Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dream come true for children with special needs in Subang Jaya

At the dialogue with OKU organised by my office last year, some parents with special needs requested for a toy library and parents resource centre in Subang Jaya. This request is now being fulfilled - thanks to Malaysian Care and City Discipleship Presbyterian Church ("CDPC"). This new resource centre will cater to the needs of special needs, similar to the existing one in Bandar Tasik Selatan.

This resource centre is aimed to provide support & resource services to families of children with special needs, specifically children with learning disabilities. Services include:
- Playgroup activities (immediate on a monthly basis)
- Loan of toys & books (Jan 2010 onwards)

It will also provide avenues for parents to network, share and form support groups among themselves.

The launch will be held in conjunction with World Play Day. Details are as stated below:

Date: 13th June 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, W-10-2, Subang Square Business Centre, Jalan SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya (Note: To register, please call 03-56212844 or email


“…World Play Day is a day when children and adults do what they want to do and it is also a time to relax and to interact with one another. World Play Day envisioned promoting the healthy growth of each other in simple, self-motivated activities of their own choice….”

“…One of the most important things about play is that it gets us in touch with other human beings… Children learn to talk through play, they learn to make friends through play, they get exercise through play; they also acquire the basic skills for formal education such as concentration, imagination, self-expression and the retention of useful facts. Let a child play today and ensure his happy, useful and healthy future.”


agneslee said...


Well Done...

You have kept your promise to run a toy library and I am proud of you.

I hope fellow Subang Jayan will make good use of Toy Library and not abuse it.

Make sure all of you who wish to borrow the toys to take good care of it and do not make the parents resource centre a white elephant.

Since we have a caring ADUN who listen to our need and fulfilled the promise, please make good use of the Resource Centre.

All the best and thank you YB Hannah...

allurban said...

Hi Hannah

It would be nice to have the state government open up funding for more community libraries including for Subang Jaya.

Books are wonderful and they should be widely available to children.

Toys are good as well, but the focus should be on books.

Regards, moaz yusuf ahmad

benji said...

Hi Allurban,

I work with SPECIAL NEED Children under the age of 7 on a voluntary basis. This Toy Library I see is catered to special need children and is wonderful. We hardly hear of services provided for the special need (especialy children), besides the more "famous" one like NASOM and Malaysian Care. Perhaps if you do a little more researc on what a Toy Library really is, you'll find out that it is not merely toys... But more like Learning Aids. Chidren with earning disabilities need alot of these teaching and learning aids to help them learn how to do go about their daily lifes, like opening a bottle, scooping, holdigng a spoon and many more. Once they have "mastered" that bit, then we can introdure colours, numbers and single words to them... I really don't mind sharing more with you in person. Do let me know :) Many think that toys are just toys but it is more than that :)