Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Transforming our Millennium Park!

Our aim to transform and restore the Millennium Park in SS13 Subang Jaya from the concrete white elephant that it once was to a green lung is moving into the next phase with the planting of trees this coming June! In conjunction with World Environment Day, we will be planting about 200 trees together with MPSJ and JKP Zone 1. I invite all residents to come join us on that day with your family and lend a hand in planting some trees:
Date : 6 June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 9:30am to 11:30am
Place : Millennium Park at SS 13, Subang Jaya
Items to bring along : Gloves, spades and cangkuls

The very controversial RM3,000,000 Millennium Park built many years ago has been in a sorry state for some time. You can read some of the old articles here and here. As pledged earlier, this place will now be green again. Demolition work has completed and we hope to see this former white elephant restored to a green lung. Residents, come and play your part in reclaiming this park!


traveleo said...

finally!! :D thanks for the effort!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

I am eager to see this piece of land be put to good use. The Dataran Millenium was such a bad idea, and I am not surprised that some morons pocketed big bucks from that silly idea.

However, my only concern is that, this place is really near to a busy road, with lots of unhealthy exhaust fume... I don't know how healthy it is going to be for the residents using it...

Is making it a green area the only solution?

Many thanks for your effort in correcting BN's mistake.

En Arip

romeo61 said...

Can wear black ?

abi said...

Brilliant! Hopefully it doesn't stop at the 200 tree's being planted but maintained and slowly but surely converted into a green lung.

Congratulations and well done :)

Anonymous said...

JKP thing is wat? I want to volunteer to help plant trees. Please e-mail me kassie@gmail.com. How come I never heard of them? May I volunteer or choose to be JKP member?

SS15 Resident

usj9 said...

Can I suggest that we cultivate the new plants from the Democratic Tree in Perak? Hope it will be replanted in all the other 12 States too. We can rename it Democratic Park!

darenong said...

Thank you YB.Can YB ask some one to translate to chinese and tamil for some important event.or maybe maly also.tq

KahL said...

thank you for the effort!

usj9 said...

After giving it much thought I believe my earlier idea of planting Democratic Tree should be dropped. We should serve the rakyat and not politicise everything, this should be the way ahead for a healthier Malaysia.

ashrocket for justice said...

Wonderful idea to plant some trees in the Millenium Park. It looks more like some kind of ruins..(an eyesore). Hopefully, after planting some trees, there will be some maintenance, as it will provide more shade to the people walking along there to have some shelter from the sun.

Andy TCH said...

Hi YB Hannah, thanks for planting more trees in Subang Jaya, i hope everyone will do the same.

I was there on 6 June at around 10:30am with my wife and my 18 months baby girl (Sueanne). I feel that there are no one guiding people who came what they should do. Maybe it is just me but i really wanted to do something despite Sueanne throwing tantrums. I asked the counter setup right by the steps and the kind man replied with "just take up the chung-ko and go and plant trees". And so i went. Obviously i was not able to carry the big trees, so i asked around on the smaller plants but no one knew where to plant them. I think everyone was busy with the food by that time, i left at 11am. My suggestion is that we need more volunteers to guide people around when we have other activities like these in future.

Andy Tan