Thursday, February 5, 2009

Selangor stands by Nizar

The Selangor Backbenchers Club (comprising all Selangor Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen) met this afternoon to discuss a few matters pertaining to Selangor and at the end of the meeting, we unanimously affirmed our support for Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and fellow Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen in Perak. Nizar's insistance on the dissolution of the state assembly reflects the principle of going back to the people for a fresh mandate and ultimately for the people of Perak to decide on their government.


Anonymous said...

It has been pathethic that a situation like that of Perak has taken place. Though it is correct of Pakatan to fight for the Dissolution of State Assembly, yet it is also incorrect when the Proposed Take Over of Parlimen through the same means. Hence, it is something that Pakatan needs to examine and conduct an indepth review as an Coalition , that this mammoth task and challenges ahead to face the Next General Election. Keep Pressing on for the Task and you have my Vote.
Beck Chew

kelvyn said...

That why sultan perak,fomer lord of president must form anti-lompat party law to secure peoples mandate long ago ,not like yab anwar & nizar announce that several mps and assembly mans jump over and over to another parties,what is this ? now face the lessons,we from independent ( non- politics liers ) would be boycott elections voting as yab mahathir says for the future election coming if we against the parties due to overwhelming un-settle global finacial crisis that we suffer big lossses in
jobs,money and shares.
BN or PR is the same issue to us

Anonymous said...

YB, if for wht ever reason you do choose to leave DAP or Pakatan Rakyat for tht matter, please vacate your seat so Subang Jaya will be able to choose again.

I would like to also affirm you for the good work you are doing for Subang Jaya!

hmatter said...

I hope that we all learn from this lesson. It is not the end of the world. Every 4 years, they have to go for re-election. Let us all learn and not forget. When the time comes, let us teach the BN a lesson.

MalaysianCare said...

BN will lose the next election even they win this Perak takeover.
Surely money has been given to those who crossover.
Perak people should be given the chance to elect/vote for their own wakil and MB, not using money to buy seats and become the leader.
Really sad that this is happening in Malaysia.
We Support you, YB Hannah Yeoh. Please keep on fighting for the rights of the Rakyat.

phee tat said...

Lets all not blame the learned Sultan of Perak for not dissolving the state assembly.

Lets say he does and elections are held, what if the outcome of the election remains as tight as it is now. Back to square one?

Without anti-hoping laws, the Sultan has no choice but to grant BN governance.

With all due respect Kelvyn, the Sultan is not the law maker in the state.

I choose to believe the Sultan of Perak has studied the this situation from all angles before making his decision.

An anti party hoping bill must be introduced during the next parliamentary session, surely.

Subang Jaya resident said...

Hannah, I call you to step down as N.31 state assemblyman as I and some 5,000 voters wrongly voted you in (as you DAP communists deceived us during campaigns when the last election occured). This makes you a cheater and thus, unfit to be an ADUN.

You are a very corrupt person who does not know what "democracy" means. The fall of "Pakatan Rakyat" (which is unfit to be called by that name as it no way represents *all* rakyat) in Perak was democratic, as the three party hoppers have the right to hop according to international human rights law, and malaysian constitution, and even perak constitution. Party hopping is freedom of association, and majority of Perakians support them.

I will *never* vote for you again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Subang Jaya Resident (nameless)

I would like to suggest on bahalf on YB Hannah that you collect all the 5000 voters who claim to have voted YB wrongly and I am very sure she will know what to do.
Do not do think like the undemocratic Najis way.

USJ REsiDEnt said...

Dear So-called Subang Jaya Resident,

You have only 5000 voters only ?? But i have at least 25000 voters who asked YB Hannah to stay on and fight for us . Get rid of all the corrupted BNs.
I guess you are the one who benefited from the corrupted BNs.
Don't Worry YB Hannah, We support you all the way.

justinhor said...

Dear YB,

Although im not a resident in ur area, I feel that wat you hav done for ur constituency is very good. However, wif regards to what has happen to PR in Perak is also likely to happen in Selangor. Wif money changing hands of cos. So pls keep a watchful eye on your Backbenchers.