Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walk for the Children

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday morning with the students of Sunway University College. I was told that more than 600 students signed up for this walk.
The objectives of the walk are:
1. Raise funds for the children from Harvest Center.
2. Create public awareness about Harvest Centre children who have not been given a chance to have proper education.
3. Develop and enhance the students of Sunway University School of Business and Law & School of Computer Technology's planning, organizational, interpersonal and communication skills in organizing this event.
4. Engage the community to participate and play a role in helping these children break away from poverty through education.
5. Instill moral values into the college students’ community in order to develop better and brighter future leaders.

In my speech, I encouraged these young leaders to keep doing good for their community and their effort to raise funds for education for the underprivileged children is truly commendable. The future of Malaysia lies in the hands of these young ones. I shared with them some cases of urban poverty in Subang Jaya and how when they walk for the children (to take them out of the cycle of poverty), they are also indirectly walking to fight crime.
This event is part of their compulsory moral studies. This ought to be the way for the moral syllabus in our education system. Practical steps must be taught and not how to score an A for your moral paper. I commend the lecturers involved for being creative and for being real educators. Moral values cannot be taught in a classroom, they are instilled and must be shown through the lives of the older ones. You lead by example. When students see moral values being practised by the government, lawmakers, enforcement officers, parents and teachers, only then will they truly learn about such values.
I've studied moral in school before. We were taught not to steal. When we grow up, we learn that corruption is a serious issue in Malaysia. Corruption involves stealing, taking money which rightfully does not belong to you. To teach moral effectively, the authorities need to show that they are serious in wiping out wrongdoings. Charge those who are guilty of stealing taxpayers' money. What you study in the classroom must be reflected in the news we read daily.

Well done students of Sunway University College. Keep walking for righteousness!


Anonymous said...

MP Hannah Yeoh you never fail to amaze me with your excellent performance. Im a great fan of yours and admire the simple but great things. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Moral education - I particularly like the part about not taking things that do not belong to you.

We really should make it mandatory for all our politicians to attend these courses.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Today's blog journal reminds me the below famous quote by John F. Kennedy.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Subang University students' walk demonstrate there are hopes in M'sia.

I can't agree with you more that education is THE KEY to bring under privilege kids and families out of the cycle of poverty.

There is another quote to share with your readers...Until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their story for them.

These students have right attitude towards the community they live in. We all know it is not your aptitude determines your altitude but a right attitude towards others that will set you apart from others.

Awesome leadership these students demonstrated. Glad that no one go to jail for a 600 people walk. This positive news is very encouraging.

I would like to close with Winston Churchill famous quote... "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

You are a great example of an elected officer that truly elected by the people and is for the people.

Keep up the great work YB.
Your supporter always.