Monday, October 12, 2009

"No comment"

Last Thursday, I called for a press conference together with devotees of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association on the promised pedestrian bridge at Persiaran Kewajipan. Persiaran Kewajipan is under the jurisdiction of JKR (a federal agency). This issue was first published during the campaign time for the General Elections 2008. Read about the promise made here. After the elections, residents of Subang Jaya (who are still paying income tax to the Federal Government!) were only given a "No Comment" reply when they asked for the promised pedestrian bridge.
Suicide road
Reported in the Malay Mail on Friday, October 9th, 2009. See reports in NST, Sinar Harian and The Star.

THE Subang-Kelana Link has never ceased to spark controversy. The latest, when the Public Works Department (PWD) failed to keep its word in building a pedestrian bridge along Persiaran Kewajipan, Subang promised to Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) members Subang Jaya State assemblyman, Hannah Yeoh said an official letter had been sent to Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) by PWD to confirm that a bridge to connect SS13 and SS14 would be built. However, PWD allegedly decided to pull the plug a few months ago to the dissatisfaction of residents.

“On Feb 18, 2008, a letter was sent to MPSJ indicating that a pedestrian bridge would be built to accommodate SJBA devotees and its neighbour, a Hindu temple.But they decided not to build the bridge and when we asked for an explanation, they only said ‘no comment,’” Yeoh said.

Meanwhile, SJBA chairman, Chim Siew Choon said many devotees found it difficult to cross the road after the opening of the link.

“The link was supposed to make the road less congested but it’s getting worse. We're just concerned with the safety of residents, especially senior citizens and children.

There were cases where devotees had been knocked down. We don’t want to wait until something fatal occurs for us to open our eyes,” he said.

Subang Jaya resident, Claire Chan, 71, said that it used to be easy for her to visit the association before the link was built. As construction progressed, the difficulties started.

“I believe that people can die anytime, anywhere, but I am an old lady devoted to my religion and I want to go there as often as I can.Back then, it was easy for me to travel on my own by cycling across the street but with the heavy traffic congestion, I now have to cross the busy road three times. I am in my 70s, how am I supposed to use the pedestrian bridge located so far away?” she said.

Another resident, Cheah Suan Cheng, 70, agreed, saying it took her more than an hour to reach the association each time from her home.

“I stay in USJ1 and it's really near the association. But the traffic is unbearable. Last Sunday, many of us were caught in a traffic jam where we had to spend 45 minutes to an hour to get to our destination. The link does not help the congestion at all, it's only making it worse,” she said.
Yeoh said: “The main issue is, they've promised us. We want PWD to honour its promise. If it can spend so much on building the stretch, what's a pedestrian bridge going to cost?”Chim said the association is planning to take the matter further with a signature campaign which will be presented to Public Works Minister, Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

“So far, we’ve obtained more than 850 signatures and we expect to get more than a thousand by the end of the week. We’re willing to go that far to get PWD to reconsider the plan,” he said.

Together with devotees of SJBA at Persiaran Kewajipan


Anonymous said...

All the best in ur pursue! Really pray tat the bridge wud b up asap for the ppl...God bless! =)

Mariel Nonis said...

So proud of everything you are doing, Hannah, even though I'm not even from Subang! I will this issue in my prayers, may God bless you in all your endeavours! Xx

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,
I am glad that SJBA members get help from you. From photos, seem many members are elderly and seeking your help mean a lot.
As a Buddhist, this is an important issue to me. I hope YB is capable of solving the problem. If PWD really ignored the promise, that means decision of political influence by the federal. Anyway, I believe MPSJ has the capability to carry the job for residents convenient should PWD chose to ignore. Wish you did well.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
I have no more comment on opening up any new road or exit or any other conveniences. In USJ area many of the conveniences were being block and seal by the community which I think is really a nuisance.
To make thing worst they seal up the path which I used everyday in front of my house to the garden by fencing up and they purposely put a taller pole right in front of my house with an angle which will affect my house fengshui.
I have told a few of the committee members that I couldn’t breath since they started sealing off the road at my area(I have a medical bill for RM800.00 to proof and which show I have no medical problem) and now I have to seek a psychology which I think is too expensive for me.
I am worry they are pushing me to commit suicides.
I have told a few of the committee members about my real situation and I have requested them to have the road open for convenience and dont wait until any emergency happen.
I am very glad that Mr. Vijay listened to my problem and has actually come to take a look at the place. I am still waiting for good news from him.
I have lost my appetite, no mood to tend my garden, I couldnt sleep and I am feeling depress even in my HOME SWEET HOME.

My email :

allurban said...


It is quite sad that the JKR does not seem to be interested in the bridge across Pers. Kewajipan.

My guess is that the contract for Ahmad Zaki only specified that they rebuild the old bridge (which they did) and I bet that the area of the Buddhist temple is conveniently outside of the construction area.

Hence the area is in limbo. And do not forget the bridge that was supposed to be built across Persiaran Kewajipan between SS12 and SS15.

Many college students and children from Sri KL cross that road and their safety has to be considered as well.

My only hope is that MPSJ will bite the bullet and build the bridges. You can send the bill to JKR or start fundraising for the bridges.

Im happy to contribute what I can so MPSJ can go ahead and do build the bridges instead of waiting for the JKR to keep their promise.

Kind Regards

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
Petaling Jaya

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,

Where to go if we want to put our signature in support of the call to build a pedestrian bridge?

Anonymous said...

i am so amazed by everything that you have done and what you are doing. wish you all the best. you will definitely change our society...

Darick said...

Off course JKR 'no komen' bcos their master corrupted regime racist umno instructed them 'silent lap dog!'
their silent will end when PR form d fed.gomen in nex GE !

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hanna Yeoh,
I had requested you to give comments on the implications of fencing community since months ago. The worry is that fencing community fast growing numbers. I am glad one comment posted in against it, so am I. Believe me, there are big silent majority in Subang Jaya and USJ againts this idea. Social mobility curtailed as I posted my comments before. Public parks turn into private parks. Roads are blocked. These are very wrong and unlawful.
I share opinion with some residents here and study the reasons behind it. Look at the role play by middle persons are from security guard company in getting approval apart from residents committee. The guard company lobby to residents committee and push the approval to MPSJ. These guard company are expert in getting approval. In addition to this, the residents committee never get full mandate from residents, a fact!

Kelvin Lim