Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Town Hall in USJ 6

Rukun Tetangga USJ 2 & 6 and my office jointly organised a meet-the-people-session @ town hall in USJ 6. We had about 200 residents present on a Saturday morning. I spent about 30 minutes giving an update on issues concerning the residents of USJ 6. Residents were able to discuss issues on lighting and maintenance of parks with their MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran. I also discussed the guidelines on gated & guarded community and a simple show of hands from the residents indicated a "NO" for USJ 6 to implement such a scheme.
Residents listening attentively to the updates

Also present : YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP for Kelana Jaya), MPSJ councillor for JKP Zone 3 Rajiv Rishyakaran & Councillor Tony Chang, officers from Jabatan Perpaduan and committee members of RT USJ 2 & 6

Though these residents didn't manage to secure their seats, they stood and stayed through the entire event!

Personal dialogue session with the residents after my speech

Residents were also treated to a simple breakfast meal!


Anonymous said...

I hope soon the idea of gated and guarded community will come to an end. It is causing more inconvenience than any good. I have stopped going to the garden right infront of my house just because it has been fenced up and a door is built far away without step to climb up to the garden. Petrol price is high and things are expensive so I can't be driving everyday in an out a longer distance to market and after all the running drive out again a long way to the garden which is just infron of my house. It is so stupid to leave thing to the committee members. Can the authority be more understanding rather than giving in to those who think that they have some money to control authority? ???????????????????
I went visiting my friends in the next garden and was scolded by the guarded because I dont have the address.
The main road along USJ6 leading to Summit is always very jam and if you decided to turn back, at the moment you still can turn into one of the entrance. How can you allow these entrance close up. So please find other solution rather than pretending to be nice and allowed all these unecessary thing to happen.
I hope soon the government will remove all the fencing and give us back the freedom.
Have you been rounding the area????? It looks very tense and ugly with fencing and not like before. What is happening now?

a voter said...

I would say it's not right to put the blame on those who choose to fence up. Naturally majority are more concern about the safety of their family than the convenience of their neighbours.

The blame should be on PDRM. Their inefficiency and abuse of tax payers’ money and PDRM's resources to serve a certain political party has resulted this problem. It’s indeed a shame for PDRM at the sight of these fences. These are silent complaint and protest that PDRM are not carrying out their duty effectively.

I believe none is happy to fence up at own cost, while still paying tax to finance PDRM’s operating cost. This is double cost for a single task.