker no more, and that's the reality of things. Like it or not, we have to move to plan B.

I am particularly ashamed that your explanation was addressed as if you were talking or addressing uneducated folk, although some of these poor folk who are uneducated will believe your explanation.

Maybe that is your desire, fool the people, but remember the old saying, ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.’

Remember that Yeoh for you are young and you should respect people like Karpal Singh, and learn from his wisdom and bravery.

"2 wrongs doesn't make you right!"

Anonymous said...

Issues of morality are never cast in stone and are dependent on diverse human culture, upbringing and beliefs on what constitute moral behaviour.

In the case of sexual morality, it is a fact that women are particularly vulnerable whereas men get away with almost anything. This reflects the nature of patriarchal

Defenders of public sexual morality (mostly men) should pause and reflect on their bigotry before passing judgment on 50% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece YB Hannah! This is maturity that many Malaysian lack. Religious leaders should understand the concept of morality and the rule of law too.

BeBoldBeStrong said...

Online Petition - *REJECT* YB Elizabeth Wong's Resignation As ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor EXCO


Let's do our small part ... email this link to *ALL* our contacts and urge them to "pen" their signature to support Eli ... to convey a *STRONG* message to Menteri Besar Selangor and Sultan of Selangor that we, the rakyat ... want the resignation of YB Eli to be *REJECTED*. She stays as ADUN and Selangor EXCO!


romeo61 said...

ADUNs and MPs are after all humans. Nobody should stand on moral high grounds and judge. However sins have different weightage. In court of law, if your crime is horrendous, you are sentenced heavily. If your crime is not serious, you get a reprimand. In Eli's case, its very minor. Like Farish Noor says...she did not steal, she did not leak govt info and most important she did not blow Mongolian to bits. Its a mistake where it can be easily forgiven....only those who have an agenda seems unforgiving as though they are clean and made for heaven. Forget about what minority thinks. What does the majority think? For me I think she has done a bloody good job! And Hannah, for you.....you have passed the first test and wonderfully at that! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

The "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" incident is one of the most well-known lessons of the Bible. A woman, who had been caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus Christ by the scribes (see Lawyers) and Pharisees (see Who Were The Pharisees?) as a test to see if the Messiah was a liberal in matters of the Law of God. In response to their deceitful query, He didn't condemn the woman, not because He was a liberal, not because He condoned her sin, but because the men who brought the woman to Him were Hypocrites. Bunch of hypocrites!!!

Darick said...

Two face,
i hope 1 day ur sis, mother, daughter &/ wife was caught in nude photo while sleeping, bathing, doing bznes in toilet, changing cloths in bedroom/changing room !
will u said d same thing here?

Anonymous said...

Come on Hannah. Your Anwar Ibrahim doesn't have the number - he is just lying! At least that Najib fella is able to produce and present the entire 31 before the Sultan when requested to do so. That's the difference. Don't try to mislead the public with your rhetorics and legal jargons lah. You are not the only lawyer around...

Anonymous said...

In Eli's case there is no bad judgement on her part.

It was clearly a case of her ex-boyfriend secretly taking her photo without the expressed permission from her and then reaping pecuniary and political gain from this.

This is invasion of her privacy without her knowing it and worse still exposing it on the internet.

Reflecting back , if I were Eli , I would ask myself this question :
Is this guy really in love with me ? Otherwise he would not have done this cruel thing to hurt me mentally .
Then what was his motive ? Simple.
For pecuniary benefits and maybe political as well. Why be a coward and disappear from the scene and face me face to face ? He must have some hidden motive.

Some have mentioned that he is no different from Saifool Bukhari who was planted by UMNO and the Police to spy on her NGO , human rights, pressure groups activities and could be used against her or the party to cause the downfall of not only Eli but PKR as well.

Well, to all those YB's and ADUN's , be careful and watchful at all times.

two-face said...

EW is an exco and a wakil rakyat. She is looked upon by the younger generation, school-going and idealistic girls and boys. What is the message is she giving these young people who could be anybody's daughters or sons? That having pre-marital sex when you and your partner are single in private is encouraged?

In her press conference, she said "I am not ashamed of my sexuality and being a single woman..." What is she alluding to? Modern lifestyle of trial and error?

And what is this comment about he is not a Muslim? She's a practising Christian and don't tell me it's allowed in Christianity?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Sometimes we need to understand Eli's cases..maybe there's underlying story behind that. It's really strange when she is the only one persecuted..what about the person who breached and violated her privacy? Where's the justice in the country? Moreover, I hope Christians will continue to pray for her life that she will know God still cares Eli. We should show concerns for expecially 'bro and sis' in C ..by not so fast to pass judgement on her.

Anonymous said...

Two face,
As I mentioned, not so fast to pass judgment on her..mayb there's 'underlying' problem that Eli is facing. As a Christian, I agreed that we are not allowed to have any sexual relationship especially both unmarried person. I never compromised with my faith on that because it's God's command. But, please don't so fast pass death penalty on her..especially when we are not sure about the issue that is struggling in her life as a politician and Christian walk with the Lord. How sure are you that she deserves death penalty without giving her a chance to testify and understand the issues that she might be facing even in her faith in God? I never know her too..but I believe she deserves to speak out and getting understanding from 'bro n sis in C'.

James Lim said...

Morality vs. Rule of Law

Well, I would say morality OUGHT to to be the rule of law.

Or else, the equation would be:

Morality vs. Rule of Law = Hitler Fascism System

Meaning, within our parliamentary democracy system OUGHT to be:

Morality = Rule of Law

In other words, isn't pressing for anti-hopping laws incorporate some form of morality or ethics into laws?

Or, isn't abolishing the Internal Security Act(ISA) part of enforcing morality into our laws, hence observing our RULE OF LAW?

Sorry, I'm part of Ronald Dworkin's school of thoughts.

By the way, I agreed with YB Hannah that MORALITY is subjected to interpretation, therefore, all of us have our own different moral standards. What is moral to you might be immoral to me.


Darick said...

two face,
if Eli a christian, so wat?
Christian ban smoking cigarets, alcohol drinks & gambling but 90% of European & American r Christian & they're d world biggest producer of d abv. they all proud of it !

'premarital sex?'
r u an arab? is it illegal in m'sia kah?

independent said...

the most recent anonymous,

how abt Eli's brothers and sisters in Islam? dont you consider them your brothers and sisters as well?

careful said...


Looks like it's a can of worm. Use your wisdom, no point provide support for something if you are not fully aware and have full information and understanding. How much do you know about EW?

Today's newspapers confirming the boyfriend is a Muslim is going to complicate the matter. As EW admitted today, more assault will be reveal.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, the UMNO lackeys r bringing in islamic adultery and khalwat to taint the boyfriend when they found he is a muslim. Where in the world has it got to do with the above by putting the allegation she was having sex with a muslim man whereas the photo showed in gutterpost that it was taken when she was asleep. And further more it was an underskirt photos.It was an attempt to show that UMNO has high moral grounds and that muslims should not support people who broke islamic laws. While a muslim UMNO lady was commiting adultery during Khir Toyol times and he did nothing despite the lady's husband complained with evidence supported. The same lady was later appointed a senator.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,
This message is for Christian EW.

3 basic things are achieved by the deaths of the martyrs:

1) The triumph of God's truth.
2) The defeat of Satan.
3) The glory of God.

If EW has not check all the above task list as a Christian politician, pls let her know her job is yet to be "finished".

After aware of our duty as a child of God and a servant of the people of Malaysia, if EW still insists of resigning after reading this message. So be it...that is her decision. We need to leave her alone to let her write her own life journey as a daughter, a politician, a victim etc.

EW needs to know she has an opportunity to serve again if she so desire and be "good" and wise in all future dealing.

John 8:11 ...And Jesus said to her, Neither do I judge you. Go, and sin no more.

May God open our eyes and heart always.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wat's wrong for u, it's not wrong in m'sia's law.
don mix up religion & lifestyle !

Anonymous said...

no one is crying for Rli's blood yet she runs away without a fight. Why? Why? Unless she has other things to hide and is afridd that it will come out. Something worse...I am not supporting any party but I just wonder why. That's all

Big M said...

Freedom of association also means the association of the voters with the party they have voted for. Any state assemblyman or member of parliment who hops to another party is depriving the voters of this right if you talk about freedom of association for everyone.