Sunday, May 17, 2009

Town Hall for USJ 12 and USJ 13 residents

This Wednesday, my team and I will be organising a town hall meeting for the residents of USJ 12 and USJ 13. Here are the details:-
  • Date : Wednesday, 20 May 2009
  • Time : 9:00pm sharp
  • Venue : Park located at USJ 13/1 and USJ 13/1D

YB Tony Pua (Member of Parliament for PJ Utara) will also be present to speak on the water restructuring effort by the Selangor state government. See you there!


kftang said...

With the water restructuring effort by the Selangor state government, what the people are concerned is that they continue to receive the first 20m3 of water free. The free water has helped to alleviate their hardships in these trying times of economic slowdown.

Anonymous said...

Water should not be free. If free, where do the governmnet get revenue to improve our kopi susu or teh tarik? Don't tell me that Selangorians love to have teh tarik every time. Also if free, people takes water for grant and simple use them. as a result, we have to build more dams - clear the lands owned by orang asli, rooted all the homes of the elephants and make our Mlaysian tigers homeless. Pity all those cats.
We should learn to conserve water wisely otherwise, are we also far to the people in Pulau ketam where they have to harvest rainwater.

Zambri CM said...

Dear YB,

Firstly my congrats to your successful event..although I cannot stay through out the session but I came back to meet you in person after the formal event.

For the record, I wish to register my neighborhood's CONCERN as stated above. I am a resident at USJ 11/2 for past 15 years. I have 3 kids schooling at SMK USJ13 since 2001 and the eldest now is at Dublin pursuing her medical degree.

For the past eight years my wife and I have been driving our kids to/fro SMK USJ13. The reason simply the Persiaran Tujuan road in front of our house is too dangerous to cross.

On one occasion when my wife was not well, my son was nearly hit by a motorcycle when he has to cross the road on way home from the school.

In another occasion my neighbour's daughter was actually hit by a motorcycle and has to be hospitalized.

Our neighborhood children are risking their lives EVERY SCHOOLING DAYS when crossing the road from USJ 9 and USJ 11 to the school.

No explanation was given to us to why an overhead bridge cannot be built except for the lamest.."no budget". Don't tell us even a simple signage of "Please Slow Down - School Children Crossing" cannot be installed.

But everyone can see TWO overhead bridges were built for SMK USJ12 that was few KMs away from SMK USJ13. Although you told me it was built by SimeUEP but its not an EXCUSE. (And they even have a signage put up there!)

I said my piece. My neighbors agreed with me that we will do something drastic if any of our children (either from USJ9 or USJ11) to meet an accident on the road again.

We plead to you YB, please hear our grievances. We wish our current complaints have not fallen on deaf ears like what has happened to our previous YB.

Thanks for for your kind consideration in this matter.

Zambri/USJ 11.

Anonymous said...

I saw the signage of the town hall meeting, but I believe it didn't state it was for USJ12 residents as it only mentioned USJ13. If I knew, would have gone too.