Thursday, June 25, 2009

MCA working hand in glove with The Star...again!

In today's The Star, we find this news report of the local MCA division head, Mdm Ong Chong Swen's statement on DAP and the Subang Ria park issue. If you've been reading The Star, and only The Star, then you will not realize that this article is being cunningly published in response to my press conference held yesterday (Wednesday June 24 2009), which 'conveniently' was not published in The Star.

It was instead published by Malaysiakini and in various other newspapers, Malay Mail and NST. Here's the link to the video on Malaysiakini and also the news article from Malaysiakini in full:

photo courtesy of Malaysiakini

Ronnie earns wrath of Subang residents
Yip Ai Tsin Jun 24, 09 6:42pm

Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu earned the wrath of the Subang Jaya Residents Association after he told the MPSJ draft local plan public hearing on Monday that "a small part" of the Subang Ria park could be developed into a commercial area.

AS Gill, chairman, of Subang Jaya Residents Association was disappointed and shocked that the DAP exceutive councillor could even suggest more development in an already over developed area without even looking at the local and federal laws. "This is abuse of process. Residents' views are not taken into consideration by the Pakatan exco member. Statements are being made with total disregard for competency, accountability, transparency and due process of the law. "Did he consider all the legal requirements before making the statement? Is he a loose cannon in the Pakatan government who just shoots and balks at everyone to keep them quiet," said Gill.

Committee member, Balachandran Naicker, added that the residents had already objected to Sime UEP's proposal to develop the 29.39 hectare park for commercial purposes in July 15, 2007 at a public hearing. He said that the developer had decided to withdraw the application for development in 2007 after the objections."Residents are surprised that the proposal is being entertained at all," he said. Balachandran appealed to the state government to step in and rectify the matter." Residents had believed that the park would remain a park in perpetuity as promised by the developer when they bought their property," he said.

‘Park should be gazetted'

The residents had met at Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh's office. Yeoh reiterated at the meeting that the park should be gazetted as a green lung and any development must be purely for recreational purpose as stated in the land title. Yeoh assured the residents that Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will call for a consultation session with the residents soon.

Since the developer had refused to handover the park to the MPSJ, Liu had suggested that a small part of the area be developed to defray the cost of acquiring the park. Liu had reportedly said that it would be "crazy" for the state government to acquire the park as it is estimated to be worth more than RM 100 million. Liu could not be contacted for comment.

Sime UEP has also not given a clear overview of the proposed development plan. "There were some levels of deception in the way the numbers and figures were presented," said Gill. Sime UEP still owns the park although it was supposed to be handed over to the local council after the completion of the SS12 and Wangsa Baiduri areas in 1988.


This is not the first time that I've experienced MCA and The Star working hand in glove with the aim of merely scoring political points. The Star was present at my press conference yesterday. Yet, knowing full well the details of the situation and my responses along with the responses of the residents, they went ahead to exclusively publish the statement by the local MCA leader which was aimed at taking swipes at DAP. Of course, this MCA leader would look extremely foolish if my statements at yesterday's press conference were also published alongside hers, therefore they decided to simply feature her and ignore everything else.

That statement by Mdm Ong clearly exhibited that she does not understand the difference between MCA and DAP, or simply feigns ignorance. That statement by Ronnie Liu is a statement by Ronnie Liu. I do not agree with it, many of the other DAP assemblymen do not agree with it too. We can freely express our personal opinions in DAP and we do not have to toe the party line blindly on every matter. I, as the state assemblyman for Subang Jaya will not budge from demanding what's right and just for Subang Jaya and her people. My stand on the Subang Ria park is unchanged, pre-election & post-election.

I have many questions to ask of MCA here in Subang Jaya. It was during the watch of the BN state government that the land title for the Subang Ria park fell into the hands of the developer. Mdm Ong, you owe us, the people of Subang Jaya an explanation and an apology.

I challenge The Star to publish my posting here in its entirety in tomorrow's edition.


solidleong said...

Of course they won't Silence is always golden. Kudos to your commitment.

Alexander Yeong said...

Here's a pointer. Instead of going on a word battle with MCA, go talk to Ronnie Liu. Blog about the real reason behind Ronnie Lui's statement.

And for why the land title fall into the hands of the developer, go ask Lee Hwa Beng who have made a blunder in Subang and the PKFZ.

Do bear in mind, you were elected to serve the people of Subang. There is still problem with traffic, illegal money lending banners, and dangerous stolen man-hole not replaced.

MCA and the Star, people of Subang Jaya don't care. We only care about our welfare.

kate said...

hello YB ,dont blame "the star", it is matter of the issue! and also a matter of before and after 308!U r the goverment now.

Anonymous said...


Sime earns millions and according to the their plan submitted, it must contain GREEN and it was approved and as a park, they have to hand over. Now is Sime a corporate cares about the community or care about squeezing more fesh air from the rakyat. If not boycott their business. Go to parkson, gaint instead of Tesco for shopping. Like Dr Mahatail said - Buy Bristish last - so buy sime products last. Ask BN, why the park was not hand over?

NEO said...

Dear YB,

I have no idea if the location of "Subang Ria Park" but my crstal ball told me that the "lake garden" in front of Sime Medical Centre is at risk too!

Please do something! Check the land title whether is in the hand of developer or with local authority.

By the way how could I contact the Subang Jaya Residents Association?

I having a Vedio which may cause the YDP to support not to develop the "Park"!

Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

To Alexander Yeong,

You need to be schooled in civic education. If you see a stolen man-hole, did you report it to the local council? If not, save us your silly comments.Who are you to speak on behalf of Subang Jayans that we don't care about issues like this? This is exactly the stuff that I want my elected rep to champion and expose. Well done Hannah. MCA is hiding behind The Star. Very shameful of them!

saifun said...

I’d have to disagree with Alexander Yeong. I’m also a resident of Subang Jaya, so please don’t speak for me when you make the sweeping statement that the people of Subang Jaya don’t care about how the Star and MCA work together, and that we only care about our welfare. You don’t represent my views.

Have you not been reading all YB Hannah Yeoh’s updates about her ongoing attempts to solve the many problems we have in Subang, including traffic problems? Take a look at the Topics & Issues section of her blog and click on any of the links. In a little over a year since she took office, our community has been kept informed of bigger issues being tackled than stolen manhole covers and illegal money-lending banners (I’m not even sure those issues fall under the ambit of her responsibilities). Her Topics & Issues updates include initiatives among the poor, the young, the sick, dengue, Subang Ria, greening the environment ... As I said, all you have to do is just read. These topics aren’t just about “our” welfare, as you so insularly put it, but are about the bigger picture and larger issues. But if you read and still refuse to see that Hannah is a human dynamo who is trying her best to right the wrongs of years, there’s nothing that anyone can do about your (and MCA supporters')voluntary blindness.

In contrast to Hannah’s extensive work scope and busy schedule, Ong Chong Swen is obviously a political animal, a politician who seems to have nothing better to do than to initiate and take periodic swipes at YB to gain points, even at one time complaining that Hannah garners more sympathetic comments in her blog than Ong does, even though Ong works sssoooooooo hard to serve the people. I mean, come on. Grow up! If Ong were as sincere to serve the people as she keeps saying she is, then work together with the YB, not against her, for the people’s total welfare during the current ADUN’s term. How about giving credit and praise where it is due, Ong? Stop playing politics and trying to score points. I don’t recall a single instance in Hannah’s blog entries that out of the blue, unilaterally criticises Ong Chong Swen. If she has said anything at all, it’s to defend herself against Ong’s insidious attacks, like now. So this latest Star-MCA thing is truly a hit below the belt and, in my view, exposes Ong’s character and diminishes her standing. And yes, as a Subang Jaya resident, when Star and MCA stoop so low, it does concern me. Whether Hannah stands for the next election or not, my vote will not go to MCA.

Anonymous said...


Everyone knows The STAR is behind MCA. Unfortunately we have not much choice on English newspaper. If not, I will not even want to buy The Star.

Even MCA leader buying Durian Treat in Simpang Jeram, published in The Star page N27 on 24.06.2009 (Wed). For what ?,

We know who are working for the people, and Hannah has been doing well.

50 years have been run by BN and MCA, what has we got ?. new tar road, new lamp post,... all these are basic necessity.

Well done, Hannah Yeoh. We have eyes and ears, so we know we are talking and working for the people.

From Stephen Chow Fan..

w9 said...

"MCA and the Star, people of Subang Jaya don't care."

Hey, my family and I care about what YB Hannah has to say. We are bona fide Subang residents. No sweeping statement please.

traveleo said...

I believe by now, the readers of all daily print media (especially the one you have mentioned in your blog post) tend to take things with a pinch of salt.

With power slipping through their fingers like grains of sand, what more than to stir up propaganda favourable to them?

This was certainly a no brainer.

This is where alternative media come in to give a sense of balance to things.

Keep up your good work nevertheless, the people (of Subang Jaya at least) can discern sizzle from steak.

Jovane said...

Dear Alexander Yeong,

You're right, Hannah was appointed to serve the people of Subang. I'm happy to know you got that part right. But isn't that what she's doing now, serving the ppl? She's fighting for YOUR land in Subang Jaya. Does this article show you that she's going against her duty? I'm guessing your answer is no.

Also, you're comparing this 25 hectar land to illegal money lending banners? If a patient in hospital is suffering from high cholesterol and stroke, which is your primary goal FOR the patient? If your answer is to give the patient some simvastatin and send her home, then I think you should move out of Subang Jaya.

You also mentioned that YOU only care about your welfare. If everyone is like you, the country will never move forward. So, unless you're ready to make some positive feedback, please, just save us all the trouble and watch from the distance. Thank you.

You're doing a great job Hannah, well done! We're with you, always!

Ben Phang said...

It is not surprising of Ronnie Liu to expressed what he did. I am from Pandamaran and for more than a year now, my friends and I have noticed much changes from our new YB. He has become more like our previous Adun.

ochubi said...

Dear Hannah,

I think u did a great job for Subang Jaya, too bad, someone try to discredit you...& also, you allies is bringing the shxt from Pandamaran to Subang...

If i have the chance, i will talk directly to the pandamaran guy, wht is he doing & where is his principle?

Vote Ronnie Liu OUT.....Vote ROnnie Liu OUt....

Anonymous said...

What is the issue? If Sime a rich coporate and makes tonnes of property development and in their submission is classified as park and get approved by the authority, then they should abide by it. Sime tried in the days of MCA - bully the authority by using higher connection.

So the residents should also tell SIME off. If not Subang residents should boycott Sime and even asking whole Malaysians to do so. Otherwise Sime is acting like a big taikoh.

Anonymous said...

I have stop buying The Star & NST since many years ago for the very same reason.

By right the media only need to report the truth regardless the news come from BN or opposition, and let the readers make their own judgement.

It's no point reading its news if a newspaper can not be neutral in their reporting. If they think they can be selective & mislead the readers, then they are making fool out of themselves in this internet age. The more they follow this direction, the less credibility they have, of course readership will become lower & lower. They become the victims of their own making & who are the losers eventually? Just browse thru' the internet readers' comments, the answer is there!

DAP said...

Dear Hannah,

Please talk to Ronnie Liu!! It's not the correct way that you show everyone that you're not agree with Ronnie Liu but hasn't talk to Ronnie Liu about this issue face to face.


Darick said...

Alexander Yeong,
u r welcom in regime racist arm-no main stream media ! those media who tell lies & lies only suit u well !
well done ! keep up ur excellent works for SJ & d nation !

Anonymous said...

To Alexander Yong,
You only see what's lacking in our community...what Hannah is doing is just as important, she's showing us what we can't see or didn't know

Her job involves identifying problems that we are unaware of as well as fixing problems that we are aware of

Keep it up Hannah!

limakoh said...

Subang Ria Park has been faught over many times over the year. The last one was before Hannah (DAP) won Subang seat. It was still under.. what his name (I chose to forget him) and it was the PEOPLE of Subang Jaya who put a stop to the development of the park into a commercial land with apartments and more shopping malls, and reduce the current size of the park. Regulars at the park even held a peaceful protest at the park. This highlighted the park’s issues

The People of Subang refused to let up with SIME and MPSJ (current President presided) and basically told them to buzz off. MPSJ was supposed to take care of the residence but during that meeting held in Holiday Villa, I sensed that MPSJ was with SIME! I was glad that we had very vocal people in the meeting and managed to stop the development.

I am glad that we now have an ADUN who does not sit on the fence and finally put the feelings of Subang resident in priority.


Sime UEP has earned so much from the development. It is degrading to know that Sime is a Malaysian Company with years of history. Perhaps the only way SIME is going to learn is to be punished in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,
Has anyone seen the proposed development blueprint? Are we actually losing the park or the park will be further upgraded? ie greener, added facilities for family, children activities etc, more safety features bla...bla... Can someone get the proper details, so that we can discuss it in a more informed manner.

Anonymous said...

We read The Star for its entertainment sections and most certainly not for any serious political news.


Anonymous said...

SJ is so over developed, just take a look at the condo mushroming next to the railway track at SS15, and the double triple highways that run and dissect the residential areas, SS18, 14, 17 and 15!
The condo are built on buffer zones, and the highway cut across right infront of your house.
And now the only green lung we have the "lake garden" is ear marked for more condo projects.
YB please stop the rot if you can, SJ used to be a nice place to live, and now it is yark!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the SJ is really overdeveloped and we need means to stop any further development, especally at SS16.
However, the sime proposal to upgrade the park could be a win win move. We cannot agree to all their development proposal, but maybe reduce the density to only villas for example. By this small trade off we all SJ residents could access to better recreational park with parking and better facilities based on their proposal (if they honour it). Just a view.
Secondly, we must stop any further development on SS16 as it is not beneficial at all and add more congestions. i used to cycle to parade last time, but now it is impossible with such traffic. There seems some plot of lands there in SS16 and it worries me everytime as it could be another development in the piepline.