Friday, November 13, 2009

Home Ministry and UMNO MPs leave me speechless

The recent remarks made by and on behalf of the Home Ministry are appalling. Read Crime Index Up Because Police More Effective and Hishammuddin: Demonisation of police main cause of high crime rate.

Because of concerns for crime, residents all over Klang Valley are beginning to look to gated & guarded schemes for a solution. At a recent townhall session in Ampang conducted by the State Government, I had reiterated that any discussion on gated & guarded must involve the police and the Home Ministry for two simple reasons : (1) security is under the purview of the Home Ministry and (2) security companies must be registered with the Home Ministry. It would be futile to engage in any discussion without them because they are the governing body for this matter.

Some people claim that Pakatan Rakyat has caused the emergence of gated & guarded. Such claims are puzzling and these claimants are plainly ignorant. Some gated & guarded schemes have started in USJ for about 10 years now. When residents initiate gated & guarded schemes, they usually invite me to their briefing session (even though I am not a Member of Parliament - security and Home Ministry are at the federal level while I handle matters at the State level) and as a responsible elected representative, it is my duty to meet the residents and listen to their concerns. When I show up to meet the residents, some people will then claim that I am endorsing wrongdoing because barricading road without the consent of the authority is illegal.
Very recently I attended a consultation session with MPSJ councillors, representatives from every section in USJ and USJ Residents' Association. We had an extensive dialogue going through the current guidelines prepared by Lembaga Perumahan dan Hartanah Selangor and the challenges faced by these groups. We concluded the discussion with the decision for every group to submit the details and plans of their gated & guarded schemes to the Infrastructure and OSC committees in MPSJ for their consideration and careful study.

After the dialogue, I was surprised to find this malicious article entitled Politicising 'fear-in-your-own-home' published in Malaysiakini. Even though I was not specifically named in this article, it was clear that I was the person referred to by the writer. The writer was more interested in criticising me than to discuss on the real issue at hand which is security. Some remarks in the article are untrue and some were taken completely out of context, inserting some of my remarks and purposefully and conveniently excluding the rest. I contacted Malaysiakini and asked for the details of the writer for me to reply to but there was no response. For now, I will not reply to an anonymous writer. I understand full well that public figures will be subject to criticisms but the criticisms should be constructive and true, not misleading and fictitious.

Residents all over DUN Subang Jaya who have worked with me for the last 19 months know full well that I am not a person who likes to politicise matters. I have endeavoured at all times to cooperate with Federal agencies to work for the best interests of residents.

There is a serious need to regulate on the many security companies providing such services. Look at these conditions : Syarat-Syarat Pengambilan Pengawal Keselamatan dan Syarikat Kawalan Keselamatan di bawah Kementerian Dalam Negeri:
(a) pengawal keselamatan
- Lulus tapisan keselamatan dari Polis
- Tidak berumur melebihi 60 tahun
- Bekas polis atau tentera
- Tidak dibenarkan secara kontrak
- Bagi warga asing - hanya bekas tentera warganegara Nepal dibenarkan

(b) Syarikat kawalan keselamatan
- Dilesenkan di bawah Seksyen 2 (a)
- Hendaklah Syarikat Sdn Bhd
- Modal berbayar RM300,000-00
- Pegangan saham syarikat - Bumiputera sebanyak 70%

I have discussed the issue of gated & guarded with my fellow assemblymen from other constituencies all over Selangor and we're working on improving the current guidelines. In the current State Assembly sitting, I have suggested to the State Government to have an emergency meeting with the Home Minister as soon as possible. I make my stand very clear here again : gated & guarded schemes must not be a permanent solution for crime. It is only a temporary measure (maybe 5 years) for the police force to improve and increase resources for urban areas.

I have also been waiting for a long time to hear what the Home Ministry and Federal Government have to say about gated & guarded. Lo and behold, they finally spoke up and brace yourself to hear their responses at Parliament:

.....Pertamanya gated community ini adalah untuk exclusivity. Keduanya, Yang Berhormat Ipoh Timur saya minta perhatikan ini kadang-kadang mereka ini mahukan exclusivity, kerana ada salesman yang datang bawa lori, hantar tong gas, jual tilam. Ini adalah sebahagian daripada sebab kenapa gated community ini wujud..... Read the longer text here.


.....Ini “gated, gated, gated”. Berapa ramai sekarang ini yang bukan sahaja “gated,” rumah pakai electric gate. This is a trend, dengan izin, it is not because of the security problem kadang-kadang lembu pun pakai gate. Fahamlah sikit..... Read the longer text here.

I do not know how to make these UMNO MPs and the Home Minister understand the residents' concerns. They do not even understand the basic reason why residents are turning to gated & guarded schemes, let alone expect them to beef up the police force and restore a sense of security for Malaysians. My hope for a safer Malaysia remains a hope.


peter leow said...

first, raise all allowances for ADUNs of Selangor like you officially as you did perform!!

Next raise all the salaries of Police, so thta more people will want to join police force, and as long as they are well paid, many more good and capable Malaysians will consider it as a career.

Just raise the salaries of the police, remove all the gates in your house as longas the police do a very good job, you could live without a grill, any gate!!

Turn these iron grills to money and pay the police for the good work they guarded us!

stephen chow said...

I don;t really 100% support gated. It really cause some inconvenient to people. Some of the section has play ground or garden, when people want to visit those facilites, either have to make a BIG round. Some people might want to view some houses for some reason like intend to buy.

The only benefit is the resident of that gated areas. But these roads are belong to PUBLIC and not resident.

We do understand crime rate is increasing and more daring. That is the police job and Home Ministry job.

Hopefully, more police force in place and make sure they do their jobs. Having number does not means effective.

Semut said...

Kerismuddin is slowly building up a rock solid reputation for being ... stupid. :)

YB Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan said...

Thank you YB Hannah for referring to my comments in parliament re:crime in Malaysia. I have posted an article in my blog as well. Do pay a visit so you can have a more balanced biew of what transpired in the debate.


Rahman Dahlan

Anonymous said...

If the police does its duty well, there is no need for gated housing area. The gated area is the residents' response to the poor performance of the police. If you can't trust the police to protect you, you better find ways to protect yourself. So stay in gated area.

priyan said...

Well i'm sure the police are doing their job but they need more personnel as crime rate is just too high for them to handle. Even at the SS13 night market there are people selling gold chains and mobile phones out of their pockets. If nothing is being done by the government then god bless us all!

Anonymous said...

dear yb hannah

the below comment was posted too to yb pua and that kota belud guy's blog... :-

Anonymous said...
have seen kota belud's "response". here's my take on this:-

1) he said kota belud not undersiege. he admitted/agreed that pj utara is. therefore, he reasoned that "to say Malaysians are living in constant fear as if the criminals were running the country is unacceptable". he has to see the WHOLE OF MALAYSIA in turmoil before he agrees to the reality/graveness of the situation.

2) kota belud also offers "Is it getting out of hand and is Malaysia utterly unsafe? Of course not.". again, refer to (1) above. kota belud agrees to only this much - "Malaysia as a whole is not crime-infested, PJ Utara is!!"
he is emphasising that urban and major towns/cities are the only ones with trouble and that his kota belud is a safe place, as it were, to live in. therefore, whatever LKS ot TNC ot TP say is not true. or not entirely true. the situation is not as bad as we thought it is, he claims.

3) kota belud also thinks along the way of development in provisions and infrastructures (e.g. more cctv, more money, more manpower etc for the police force) but he stops real far from saying that the most important "development" in the police is THEIR F-KING ATTITUDE towards their duty. whatever happened to the IPCMC? bring that back and you have, through a painful but necessary evolution, a sterling police force. now with the correct-correct-correct judiciary, anything goes. i heard rm100,000 is all it takes to amend a section39b charge to a more friendly 39a. for those of u who do not know what are 39a and 39b, go look it up. it makes a whole world of difference.

4)kota belud also suggests that vehicle theft (which according to him makes up 50% of the crime index) is NOT a crime that should worry us all; and so therefore, according to kota belud, LKS or TNC or TP or all opposition politicians (he did not mention us normal malaysian citizens) are blowing things out of proportion - all this just to discredit the govt. yes, we, ordinary malaysians, are lamenting that we do not feel safe; that we, ordinary malaysians, do not trust the police that much really; we are actually doing all these just to discredit the government. kota belud is government. the rest of us are not. so, we better shut the F up. in a way, if we do not have anyting nice to say about the government, or any of its agencies, we had better shut up.

kota belud is taking a cue bush - either u're with us or u're with the enemy. guess who's the enemy?

5) i'd like to anwer his question in the last para - "So the question is how do we manage it.".

my simple answer consists only of five simple letters in the alphabet. it's easy, really. to kota belud, repeat after me...


there u go, boy. it's easy ain't it?

not the show-piece SCC (it's useless). we're talking about IPCMC. not cctvs alone, not more money/grants/provisions alone. not manpower alone.

go ask any malaysians (non-umno members). go ask even mca, mic, gerakan - privately (u know they dont dare to rub big-bro-bully-umno the wrong way; not publicly anyway).

ask ordinary (non-politician) malaysians on the streets.

then go ask your conscience. forget musang hasan for a while. we know he holds some pretty incriminating evidence re that-late-woman-whom-we-shall-not-name against your boss - that slimeball.

take off that umno facade/baggage/burden that u r carrying, for a moment. hide in a toilet, have some privacy. then search deep deep into your conscience.

and ask that question - will IPCMC help the police force? and us malaysians in general?


Darrylkhoo said...

Dear Priyan,
Have u ever tried to make a police report on crimes in your neighbourhood?
If u have, u should be familiar with the following phrases.
- This is the **** case for this month and is always happening in this area (if you know, why r u not doing anything)
- U can make a report but there's nothing much we can do about it

Don't u think this is sickening to see such negative reaction! Sometimes, i don't think it is due to lack of police personnel but due to the character of those in the police force. What compelled them to join the force? Interest in police work or lack of job? Or maybe the sight of easy money obtained from those unsanctioned roadblocks at deserted roads where u can easily get some pocket money.

Nee Sern said...

Police are understaffed and wrongly distributed (only 7% of the police force is dedicated to criminal investigations!).

On a local level, do we have jurisdiction for local policing?

Anonymous said...

There have been 3 breaks in within 3 consecutive weeks in SS15/?D. The crime was done approx 10am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon. At one occasion, the opposite neighbour saw something was not right and call SJ police, he said that he saw some guys entered the house and it look fishy, the police said "Takpelah, mungkin saudara dia tuuu". Lost a CRV. I do feel that gated community is a good implementation to deter if not to eliminate crimes.

Anonymous said...

Peter Leow why don't you sell your house and pay the police for the good work they do for you?

There is a real crisis with security in all residential areas.

The police MUST BUCK UP. I do not foresee they are doing anything towards this until the recommendation of RCI on the Police Commission is implemented. It's not just raising salaries. Even you raise salaries there will still be corruption and no action taken.

Change the Federal Goverment to make change for the better!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hanna, but after reading the article i have to agree with the writer.

Now, don't get emotional, i know it's a hard job for you, but that's why we voted for you right? To serve us with the utmost quality? Sometimes you (and most of your Pakatan colleagues) find it very easy to blame the past government for any 'misery' that you have inherited. It's becoming a broken record for you guys.

The 'Gated' issue is something that you have to tackle in a more intelligent manner not just put it as under the purview of such and such only. If it IS under their purview, shouln't YOU as the elected rep fight, toil, RARGHH! all the way so that they will splurge their personnels to Subanag Jaya to protect us and we the people will benefit your super hardwork? Isn't THAT what's you're suppposed to do? Don't you think your lack of political savvy to endure this or any problems in your const with a good result as being simply poor?
Instead of being emo and jumping at the first sign of 'undesirable' comments by anybody and even to the extend of claiming it's 'Malicious', you should take into your professionalism as an elected rep to tackle the bull by the horns and make better for all of us who voted for you! Surely we didn't vote a meekly weak rep who whines and blame others and wait for any problems that arises to solve itself??

Come on Hannah! Just for this Subang Jaya security issue alone, do something that's REAL concrete at fighting this headache. Yes, the Police and Home ministry are in charge of this country's security. And Subang Jaya's crime rate is forcing for 'gated enclaves' (which is a bane) a solution you endorsed, because so and so is not proactive. BUT think about it? You as the elected rep can't even get them to be more involved in this matter. Instead, blame them, the undesirable 'malicious' comment writer, the people who ask questions but no solutions, the past government, the etc... COME ON HANNAH! You can do better than this. Get them to fight crime in Subang Jaya! so we don't NEED gated enclaves! HOW you do it is up to you. We just want results! Not pathetic whines with NO real results. And don't insult the intelligence of the ppl who voted for you!

Come on Hannah! We're counting on you. Make your WORTH of our every single votes.


Power to the people! said...

You whine too much! You seem to be complaining about PR's perceived complaining to the Home Ministry. Who is the bigger complainer? You or PR elected reps?? When it comes to Federal issues, PR is the opposition. So of course they will bang table and make noise la! If you can't understand that and expect PR to function as Federal govt, then you need to first change Federal govt. Vote for PR first, stop talking about holding your elected rep to ransom with your perception votes.

Gillian said...

Good job... you are trying to find an answer and meanwhile, you're putting it out there for the MP's to see the issue.

Don't bother about the Malaysiakini article - there will always be people who attack you personally. They have the right to - and upon their own heads be it!

Turtle said...


I have read that article. I do not feel that the article is malicious. However the writer is certainly extremely self serving individual and ignorant about the rule of law. Imagine MPSJ mobilising their own "security team" as suggested and get into trouble with people, which they certainly will eventually, who is going to clean up the mess? Who gave them the right to police the town?

Limiting the right of way may pose technical legal problem but it is not fundamentally/morally wrong if we have valid reason to do so. After all, the interest of "public" living in the gated community count too. Otherwise please explain why we are not allowed to drive on the emergency lane, we pay road tax too! It is public road isn't it?

The biggest challenge that I see now in older housing areas is the conversion of status. Not everyone is willing to pay for the security services. This is the dilemma our reps are facing: at least three quarter of people will be very unhappy if you install a gate and security guard because they are not willing to finance it. Everybody will be unhappy if you don't (equate to do nothing).

The crime rate in Bandar Sunway drop drastically after installation of perimeter fencing and security services (good job! committees). I suspect Bandar Sunway has "successfully" displace the crime to neighbouring areas. The worst fear is that the crime will come back when G&G filled up the entire subang. We are only buying time to reform the police department.