Friday, October 23, 2009

A(H1N1) and tremors

Recently I visited the family of the teacher of SMK USJ 12 who passed away suddenly because of A(H1N1). I handed a cheque of RM2500 pledged from my annual allocation to the mother of the late teacher. Mr Chim of Subang Jaya Buddhists Association (SJBA) was present together with me and he too presented a token from the devotees of SJBA. The family is still very saddened by the sudden demise and I encouraged them to remain strong to face the days ahead. Even though we do not read much about A(H1N1) in the media recently, I do urge all residents to continue to exercise caution and to practice good hygiene.
While I was still at the house of the late teacher, I received news about the tremors felt by residents of Angsana flats in USJ 1 as a result of the earthquake in Indonesia. I rushed to the site immediately. Some residents were afraid and they gathered at the car park for more information and instructions.

Members of Jawatankuasa Penduduk Zone 4 (JKP) led by MPSJ councillor En Roslan Shahir were present together with the rescue team from MPSJ, bomba, police, developer and also staff of MPSJ from Jabatan Bangunan.

Yang Dipertua of MPSJ also arrived and we jointly visited the flats. No apparent cracks were found by Jabatan Bangunan of MPSJ.

We set up some canopies at the car park for the residents in the event of further tremors (thankfully none!). I have also spoken to OSC councillor Roslan Shahir to consider and discuss the technical requirement for future developments in view of earthquakes in neighbouring countries.

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Go to Earthquake Website and get some material regarding what to do when ground start to shake. Local Council should print some phamplets and give to the residents. Or make use or Resident Committees. Also teach them some basic first aid.