Monday, August 17, 2009

Come and support our local boy!

18 year old Low Yee Ming, is a resident of USJ 5/3D and is taking a study break from Manchester UK to specifically attempt to break The Guinness World Record in Malaysia. He is a true bred Anak Subang Jaya and Anak Selangor.

The record breaking attempt will be officially witnessed by 2 persons, namely, Dato' Sieh Kok Chi (Sec-Gen Olympic Council Of Malaysia) and Dato' Yeoh Choo Hock (Vice Pres. FIBA Asia) including officials from Guinness World Records and official surveyors among others. The attempt will also be recorded by ESPN and NTV 7.

Date : 18 August (Tuesday) 2009
Time : 6pm
Venue: MPSJ Stadium Athletic Track

I will be there to support Yee Ming and I hope to see our Subang Jaya folks there too!

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Yeoh said...

Just a fortnight ago when this Mexican Abraham Munoz set a new world record in New York for the greatest distance balancing a football on his head by walking 4.44 km, little did he expect that his record will be broken in a town alien to him and billions of others called Subang Jaya.

Low Yee Ming, our kid in the block lives in USJ 5 in our neighbourhood. This young man really never gave up after his first attempt just 3 days ago was dashed when a gust of wind foiled his attempt. He has just walked 3.42 km on the 100 m track at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) running track in USJ 5. The wind might have blown off the ball from his forehead but his sheer determination was not blown in the wind. He considered the setback as temporary. In fact it had spurred him to be more determined to have another crack at bettering the current world record.

Last evening he decided to go for the world record again but based on the Hungry Ghost month weather conditions, he would do it this time in the early morning at 7am. So this morning he got up on the right side of the bed and with full spirit and a little prayer, he attempted the feat again. The rainy weather once again tried to dampen youngster's spirit but gave up just before the clock struck 8 to let this lass a chance to prove himself. His father, Sam Low his navigator was once again by his side every step of the way. Even if he gave up at this stage, he already has earned a place in our Malaysian Book of Records for his Tuesday's effort. Thinking global all the time and at an average of 90 seconds per 100 metres, he inched his way and walked himself into the new world record of 11.129 km at around 11am in front of a crowd of about 150 people I presumed should be close friends, relatives and supporters. He actually voluntarily stopped after having proven that he could do it. In fact he could have walked himself into history if he had continued on.

By the way, Low Yee Ming was a former SJK (C) Lick Hung and Sri KDU student and holds a Diploma in Sports Science from Manchester Metropolitan University in Britain. He didn't just wake up and created this world record. He has been training four hours daily for the past one year.

So our heartiest congratulations to Yee Ming, Anak Subang Jaya for making us proud that USJ has now gone global with this entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. Malaysia Boleh!!