Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A letter from Brenda...

The following thoughts are penned by a young journalist who is my personal friend, Brenda on independence of the media in Malaysia and I want to share them with you :

TRUTH! What is truth? Where can we find truth? Why is truth important? Who is worthy of truth? When will the truth finally be revealed? How do we differentiate the truth from a lie? The 5 “W’s” and “H” of the journalism practice should be answered once and for all.

As a journalist, I made a vow to always report the truth, as doing otherwise would just go against my ethics in life. Three years in a journalism course, mastering the ethics and laws in reporting, has left me feeling mortified and appalled. I am aghast by the terrible source of news flow in the major newspapers in Malaysia. What happened to the journalists promise to integrity, and to always report the truth with full credibility? Are all those important values shoved aside after graduation?

It is heartening to see Malaysia sinking to the state it is in now and the most powerful people in the world are not bothered to do anything about it. In fact the most important people, who can change and enlighten the public’s mindset, are giving into corruption, control and lies. The important people who wield the tiny little pen, whose fingers can type out billions of words to reform a better Malaysia, is cowering away for selfish reasons like money, power and position.

On another note, I’m overjoyed to learn about Joshua Wong, who resigned from NTV7 right after the incident with the Prime Minister’s wife. This only goes to show that there are still professional people in the media field out there who are not afraid to stand up for their rights for freedom of speech. This is how journalists should all be. They should learn to stand for their rights and fight for freedom of speech. Doing otherwise would not only destroy their professionalism as a journalist but it also says that much about their writing skills. I believe, with a pen and a paper, journalists who are willing to uncover the truth, hold the power to twist their way into revealing the truth, regardless of the strict gate keeping.

Having said that, kudos should be given to Malaysiakini! Malaysiakini is the one and only reliable news website in Malaysia who is not afraid to enlighten the public by uncovering the truth that major newspapers fail to publish. Without news organizations like Malaysiakini, who wants to see a change in Malaysia, I believe the educated society will still be living in darkness and brainwashed by dirty politicians. When will we all see the light if not for brave, professional journalists working at Malaysiakini?

Why read major newspapers anymore when the news is biased, not credible and untruthful? Are the public really that ignorant and sinking to a level shockingly low by buying all the lies published? What have we, the public, got to gain from taking in the falsely reported news stories every day? We, I believe, are being fed with poison. A poison which blinds us from seeing what is right and what is wrong. A poison which leaves us paralyzed to think and choose right from wrong.

The truth can either make us or break us. In this particular issue, there is no doubt that the truth will only make us stronger as individuals, then as people, soon the society and eventually the country.


Aimee said...

Bravo Brenda. I hope you will continue to report what the truth is and not be bullied into covering up the truth with lies and half lies. To Quote: " The Truth is what it is. It cannot be changed and it cannot be conceptualized. But truth can be felt." One must always stand on the side of truth. There is no room for the fence sitter. If you are not on the side of truth, then you are on the other side...

Anonymous said...

Yes. Brenda, go go go go for it. But must be tackful.Do not allow the warlords the opportunity to bring you down.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, well said.

James Lim said...

The believe the public is not stupid to believe whatever that is reported in the mainstream media, especially the young ones. There is always assess to the Internet to check the facts. In fact, what's the point of buying NST, The STAR, Utusan & etc when they can read it online or watching RTM, TV3, NTV7 & etc when they can watch the Internet news as well as YouTube? The Internet is NOT JUST LIMITED to just NST, The STAR, Utusan, RTM, TV3 & NTV7 to uncover the truth and hear the other side of the story. Maybe in the pre-Internet days, yes, we have to rely on these mainstream media to know the news, but not now, not anymore. That's why political tsunami in 2008 happened. The mainstream media has not effect on its propaganda. However, Internet penetration has still not reached 50% in Malaysia. Majority still rely on the mainstream media, especially in the rural areas in the Peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak. We still have a lot of catching up to do.

Anyway, if you ask anyone in KL whether he or still buys NST, The STAR, Utusan newspapers or whether they believe everything that was reported, they will probably say NO!


Obi-Wan Kenobi said...

"It is heartening to see Malaysia sinking to the state it is in now." ... I think Brenda meant "disheartening".
Main stream media journalists cannot write the truth... or their stories will not be printed.
All main stream media are run by politically-appointed editor-in-chiefs and their cronies. They make sure all stories are compliant to the wishes of the lords and masters who own the publications. most of the main stream papers and tv stations are owned by MCA and Umno. Examples are Star, NST and Utusan.
Journalists working for any of these organisations have to toe the line or resign. That is about it. I have worked for MSM papers and I have worked for Malaysiakini too. Yes, there is a lot of difference between working in alternative media and the MSM papers. But it sometimes come down to dollar and cents... many of the MSM journalists earn a lot of money compared with journalists working for say Malaysiakini. So, many journalists in MSM publications prefer to continue working there churning out rubbish and nonsense day in and day out to please their political masters so they can earn a lot of money... while those journalists in alternative media earn peanuts and put their lives on the line, risking arrests, harassments in their daily jobs. In the end, it is up to us to decide eh? You want money and a comfortable life or live on the dangerous side and work in alternative media like Malaysiakini.

Basil said...

"Yes, I have my dragons to fight. Yes, I have my fears. But I still have breath in my lungs, I still have blood in my veins. I cannot sit idly by. I refuse to just let the village burn. I'd rather side with the illiterate farm girl who hears things than the cynics who hear nothing. I want to see beauty come from the ashes around me. Even if I fail, I will burn at the stake knowing that my fumes supported a good cause. Far better to fail at building a magnificent world than to succeed in monochromatic survival."


A Malaysian who misses the other malaysia said...

Bravi Brenda!

That is true. Righteousness will exalt a nation, Corruption will kill it.

Once UMNO is out of Malaysia and truth, justice and values return to Malaysia, we shall shine and shine brightly.

Let all who tarnish the brightness of out country be forever tarnished themselves. Let them never have shelter in any home or under any tree from the sun and rain in Malaysia.

Let them be exiled for they are NOT Malaysians. Let them NEVER be accepted in whatever abode they wish to make again.

These people deserve nothing for the suffering they have put our country and its people through.

Darick said...

how many joshua out there? we need to put food on d table for d family & settle bils by end month !
look at Datuk Wong Chun Wai & Datuk Zainudin Maidin.... they all are rewarded for telling what u called 'lies' !