Friday, May 8, 2009

Self-installed kings

May 7th - a black day for Malaysia. I struggle to find the words to describe this day. After witnessing the despicable manner of how BN and its agents rummaged and destroyed the sanctity of the Perak state assembly proceedings, I can't help but conclude that the recent premiership transition is a transition from bad to evil.

The events of May 7th saw the speaker's chair being destroyed during the forceful removal of Sivakumar from his seat. This is not simply a physical destruction of a chair, this is the destruction of the role of the Speaker, of any Speaker in a legislative assembly of a BN administration. BN has shown that it has absolutely no regards for the rights of a duly elected Speaker of the House. BN violated the rules of the House by ordering plainclothes "officials" to remove the Speaker. This is nothing more than BN instituting "official" thugs to control the proceedings. If BN can physically drag a Speaker out of his seat just to install their own man, imagine what they will be willing to do and have done all these years to ensure that they get it their way in other matters in running the state and nation.

BN has installed themselves as kings. BN has committed treason to the nation. They have reduced the role of the monarchy to one of a mere rubber-stamp. UMNO has indeed established a new royalty: UMNO Putra, UMNO Puteri and now UMNO Raja with a slew of palace butlers in the likes of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and the rest of BN to fan the palm leaves for these self-installed kings. They have turned Malaysia upside-down. Power that must come from the people is now repositioned to rest with BN. So many lawmakers, activists, journalists and even students were arrested. I wish the same enthusiasm could be applied in addressing crime in Malaysia. Where are these plainclothes "officials" to catch Mat Rempits, snatch thieves and robbers?


Anonymous said...

As a Malay, I can understand that some Malay MPs are very protective of BN controlling the state -- to ensure the Malay supremacy in Perak State Assembly. What we have seen yesterday indicated that there is no rule of law, but UMNO rules!

It is time now for MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP to wake up. If they value the racial harmony and rules of law, get out of BN. The longer they support UMNO, they are equally responsible for the destruction of law and order in Malaysia.

kftang said...

Thursday, 7 May 2009 is Perak's Day of Infamy and Bedlam. What happened at the Perak Legislative Assembly is shameful and barbaric. Ursurper MB Zambry and his BN men bulldozed their way in defiance of rules and laws of the land to stay in power. They resorted to laws of the jungle, to pick their words. The lawful Speaker was manhandled out of the Assembly by brute force with the help of the police.

The men in blue should be more concerned about tackling the alarmingly increased crime rate especially snatch theft cases in the country rather than unnecessarily busy arresting peaceful and innocent opposition lawmakers to their whims and fancy. Shame to the police!

Anonymous said...

Though I am not much involve in politics but I am deeply saddened of how event unfolded in Perak yesterday.
Malaysians have the choice and lets work hard and make sure BN/UMNO will be destroyed sooner or later.
PAKATAN voice is not heard and the rakyat voice is not heard-so YB what is the next option? No wonder why Chin Ping, Rashid Mydin and the likes resorted to their well known modus operandi- many are beginning to think and people are so fed up.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

We have reached a stage when a BN man can just walk up to an innocent citizen and shoot him dead point blank and go off scott free.

Or an UMNO man can just walk into my house and take away my wife or daughter and forcefully marry her.

In a lawless country anything is possible since the police themselves are the criminals.
Now, tell me, is there any future for our children in a lawless country?

Anonymous said...

The GOD and the silent majority are watching, and I will makesure my vote & my family's votes go to PR the next round.

pycazu said...

I never expect it went on so worst, what foreigners will think of us?! I just couldn't imagine how uncivilize BN could do...
Truly Deeply Black Malaysia!

peng said...

'...the recent premiership transition is a transition from bad to evil.'

You have so aptly described the situation we are in now! Permit me to add to that.. 'the evil that we experienced for 22 years' and 'the pupil is more evil than his mentor'.

traveleo said...

an absolute humiliating day for all Malaysians, with clowns in a circus called the state assembly playing to the directions of a ring master.

i never thought i'd live the day to witness this utter crap happen on our home soil.

Jerrilynjordan said...

I wonder how many crimes were commited whilst the PDRM mobilised all it's resources to intimidate the public in Perak

Anonymous said...


Sad sad sad DAY for Perakian and all fellow Malaysians.

Almost 7000 miles away and I like many many 'self-imposed exile' Malaysians felt ashame on such barbaric and treacherous acts of these BN and so called TURN COAT Aduns. Their actions had disgusted many many Malaysians and they will pay for their treacherous acts.

As for YAB Sivakumar, I salute him as a TOWERING Malaysian just as YAB Nizar.

I sincerely hope and pray that as the events unfold, truth will prevail. We may lose this battle, I am convinced weill will win thge WAR.

Sang Kancil

Anonymous said...

At this rate of roting goes,malaysia is worst than Burma or later Somalia

Anonymous said...

Pregnant mothers are being killed on our streets by snatch thieves running wild while our police are too busy manhandling the speaker of a state assembly.
Before we can even hope for any change for the better, "UMNO MUST DIE"

Anonymous said...

What happened yesterday in Perak is an International Disgrace to the BN Govt. I am not a Malaysian, but I feel sorry for the people of M'sia that there is no more democracy.
The people of M'sia is being ruled by gangsters.
Fear not, God willing you shall win the war. We will keep you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Self Installed Kings? But the behaviour of the Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs are bigger than the King. As PERAK State Assemblymen and if they can defy HRH PERAK SULTAN, it speaks volumes about their respect for the King!


Yeahwho said...

The so called 1 Malaysia advocated by our PM CAN NOW HAVE A NEW MEANING....1 Malaysia 2 Perak.2 Perak MB and Speaker...should go down to the Guiness Book of Record..1st in history and can only happen in Bolehland.The Jungle law have taken precedence at the Perak assembly...the powerful will control.The people elected Perak Speaker was removed by force and was instructed by the newly BN elected Speaker.BN will resort to all means to take control so that with the power they can do wonder at the expense of the Rakyat.


Abu Dhabi, UAE

KIMHO8 said...

The true colours of BruMno!

Anonymous said...

i) it all started with anwar trying to hook some bn potential-kataks. nomatterwhat anwar is saying now, pakatan cannot claim moral high ground.
ii) of course money and power (and freedom from prosecution) are tempting. it takes near-god qualities for us mere mortals to resist that. put them in your shoes. we’re talking about, allegedly, millions here… get real. and (potential) freedom from prosecution (re that two ex-pkr fellas).
iii) lesson(s) to learn for the past few months
a) jaga your own backyard before you cry foul. sure, bn has done what is seen and agreed widely to be a coup detat (whatever the spelling). so, what are you gonna do about it? where were the “people power”. i mean on the streets. ok, so netizens can spread the word around but i think most of us are to jaded to be on the streets. i am not suggesting we take to the streets each time there is a (even perceived) miscarriage of justice. but then again, why not?
i’ll tell you why. i am afraid to be caught and locked-up in the balai polis. i’ve heard so many ugly stories (re kugan et al).
b) no outside parties (the so-called international community) will even lift a finger to help us/you. most they’ll do is perhaps to sit in front of their computers and post those “brave” rebukes in the comfort of their own living room over a nice warm cup of beverage. then they’ll forget about it. and who can blame them? it’s not like they are the ones facing the bn regime. same applied to me as an arm-chair critic.
c) what yb sivakumar did (and went through) is brave. but hey he’s a politician. whatever he has endured, to put it bluntly, comes with the package so to speak. or job hazard. him a hero? why not? it adds drama to this whole episode.

to put it in a nutshell, until and unless the (aggrieved) people RISE, pakatan rakyat as a political party is pretty much on their own. am i/u a stakeholder in the perak case? i think i am. but i am not motivated enough to act on it. i just sit in front of my pc and i type. this is what i do best. be a hero? i dont dare. YET.


SP said...

Hannah and all readers, please get all young people to register as voters immediately. That's the only sure way of removing the UMNO/BN govt in GE13. It takes less than 5 mins at the nearest post office!! Please make sure your voice is heard!

Collateral Damage said...

UMNO fancies itself as a modern day Napoleon or Julius Ceasar in trying to be king. And you know where they ended up.

I, for one, will be wearing something black everyday until BN is vanquished.

seeking wisdom said...

Hi YB Yeoh,

PR got 28 ADUNs
BN + Independent got 31 ADUNs

Simple maths! What to argue and debate about and create crisis to deflect PR own fault.

The real issue here is why
1) DAP can't tackle its own ADUN Hee Yit Foong - what is the real DAP internal issue, be transparent about it rather than blame others

2) PKR can't even control the 2 PKR ADUNs and yet Anwar was lying that he has 31MPs from BN to cross over and rule the Govt and supposed become the new PM of Malaysia.

Why is PR not talking the above issues but instead chose to blame others.

It would be great and credible of you, YB Yeoh if you can enlighten me. If my comment is false and baseless by all means delete it, but I hope you practice and walk the talk on freedom of expression.

Anonymous said...

Angry people of Perak, "We will sure throw all BN out of Perak during the next election!!! Just wait and see!!!"

BN, "No way!!! All the power is with us, you all don't be so innocent. Do you think we will just let the election take away what we have??? We will do ANYTHING to protect what's in our hand!!!"

Malaysian Citizen's said...

What happened in Perak is all because of BN's conspiracy. Why can't the BN wait until the court announce who is the legal MB in Perak ? Why the state Assembly need to be called on 7th May but not until the high court outcome?
It is very not right to drag the legal speaker out. BN has overdone it. Please to those who critise about PR , please think what BN has done on the Perak State Assembly is right or wrong ? Dragging the speaker out is very rude and sad to see such thing is happening in our country.

Darick said...

Seeking wisdom,
u can justify regime amno barbaric action just by your this 2 reasons?

think it over, regime has been robbing, raping & sodomising our nation wealth legally just by doing what regime has done in DUN Perak !

Regime has fully abuse their power/authority on polis, judiaciary, AG, MACC, EC & all others gomen agencies to legalise their 'korek korek korek $$$$$ mission >50years !!!!'

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,
Whatever happened in Perak!
Just as much as this is a daring robbery and gangsterism by BN/UMNO, it also is as much a failure by Pakatan.
Please learn the lessons, all you Pakatan people outside Perak. Your failure to bring the civil servants ( read state secretariat and their subordinates ) to heel, may also spell your own doom. As it Perak, and as in USJ-traffic upgrades, the civil servants will make all your talk, just mere talk, while they plot your downfall. We can see clearly now, the civil servants have become the 4th pillar of government, especially in non BN states.
See and learn, Dont just rue your loss in Perak. We the citizens can see what is happening.

kftang said...

When and what I saw over TV and mainstream media pictures of legitimate Pakatan Perak Assembly Speaker, YB V. Sivakumar, being barbarously and mercilessly dragged out of the august house by those 'rouges' (later confirmed to be plainclothes policemen) on that fateful BlackMalaysia day of Thursday, 7 May 2009, my heart cries out for him ( and I am sure thousands of Malaysians everywhere too) in the way he was treated and manhandled without due respect and honour to a legally-elected lawmaker. There was no basic sense of human behaviour and decorum on the part of those who profess to be the so-called government of the day. The rule of the jungle, to use their words, was the order of the day. It was definitely a shameful day for the country in the eyes of the world. The police has no business to be in the House whatsoever. They were arrogant, high-handed and bias. If there is a poll on their public standing, it won't be a surprise if they get 0% of votes cast. Their reputation of late is rotten to the core. Public sentiments are against them!

To YB V. Sivakumar, I salute you for you have done the right thing dutifully and legitimately in doing your job as a Speaker. Be forever strong and resolute and stand up to social justice and truth for all Perakians and Malaysians in general. All the best in your future endeavours!

kftang said...

When I saw over TV and what I read over mainstream print media, my heart sadly cries out for legitimate Pakatan Perak Assembly Speaker, V. Sivakumar, for the way he was barbarously and mercilessly dragged out of the august house by those 'rouges' ( later confirmed to be plainclothes policemen) on that fateful BlackMalaysia day of Thursday, 7 May 2009. It was shameful and barbaric in the way he was treated as a legally-elected lawmaker by those who so profess to be the government of the day. The power-crazy usurpers resorted to the law of the jungle (to pick their words) to stay in power by whatever means. In the first place, the police have no business to be in the august house whatsoever. There should be a distinct separation of powers between the legislative and the executive but it was not done. The men in blue on that day appeared arrogant, high-handed and highly bias towards one particular power. The police already have a poor standing in the eyes of the general public in the fashion they carry out their duties biasedly. If ever there is a poll to be held, I presume they will obtain 0% of the votes cast. Their reputation of late has been rotten to the core to say the least.

To YB V. Sivakumar, I salute you in carrying out your Speaker's job dutifully and splendidly without fear or favour. Be forever strong and resolute in your ideals for a just and freer Malaysia for all. All the best in your future endeavours. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah
You wrote so brilliantly & in truly graphic terms. You aptly depicted the new UMNO Rajas in the true light with sycophants in the likes of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, SUPP, PBS, LDP etc fawnlessly fanning the palm leaves for these self-installed new kings of Malaysia.
These newly self-crowned rajas & the instruments of the state acting in cahoots behave like the pirates & buccaneers in the days of the old. They rape, plunder & pillage our beloved land & tear into shreds our sacred Constitution & laws of the land. They leave the long-suffering Rakyat defenceless from rising & rampant crime. Our streets & homes are no longer safe. Just a few days ago two heavily pregnant women had their prime of the lives snatched away by snatch thieves.
YB Hannah, isn't Malaysia Truly the Land of Lawless & Mayhem?
Aren't we YB, now under the Reign of Terror ruled by self-anointed kings?
YB, isn't Malaysia's tag line "Malaysia, Truly Where the Law of Jungle Rules"?
Indeed the self-crowned kings' deeds & actions demonstrate how foul, revolting & despicable their means to cling onto power. They couldn't care a damn for the Rakyat!

from your friend a Tassie Connection from the North West, Ulverstone

Anonymous said...

Dear seeking wisdom, I doubt Hannah will answer you, just like all her colleagues, they will not answer questions "damning" to them. Their minds/attitudes now are that PR is NEVER wrong even as minorities, they should prevail over majority.
Its already a privilege that,yours and mine, comments are posted here.


Gan said...

This is tyranny personified !

UMNO came after PR and the people without any regard for the law and condone by royalty.

When they are done with PR and the people, they will come after the royalty like what The Det did before.

Don't even for a moment think that royalties will be spared.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely !

Anonymous said...

The best thing abt this whole issue is the Sultan of Perak could've avoided this chaos by simply choosing re-election. Why not simply let the PEOPLE decide who they want to re-elect.

This kind of bias decision making is what leads to political unrest.

Anonymous said...

As a Perakian. I am ashamed and angry at how THE BN dictatorship reigned in the recent fiasco that took place at the Perak State Assembly. I AM DENITELY NOT ACCEPTING this new MB that BN has FORCEFULLY put in place. Let the PEOPLE decide and go for a re-election. That will be fair to everyone.

BN still thinks that the people doesn't see and hear and think. If they think they can still get away with this kind of thuggish behaviour, we will all see what the next Election results will be

Alan said...

I just want to put it this way...

I truely believe that Pakatan Rakyat will WIN VERY BIG TIME
in the next election!!!

Thanks GOD!

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

I saw the one-party dominance and manipulation of all.

Administrative, judicial, law enforcement, from high level to lower level, inside to outside, they all loyal to the all mighty-one party

They are the interest group under the existing system - the crony.

Internally, they unite themselves with ethnic dignity and interests.

Externally, they rope in other ethnic political parties with position

We need to think about, how to break this situation.

Do the right things at the first time - we should unite everybody with universal values, rope in everybody with common interest.

After all, we are all on the same boat!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah:

I am penning down this short epistle to reflect some thoughts as like RPK ( Raja Petra Kamarudin ):

1. I am wondering whether all the frustrations seen in Perak State Assembly has really woke up the Rakyat, particularly the malays ?

2. And, having vented all the frustrations by many ' so called followers of DAP and even YB Hannah yourself ' can it change the political landscape in Malaysia nationally ?

3. Without the Malays realising what the scene of Perak State Assembly means to them, their children and cucu to their Third and Fourth Generations to come, they will never give that Votes to make the Difference Nationally.

4. YB Hannah: I have attended many many of DAP and PR related Forums. I , for one, continously advocate this :

4.1 There are many tools now that can be used to explain in simple folks term viz. The Toll, The Power, Water and even Mobile Phones Exclusivity to the Players taht has taxed into the daily life of Malaysians for the sake of a few BN Cronies that used monies to control the crowd

4.2 Now a Golden Opportunity in Pictures and Videos recorded at the Perak State Assembly Fiasco !

4.3 Some one , briliant enough within DAP and/or PR should build all these materials and train multitudes of people , if possible coming from the Rakyat, in Malay and the Malays themselves, carry these materials for a Road Show and Inform, Disseminate the Truth and Help them Conclude, ' What it means to them now, their children and the Generations to come "



( Sounds like most malaysian requires tutorial for sure )

Having said all these, it requires money to train , to build materials and to impart and disseminate truth. So , let DAP take the lead in conjunction with all PR members to have a Perpetual Fund Raising Programme just for all this.

Let the Rakyat contribute, online, direct banking, postal, to these funds and the game has just begun !

YB Hannah. Please think through this carefully, if ever as Politician ( Pemimpin ) wants to make the Difference.

seeking wisdom said...

Dear gopeng,

This is not what I was hoping for when I voted for PR and attended all their ceramahs by DAP when we were told DAP is different from BN/UMNO/MCA that they are not corrupt, very transparent, promised freedom of exprenssion, accountability, integrity, professionalism and responsibility.

The point I raised about borders a lot on integrity, professionalismn and responsibility.

One thing i can say is we, the Rakyat are the ones who vote them and they are accountable to us if they now change their political direction after we voted them in. It is a renege of promise if I say it directly.

We voted for change and we dont want things to be swept under carpet just like what BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC was doing. If PR do the same, we will know what to do.

Remember, "Cakap mesti bikin"

Perakian said...

I am deeply sadden by what is happening to my once a proud Malaysia. I have always been supportive of the opposition until recently.

The fact is, I have given the opposition the chance to prove themselves. I am tired of the BN. I am aware of the corruption within BN. And that was why I voted the opposition party.

However, over the months, and soon over the years. What I have witnessed is a bunch of opposition MP capable of raising complaints and taking legal actions.

The point is, in my opinion, that is not enough. I need to see that the opposition is truly capable of running the country better, not merely capable to unfolding the dirt under the carpet. I don't need MP to unfold the truth and report to the people. The bloggers are well able to do so.

What I want to see from the opposition MP are ideas, suggestions, actions, resolutions, implementations that were better than those of BN. For example, I have witnessed what had happened to Perak. The point is, I already have the bloggers reporting what had happened to Perak. I don't need DUN, MP, YB, etc to report what they saw, and raise complaints, raise legal actions. Are these all they are capable off?? I want to see resolutions, solutions, ideas, implementations. What are the PR's plan following the fall of Perak?

The only plan I know of is what Nizar had said to the press. He is going to seek audience with the Sultan. Is the the most PR could come out with? Sultan was reluctant to disolve the parliament. It is already evident from the previous round.

It appeared to me that PR is no more than a bunch of good complainers. I actually hope PR matured a bit and start seeking solutions not more complaints.

I have watched the youtube video of how our elected candidate had raised question about why the cost of passport renewal cannot be lowered and followed by complaints that it burden the people. What I had hoped she had said was... Why can't the cost of passport renewal be lowered? According to my calculation, if we implement this this this and that that that. We bring down the cost. By bringing out the cost, we can pass on the saving to the people. My fellow BN, have you consider this??? Something of this nature... Not more complaints.. that is very immature and I can't, for the sake of my beloved Malaysia, carrying on voting for opposition with the mentality of complaining but no solutions.

The biggest challenge now is Perak. I have heard enough of the unfaireness. Like any other law abiding citizens, don't expect me to march down the street of Ipoh with banners. 90% of the opposition voters are like me. We love our country, we sincerely voted for the opposition in hope that they can change the BNputra situation around. You can call us the silent majority, we have casted our vote for you, and that is the most we can do. My question is What is PR's plan on Perak? More lawsuits and more audience with the Sultan? What else??

Anonymous said...


Ha!BN has 52 yrs to mess up everything, & you want PR to clean up the mess in less than 15 mths ?

All this chaos is expected, don't expect BN to sit that like a obedient boy to acknowledge & admit the mess it made,and it's understandable PR will make noise(even we rakyat) seeing all the mess which is beyond one's imagination.

Be grateful there are people who are willing to take up the jobs to clean up this mess. If we are not willing to do that, at least give our moral support, instead of demand the impossible & keep complaining of what you don't want or what you expect !

Perakian said...

I don't think it would be necessary to unfold the dirt that accumulated over the 52 years. Lets just consider it done and dusted. Maybe PR can dig out some skeleton in the closet, but so what? More lawsuits? Bring those corrupted ex-MP to justice? Get them to cough out the money they sneak through the accounting book?

I think PR could be a better government by first looking at the welfare of the people. Damages that have been done cannot be undone. It would be far better PR rebuild what has been lost than to bring the people responsible to justice.

I realise it is too easy to find faults and certainly too easy to complain. I can have my 3 years old grand-daughter to tell me the house is on fire. But what would have been better would be if someone can tell me. The house is on fire. I have safely evacuated everyone. The fire department is on their way. The insurance company has been contacted and they will be here tomorrow morning to evaluate the damage. Meanwhile the hotel accomodation has been arranged. Here is the car key for the temporary rental car. That is the sort of government I am voting for ... not a government who can complain and offer no solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

We have in Malaysia now what is known as a kakistocracy, that is a government by the incompetent.

The BN guys are falling into an abyss and are creating the right conditions to be knocked out by TNT, viz. Tsunami Number Two. Incidentally, TNT is the common name for dynamite and BN is going to get blown away in the next GE.

kftang said...

Usurper Perak MB Zambry has now likened himself to the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela! This must be a great joke never before known!

Anonymous said...

Some people are just plain STUPID. No wonder RPK kept ending his articles with STUPID!
Stupid seeking wisdom said...
"The real issue here is why
1) DAP can't tackle its own ADUN Hee Yit Foong - what is the real DAP internal issue, be transparent about it rather than blame others"
You are being kidnapped. RM25mil being offered. Her husband in debt. So jump ship. What can DAP do if the moral of its ADUN and evil of Barisan Najis unleashed? With judiciary and mata-mata all working for Barisan Najis what do you think DAP can do? STUPID! STUPID!

Anonymous said...

support DAP,KEADILAN and PAS!Give them a chance to rule Malaysia for four year!lets vote for Pakatan Rakyat(KEADILAN,DAP,PAS) in the next election!thank you!