Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Senseless arrests

My friends Teo Nie Ching (Member of Parliament for Serdang) and Jenice Lee (State Assemblyman for Teratai) have once again been arrested by the police while they gathered at a candlelight vigil at Teresa Kok's office in Seputeh. These constant arrests are a reflection of the insecurities of the Federal government considering the peaceful nature of such candlelight vigils. Freedom of expression and assembly without posing any threat or disturbance to public order should be allowed. These are women elected representatives who have been fighting tirelessly against crime in their constituencies and here they are - arrested for being dressed in black and holding a candle!


Whatmeworry said...

Our police force has been doing the bidding of the BN. Whenever there's a peaceful protest they come in full battle gear as if a riot is going to break out.

I see nothing wrong with peaceful candlelight vigils/civil disobedience. I am sure these people are not out to create trouble. The police must be fair.

If they want to do any arresting, then patrol the streets and look out for snatch thieves who are now getting bolder and bolder.

Malaysian in UK said...

What happened to the human rights and freedom guaranteed by the Malaysian Constitution?

lee said...

These are cowardice action done behind the protection of highly contravercial acts which the police force takes advantage of to the detriment of the freedom of the voice of the rakyat in support of democracy in the country.
The local presses, especially the major papers, are unfortunately timid enough not to highlight such events.
I suggest to record such scenes of the police making unarthorised entrance into a private home and the forceful removal of peaceful people and such recordings be aired in international news networks or newsportals.
Rakyat Malaysia.

kftang said...

Shame to the police force for what they had done to YB Teo Nie Ching, MP for Serdang and YB Jenice Lee, ADUN for Teratai and the others who had peacefully held candlelight vigil for 'The Demise Of Democracy' in Perak!

The police are paranoid about Pakatan democratic gatherings. Looks like there is no tolerance towards political dissent in the country!

hmatter said...

Ya lah Hannah,
The Federal Government is rather paranoid and insecure. Looks like Najib did not mean 1-Malaysia. It is actually I-Malaysia ( meaning that Malaysia belongs to him and Umno ). These season of arrests are senseless. They are really, really insecure. This Perak fiasco is really turning out to be UMNO / BN's downfall. How I wish we have a credible opposition?.

KoSong Cafe said...

The Police is truly behaving like Police Raja Di Malaysia, with no respect for the sanctity of Perak State Assembly, and lately, no respect for elected state representatives and members of Parliament.

I was most surprised that 4 of the 5 lawyers arrested earlier are females, and now Teo and Jenice. So what does that tell us? That they are out to harass and intimidate them instead of protecting?

They should be out there preventing robberies and snatch killers.

KIMHO8 said...

Please inform for any candlelight vigil in Subang Jaya. My attendance for sure.

Anonymous said...

HP said why the polis so concern with people holding candles and wearing black? what happen to those holding on their machines,wearing black and snatching people's belongings? aren't the polis force spend more time looking into those who commit such crime??? i am confused

LimYas said...
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All For The Road said...

Send the Brickfields OCPD and his men-in-blue back to the barracks for 'cold storage' for their utter disregard and arrogance to peaceful and democratic demonstrations. They blindly take orders from their political masters to stifle public opinion and dissent.

Zul said...

Who says peaceful and democratic demonstration cannot go ugly. Police are being cautious by using available act to keep peace. Rather than bashing police for not doing their work, why don't you register as RakanCop and help them out by being their eye in the public. Reflect at the murder case a few days ago in Ipoh where neighbours help apprehend the madmen rather than just watch, blog and complaint...remember our police force has been around upholding the law even before you were born. Be thankful that you were born in a peaceful country!!!!

Anonymous said...


Tell me where peaceful demostration in Malaysia goes ugly? If in Middle East, the arabs can demostrate, why not here/

Zul said...

Dear moderator, thanks for publishing my first comment.

Dear Anon,

One example:

Someone says its going to be peaceful:

Others says otherwise:

Life is full of uncertainties and no guarantees. I'm not quoting anything from the mainstream media so as not to be biased.

We are Malaysians and so we are not Arabs. Their laws do not apply here because we have our own law. But if you talking about Palestine, everyone in the country are fighting for their homes and freedom and so the right to demonstrate. I'd prefer not to have such Arab style demonstration here.

If anyone wants to have a peaceful assembly, get a permit from the police and state your good cause of holding such gatherings. Example shows that police allows gatherings with permit is here:

My neighbor and I don't like the idea of unknown gatherings not endorsed by the police as there are no guarantees that they are not making noise/disturbance in our neighborhood especially during the night.

Malaysian in UK said...

Dear Zul,

I would disagree with you... If you look back and see, how many times has the police given permits to the PR gov to hold public gatherings.

Allow me to be blunt.. They would not allow any public gatherings in which the purpose of the polls is to expose the wrong doings of the BN govt.

Malaysians cannot rely on the news media for such news as the news is heavily censored. Therefore, to enlighten the public (the Rakyat), the only way is to hold public gatherings.

I'm pretty sure the situation would be much better if the malaysian press had been non-censored like many 1st world countries in the west. This excessive censor is not health for Malaysia as it would freely "allow" the BN to abuse the law (e.g. arresting the lawyers who visit their clients in the Police station)...

Also, the BN has to be open to criticism and learn from their mistakes. Censoring criticism from the news media is such a cowardly attitude.

Lastly, I wish to enlight you that the trouble caused during a peaceful gathering could be the work of BN's agent provocateurs and not the protesters.