Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hannah Yeoh raps lackadaisical senior civil servants

During the State Assembly session last week, I was annoyed with the lack of attendance by some head(s) of department(s). When assemblymen raised issues pertaining to the different constituencies in Selangor, no answers or in some cases, no satisfactory answers were given to us. At one point, I even heard an officer snoring away. Changing of government without changing the civil service is equivalent to winning half the battle only. I would like to see actions taken on non-performing mayors, district officers, directors and staff. No one serving the public should ever be indispensable if they neglect public interest.

The Star, 16 Nov 2009: Hannah Yeoh raps lackadaisical senior civil servants

SHAH ALAM: A state representative is not happy that many questioned asked at the state assembly sitting have been given the cursory answer of “sedang dikaji” or “akan dikaji” (will be looked into or is being looked into).

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said all of the questions asked were of importance to the people and senior civil servants should ensure that they were given due importance.

“Questions put forward in the state assembly at times need quick answers as they concern the people. Most of the times the answer we get from senior civil servants are either akan dikaji or sedang dikaji.

“This does not reflect well on the department concerned and the state government,” said Yeoh.She also wants senior civil servants to make sure that they did not miss the sitting so that questions about their departments could be replied to speedily.

They should also make sure that they are well-versed with issues affecting the state and their departments so that they will not be caught flat-footed when required to supply answers to questions, she added.

Yeoh also expressed concern about the public’s negative perception of senior officers and their lackadaisical attitude when attending the state assembly.

“Senior officers must attend the sittings and not give it a miss. Most of the time we see that the senior officers are missing from their seats,” she said.


Mak Meng Chin said...

Mak Meng Chin

I totally agree with you. I always notice that officers snoring away at MPSJ full board meeting. I wonder what's the need to have so many officers/staffs at the MPSJ full board meeting.

I also fully agree that non performing YDPs, Pengarah and senior staff should be made answerable when they are not performing upto the standard required of them. For example, I know of uncollected assessment as high as RM58 million at local council?

Are they performing?? Definitely not. Do they need to be replaced?? Definitely need to be replaced next year if they do not buck up.

Thank you for keeping up the good work.

Anonymous said...

These officers should be put on the carpet and given a dress down by the MB. They still think the BN is in piower. If you still get the same answer, do not be polite but rebuke them on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Our civil service is the last refuge of the tens of thousands of unemployable graduates, hence their attitude.

Anonymous said...

Betul YB, all the mediocre are elevated to run most of the government department, something must be done, apple polisher, those without balls, connection with political party must not be allowed to be up there. But those selecting the people must be equally capable lah or otherwise 2x5 and 5x2.
Stand for justice and truth and always remember that national interest supersede everything those who can't follow just quit or get someone with guts to kick them.
Habis lah negeri ku macam ini...hit them YB!!!

Chan Yan Hoong said...


I agreed with you 100% The non-performing civil servants should be replaced. Don't the state government or municipal councils review their staff performance annually?

Hannah, please do not be discourage, okay? You are doing a good job. May the Lord gives you strength and wisdom so that you can soar high like an eagle.

God bless.

Chan, Yan Hoong

Gan said...


I agree with your observation.

Ruling the state without fixing the civil service is akin to having "musuh dalam selimut".

Tough decision & action but doing nothing is amounting to harakiri.

Sean said...

Get them on a public issue tracking system! I keep asking Pakatan Rakyat to start doing this. It seems like a natural progression from the advantage you all won from blogging. Let's see what happens to all the issues that are raised - see how fast different offices deal with them. It'll very quickly become apparent where the slackers are.

How do you track the progress of different tasks at the moment - just use a list and poll for updates at meetings? I feel fairly sure there should be enough 'concerned nerds' that you would even be able to get something going as an open source project.

Turtle said...

Wow! open source progress tracking and performance reporting system. That is going to chill the nerve of each and every civil servant. Half of them will have nightmare every night and die within 6 months.

That is, if you have the power and political will to fire them with only 3 months notice like everyone else.

mycuntree said...

My dear Hanna,

Your observations of "senior officers....." or their standard answers to questions raised is not going to end anytime soon. Not by complaining to them about it or your statements that they should be "this" or "that".

If you seriously want them to get off their butts, you have to relentlessly follow up with them for definitive answers when they are evasive or vague about them.

For those officers who favours the disappearing act during sittings, their attendance should be confirmed prior to the sittings, and if they are unable to do so, written and valid reason/s must be obtained.

Otherwise you can continue to complain about such behaviour till the cows come home and it still will not work even after you have retired from politics.

Julian said...

Senior civil servants - there are those who truly deserve the sack. However, thinking back to 1982 when I started, their attitudes then and now have changed for the worse.

I reckon a myriad of reasons have caused tihs deterioration and really stems from their seniors and the need to "toe" the line.

It was leadership at it's worst as the "G" scale and upwards were instructed to carry out or even to ignore specifics in dealing with the public. I do know many were reluctant to implement decisions which they personally felt unreasonable as it went against human decency.

The erosion has led to hardheartedness which over time is camouflaged behind the red tape. Needless to say it also hid ignorance of the general orders.

There is not much anyone can do really until the service bottoms out and it's effects are felt not only by the private sector but by the public servants themselves.

Apologies for the negativity but what you stand for is really worthwile and I salute you for your efforts and your perseverance.

Joseph Yeow said...

The civil servants are very active workers....especially they hangout in mamak shop for a whole day!

Joseph said...

Dear Hannah

The Pakatan Rakyat S.A. reps and the exco must have the will to do it.

SACK, AXE, FIRE..whatever term you want to use, if you mean business and fire a few, the rest will get it. If you do need people to take over their positions there are many who are willing as long as the Selangor govt has the will to do so.

So many of use in private sector are willing to work for the state govt provided the overhaul is in place.

I am one of them.