Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The beauty of a multiracial Malaysia

I ran for office because I believe in speaking up for all Malaysians and not for a particular race. I honestly believe that race based politics must be put to an end. In everything I do, I remind myself that I am an elected representative for all. In Subang Jaya, I am blessed to be able to work closely with so many different groups of residents. Below are some pictures from last weekend:

Hosting a luncheon for single mothers in conjunction with Mother's Day

Visited Sri Subramaniar temple in Bandar Sunway in conjunction with Chitra Pournami

Visited the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association in conjunction with Wesak Day

Nation-building will not be achieved with the mere brandishing of a new slogan nor will it ever be realized by leaders who are race-based. A nation of one people can only materialize if everyone truly lives as such.


Goh Wei Liang said...

I say, Good work YB.

There is just too much politics in our country these days. No one seem to bother about the rakyat anymore and I doubt there are many like you who go to the people and meet them personally.

Many are just sending their special officers here and there - this goes for BN and the Opposition.

Keep it up YB and I am sure Subang Jaya will be yours to keep for many years if you continue to serve with excellence and distinction.

James Lim said...

Amen to that.

Eyes Wide Open said...

Thank you YB. You are a shining example for all Malaysians

traveleo said...

You have my vote on your stand on race-base politics.

By the way, what's 1Malaysia? Is it some shopping mall like 1Utama?

kftang said...

A multiracial Malaysia can only be 'Boleh' under a Pakatan government.

YB Hannah, you are a shining example of a true multiracial Malaysian!

M'sian M'sia said...

I hope YB can do more for DAP by recruiting Malays to join the party. This have to be the way forward for DAP, no two ways about it. For DAP to move forward the party must have a mix of multiracial. Malaysia is a beautiful country because of rich mix of culture, we love our country.

Anonymous said...

You are a bright light for this dark country. Keep up the good work.

Be strong sister....be Strong. May the light be with you always.

michael said...

Good work!

I can't help noticing that each of the function you attended consists of attendees from one race.

Wouldn't it be better if you could encourage more cross cultural events in your constituency ?

Baby said...

Great job YB! You are 1 good example that all Malaysians should follow.

Anonymous said...

Good job YB hannah yeoh..
hope all malaysian will vote for Pakatan rakyat(DAP,KEADILAN and PAS) in next general election

am said...
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Anonymous said...

in ma opinion,removing d influence of race from politics is the best way. d mix blooded will be confused which to join if malaysia keep on playing wif d race issue in politics @_@