Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goodbye Carol...

I received news that Carol Rasiah passed away yesterday. She was a familiar face at Angsana, USJ 1. She was an epitome of courage. She lived well and she lived a full life despite her limitations. Her last email to me was to reiterate her hope for MPSJ to provide a vehicle for OKU in Subang Jaya. I will continue to work on this. Goodbye Carol and we will meet again where you are now - free from pain, free from limitations and perfect in the arms of our God.


Chan Yan Hoong said...

Dear Hannah,

I know Carol on a personal basis. I visited her when she was staying at Beautiful Gate,SS2, PJ. I was sad when I received news that Carol passed away. My mother the opportunity to visit her when she was at the hospital.

Visiting her and talking to her was indeed a blessing. She is a lady who truly believes in God's provision. Her faith in Lord Jesus is really amazing.

Well, in Christianity, things are not lost. I believe that I will see her again when Jesus returns the second time. He is our blessed hope. Therefore, it will be goodbye Carol, and see you later.

God bless.

Chan, Yan Hoong

Min Khang said...

Yes, Carol was a very nice lady.

Despite her physical limitation, she always encouraged all of us with her always hopeful attitude.

Ho Min Khang

Chong Wui Howe said...

I count it a privilege to know Carol as a friend. She has a burning zest for life, fiercely independent and never afraid to speak her mind. I didn't know she has touched many lives in the USJ forum so thot of sharing a bit...

At the funeral, Pastor Caleb shared that every physical move she made (getting down from wheel chair, cook, get on bed) is a veritable stunt act. He asked her "How did you do it?" (Her bones were brittle, and she suffered from painful multiple breaks on her arms before)

Her reply was, "Before I make any move, I pray"...

We miss her dearly and look forward to the day when she will be rejoicing in her brand new resurrected body in a renewed heaven/earth. There will be a time of remembrance and mourning in CDPC this Sunday

Here is Carol's blog:

Sivin Kit said...

I just got to know Carol in the past one month whom I only managed exchanged a couple of messages on Facebook and shared how encouraged I was of her blog and sharing of life.

Looks like we'll continue the conversation when we meet one day in His eternal presence.

The short exchange we had was tremendously life-giving. And I will treasure that even more today.