Sunday, December 27, 2009

Annual event for People With Disabilities

Recently, my office together with assistance from Sunway Pyramid and City Care put together a party for people with disabilities in my constituency. About 50 of them attended the party, each accompanied by their loved ones. In my speech, I announced the achievements made for people with disabilities in the last 12 months:-
I have raised these issues in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly after last year's dialogue with people with disabilities in Subang Jaya. I am glad that their needs are being met. I will continue to work on:
  • a special vehicle for them;
  • forming a special committee for disabled in Subang Jaya; and
  • the State Government to provide a special allocation for higher educational training for children with special needs.
In my speech, I also encouraged other residents to see people with disabilities as individuals first, each with their special gifts, before defining them by their disability.

My office gave out JUSCO vouchers worth RM80 for each of them to shop at Sunway Pyramid.

Apart from receiving shopping vouchers, they were also treated to spectacular performances and goodie bags sponsored by Sunway Pyramid.

Lunch was provided for all them. Chin Kit and Azizul were also present to join us!

Young people from City Care volunteered their time to serve and also to provide transportation for our friends with disabilities. Thank you to Sunway Pyramid, volunteers from City Care and Suzanna from my office for making the event a big success! You can read more about the event from the Star , NST and Sinar Harian. All photos courtesy of City Care.


James Tan said...

Dear Hannah, you're getting better and better every time we heard about ur contribution and effort.
You're the best example of YB we're looking for...
Keep up the good work YB...

Mengkungchng said...

Hello YB Hannah,

You're awesome and you rock! Congratulations on your wonderful work. To be a master one must serve first and you're on the way to become a master.

The joy on your face was unmistakably real. You beamed with delight in serving God's special people.Hallelujah.

Happy New Year and a belated Blessed Christmas.

dy said...

Simply wonderful ;)

FY said...

Your noble deeds for the disabled and the unfortunate speaks volumes about your kind heartedness. This is the mark of a good assemblywoman.

Your actions and words are measured in gold and your prayers shall be answered.

Anonymous said...

v luv u , hannah

Chan Yan Hoong said...

Dear Hannah:

Very wonderful and thoughtful of you to come up with such things for the disabled.

God bless you and have a blessed 2010. Seek ye first the kingdom of
God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matt 6:33

Hafiz b Shukor said...

How we wish we had such a wonderful Wakil Rakyat like you!

Carol @ Read in Red said...

I knew our late friend Carol Rasiah, and I'm sure your efforts to make life easier for the disabled are making her smile down from heaven. :) God bless!