Saturday, August 8, 2009

The unlevel playing field

I apologise to my readers for the brief silence. I have been unable to write for some days. I suppose the death of Beng Hock really took a toll on me. People told me before I ran for office that there would be a price to pay to be in politics. I never expected that a little more than a year since we took the State Government, I would lose a friend in such a manner. I was warned of that price, I just never expected it to be this heavy a price!

Justice for Beng Hock must be pursued not only by wearing some badges or gathering solemnly in remembrance of him. A life gone too soon. Beng Hock must be remembered each time you think of justice. Is justice obtainable in this land?

Critics sometimes live in illusion. They imagine a level playing field here in Malaysia. Last year, some of us offered ourselves to play in what others would term as a 'sure-lose' match, against a 50 year old defending champion. Taxpaying spectators demand for a good match. Not everyone realises that there is no level playing field. The goal post is tilted on one side. The linesmen are used to seeing the defending champion lead the match. The referee feels indebted to the defending champion. The spectators are frustrated with the quality of the game. Why are the players constantly delaying the match by 'politicking' and screaming at each other? Don't they realise that time is ticking away? It's a dirty field. The field is terribly uneven. The main media sponsor only focuses on the defending champion attempting to score goals and when the greenhorn misses. Players are seen protesting - one of our team mates collapses on the field. We can't continue the game this way. We first need to fight for a level playing field.

It is no longer just a dirty field, it is a dangerous field! I'm bracing myself and my team for possible attacks on us. It can come in so many ways. All I'm asking of the spectators is this: you will know it when it comes and when it does come, ask yourself this - is there a level playing field?


Scarlet Sight said...

I remember the movie starring Stephen Chow entitled "Hail the Judge" where the story revolves around him as the role of the descendant of Justice Bao.

His dying father's last words of advice to the protagonist is "Corrupt officials are sneaky. Just just officials have to be even more sneakier. Else you would not be able to compete against the corrupt officials." (Not sure of the appropriate word to substitute the cantonese "kan", hence sneaky)

My view is that if you know you are in a dirty field, more so a dangerous field where the stakes are high, you need to preempt & anticipate the move of opposing forces. Hope this helps.

Eyes Wide Open said...

Psalm 138
Of David.

I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
before the "gods" I will sing your praise.
I will bow down toward your holy temple
and will praise your name
for your love and your faithfulness,
for you have exalted above all things
your name and your word.

When I called, you answered me;
you made me bold and stouthearted.

May all the kings of the earth praise you, O LORD,
when they hear the words of your mouth.

May they sing of the ways of the LORD,
for the glory of the LORD is great.

Though the LORD is on high, he looks upon the lowly,
but the proud he knows from afar.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
you preserve my life;
you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes,
with your right hand you save me.

The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me;
your love, O LORD, endures forever—
do not abandon the works of your hands.

Hidup Malaysia! said...

YB, just want to say a simple Thank You! Truly grateful there are still people like you in this country.

audie61 said...

There are so many ways BN can attack and try to derail you from your momentum.Its never a LEVEL playing field and Pakatan also need the ones who knows the local politics in order to wrestle some states. In West Malaysia the dessimation of information is so much easier but in Sarawak as they say only in Urban areas. Its a start for Pakatan in Sarawak but BN is stil light years away. Anything is achievable though.Never say never.But one needs to know the composition of all the 71 State seats and what a vast state this is.Do drop by my blog sometimes..

Jadelyn said...

It is indeed not a pleasant place to be in. However you have choose to make a difference is these land for our the future generation, and for that I am sure God will provide and cover you with His blood.
We malaysian of all religion and race need to come forward and pray for this country, and the leaders of these country. Malaysia needs more God fearing leader.
If I can be of encouragement in words, I believe you may be in the minority but your action is making a difference in this land

Gan said...

I feel your pain & frustration over Beng Hock's wrongful death and the evil that lies awaiting.

I will pray that God will keep you strong & safe to do greater things for this country and her people.

USJ Resident said...

There is no level playing field here or in other parts of the globe.. stick it to them, Hannah

We are 100% behind you!

u9 said...

You, too, can make the same fundamental mistake of trying too hard to change this place. There is a cycle into everything, just like a time for everything; it is how nature corrects herself. When times are good, people minds idle and evil crept in. And if the time now is evil, there is always a reason for the existent of someone, like yourself, who is or has chosen to shine and play on an uneven playing field. So to be that salt of the earth. Things might not improve much in your time line. But then, the rewards is sometimes not here or now; sometimes, not even yours...and I guess you don't mind that too. So don't wait for a level playing field. Just play with the knowledge that in evil times the good usually triumphs. At least, statistically proven. :)

Christian Fellowship of Subang Jaya said...

We love and thank you, for all that you have done for us. Our prayers are with you, and we know God will carry you through. Thank You

Darick said...

Rakyat got eye to see & got heart to feel who's good & who's not !
corrupted regime racist arm-no days r numbered ! regime is desprate for his political survival.
d whole nation is behind PR gomen !
go for it & topple regime arm-no by nex GE ! only by then m'sia got a new HOPE !

bayi said...

Many of us know the odds and are quite happy with the performance of our reps, despite what the BN machinery portrays.

The Lord be with you and those who uphold what is right.

Amelia said...

Yes, it is a dangerous field out there and the odds are seemingly stacked against you and your people. But we have been seeing God in the months from long past overturn and expose conspiracies; God has many times confounded those who thought they had got their dirty act together...they opened their mouths and...ooops...I bet even they were stumped at what they said! Shining examples: CJ Zaki when he put his foot in his mouth and the various shady characters in the Sodomy II case. God sees and He knows it all. Do the wicked and corrupt think they can outwit the living God??! Psalm 73 is thus so comforting: "Surely You place them (the wicked and corrupt ones) on slippery ground; You cast them down to ruin. How suddenly are they destroyed, completely swept away by terror....but as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Lord my refuge..." (v 18 -19, 28.)

My dear ADUN, You have courageously chosen to "swim" against the tide and that brave decision can only come with character. Yes, it is always easier to flow WITH the tide...but remember, dead fish flow easiest with the tide and can not swim against it. I thank God for your young and courageous life.Remember, Psalm 37: 5 - 6 is for you! Amen.

Masjid Annur said...

Thank you for the visit to our mosque. You may want to view some of the pictures I've up-loaded.

Thank you, ma'am.

svllee said...

Hello Hannah,

Thank you for making that Change, as Barack Obama so eloquently stated. Indeed, the field is unlevel, and filled with buried landmines all over..

The just and justice will prevail in the end.

FY said...

ADUN Hannah,

I understand your frustration and desperation over the death of a colleague and this is felt by the majority of Malaysians.

Only those senseless Malaysians without a heart and soul will feel otherwise. A life is a life and in this country there are human beings who treat their fellow human beings as barbarians.

However, one day they will come face to face with their almighty.

Those responsible for TBH's death did not realise that one day their loved ones can face similar conditions.The world is quite fair.

The playing field in Malaysia is definitely not level and the game is played under UMNO rules.

Anyway, I am proud that there are more and more young Malaysians like you who would stand out from the crowd and be counted and this is where all of you can definitely make the DIFFERENCE.

A true Malaysian said...


I share the same sentiment. We must ensure justice for Beng Hock. No other way.

Present Value said...

There is no level playing field in this country's is an ocean out there.

Thank you for taking the bold step forward and making changes happen.

Learn the rule of the game, and at times, if jungle rule has to be the theme, so be it...just for survival & move on towards greater war which may take many years to realise our aspirations.

This is just the beginning, once The Challengers can proof their worth and ethics against the defending Champ, spectators and punters will place their bet on the Challenger.

mengkungchng said...

Dear Hannah,

Righteousness exalts a nation.

Focus on this principle of God and you won't go wrong.Remember God will lighten your load when yours is a righteous one.Don't carry every burden as if they are yours to carry alone.

Read inspiring episodes of Eric Liddel, John Hudson Taylor, Watchman Nee, William Wilberfore, Martin Luther and such personalities to help you dig deep into God's plan for you.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other will fall unto you.

I will always remember you and your loved ones including your assistants in my prayer.

kj's supporter said...

i really feel for you hannah are a really good person.

the reality is there will never be a level playing field anywhere in the world when it comes to government. No government will even up the field so that the opposition can stand a chance taking over. This is politics.

dont give up....if you have a good heart and noble intentions....fight on...

denzook said...

TBH death has revealed so many ugly side of malaysians being apathy, ignorant, insensitive and selfishness. these bastards have the cheek to delude that the deceased committed suicide and when this fails they changed the story to triads and gangsters. bastards, these people are real bastards.

Anonymous said...

Judgement day will come eventually and for those linesmen, referees and players including officials, they will have a report card and one day, that report card will be read out loud and clear.
Please keep up the good work.

The Skatemusicianer said...

Stand firm, Hannah, especially on His promises and Word, because it IS relevant to this situation, and even to our country itself. Righteousness and justice may seem elusive, but we will trust trust trust that He keeps things in order.

2 Cor 4:9

a voter said...

Despite of the MSM's spinning & praising, all I heard was "wait till next GE & we will vote them out”, with Khir Toyo’s palace and TBH’s death, the voices came from more people and louder.

May God bless you and your team.

NotAsBraveAsYou said...

Thank you for your bravery to serve the people. And also to your colleagues.

You and your team unwavering commitments are very much appreciated.


KoSong Cafe said...

In addition to having bias referee and linesmen, BN players play with boots on, has a smaller goal mouth on their side; while PR players go without boots, have a bigger goal mouth on theirs.

Taukeleh said...

In politics, the playing field will never ever be level. The ones in control will make full use of the resources to build their fortress. Fall, will not, they think. But, all powers and authorities are from God, He can take them away. Babylon, Roman Empires, Hitler, Ganghis Khan, Napoleon, strong conquerers and invisible, they may seem to be. This is just the beginning, the worst had yet to come. God is still in control. Apostles were martyred, early church fathers were, lay believers, too. Yet, never in vain. May God be your mighty fortress, Hannah.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there ... the People and the Rakyat will remember Perak and Beng Hock at the next election ...

BN is a gone ...

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Hannah. For someone who has not been praying, I'll start to pray again because of you and what who stand for

traveleo said...

This seems to be more a sermon (judging from the hymns and quotes from the Bible) - not that its bad or anything...

But perhaps fellow commenter's would like to take into account that Hannah's constituents also profess different religions / do not profess any religion and be mindful about this?

Anyway back to your post - in my humble opinion, it's never been a level playing field and it will never be a level playing field. It all boils down to the cultural history of feudalism and patronisation that is so ingrained in the Asian culture. It will never change overnight.

I dare say that Pakatan will also use whatever resources within their means / control to quell / curb dissenting views and opinions (to what extend is debatable of course), if it were the government of the present day.

Anyway the bottom line is this - do the right thing, do it in a blameless manner and you'll sleep soundly at night.

You're doing a great job and I'm sure many of us in your constituency agree as well. Just keep your eyes open and your records straight and not provide a slightest chance of fault picking by your foes.

Daniel said...

In democracy, it is said that rakyat is the boss and government is the employee.

Now the boss is seriously unhappy and not satisfied with this employee...

Why can't the boss fire him? Why the boss have to follow everything/anything the employee request although seriously not happy with it? Rakyat is the boss isn't it?

Anonymous said...


UMNO is targeting DAP using MCCA and media like Utusan. UMNO is sly and cunning and will determine to bring down PR using DAP. They will sow distrust between DAP and PAS. That is the project by UMNO to take away the prize.
Just look at the recent events and comments made by UM NO gangsters

3rd dimension said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh,
First time you are using football terms to descripe the scene, well, you need advice from ManU coach to know how to stay for sooo long.
Just like Jet li said in interview, after so close to death in sunami, you just realise how short your life can be and you must do the thing you want to do before you go. Then your life is worth something.
Don't worry, do what you want to do and your life will be meaningful!

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,
The whole country's watching how the coroner tribunal resolves the sudden death of your colleague Beng Hock to their satisfaction. Gobind and his team are not light weight lawyers either. The PR coalition does not enjoy a level playing field as so many incidents illustrated but that is not the end of the world because the vast majority of the residents are still solidly behind you. We pray you continue to do the rightful things.

True Malaysian & USJ Resident said...

YB Hannah,

Be patience and strong. Most remarkable and outstanding achievements have this similarity. You have done a great job and i congratulate you and admire your leadership! I and my wife voted for you and mind you, your credential then was not very convincing, we all simply wanted a change. However you have kept your good work and the next election, you will have a strong record & credential! You can surely count on our vote! Please do not be disheartened by TBH case, (as we all are) but i think he did not die without any cause. If any, he has become a martyr and a reminder for all in the next general election. As a Malaysian, your constituency voter and neighbour, i salute you! You should try for MP next election! All the best!

Raison D'etre said...


Don't lose hope or faith in that there are those who are forever looking for a better Malaysia.

These will continue to back selfless leaders.

Alas, (and sadly for the country) there are that many to look up to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
I voted for you though you did look kinda young but I thought, firstly, anything but BN will be the choice and secondly, Fong Poh Kuan did it in my hometown in Batu Gajah, why not you? You have done a really great job, I have seen you out nd about beyong functions more times in one year than three years of the old BN rep. I cannot expect you to do miracles, I just expect you to do your best and you have done a truly great job. My family and I will always stand behind you and we have 4 voters in one family alone.