Monday, May 25, 2009

Town Hall for USJ 12 and 13

Three days before the town hall meeting for USJ 12 and 13, we were invited to a gathering/meeting by the Rukun Tetangga for USJ 13. During that meeting, we got to know the team and we managed to discuss the issues pertaining to USJ 13.

At the town hall on last Wednesday night, a good crowd of about 300 residents came out to listen to updates on issues concerning them. One of the main issues I spoke to the residents about was the traffic changes on Persiaran Tujuan. The trial run of the traffic improvement has yielded extremely positive feedback from the residents of USJ 12 and 13. The loudest applause was reserved for the new traffic system.

Tony Pua was also present to brief the residents on the water restructuring scheme in Selangor.

A little girl came up to me right after my speech requesting me to pen a few words on her booklet entitled Hak Asasi (produced by Suara Rakyat Malaysia "Suaram") which was given out free to the residents as part of our educational program. We also distributed educational leaflets on dengue and our very own Selangorkini, a newsletter produced by the state government.

At the end of the session, there was a brief Q&A time and residents were treated to a light supper before they went home. We also conducted voters registration exercise for those who have yet to register as voters. Look out for the next town hall coming to your neighbourhood!

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Farah said...

good day ms Hannah Teoh,

I'm from a kids magazine call BEst Buds and would like to feature one of your previous event; the 14th Subang Jaya children's art competition, in our magazine.

Is there any way that i might contact you regarding this matter?

Thank you and would love to hear from you soon.