Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updates on Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

Dear purchasers of Lagoon Perdana,

For Blocks 1, 3 and 8
  • Developer has not completed repair works.
  • There are also outstanding assessment and infrastructure fee owing by Developer to MPSJ.
  • TNB meters at every unit has not been installed to the satisfaction of TNB. (I have gone on site with TNB and the Developer last week to resolve this and a further meeting will be held this Monday 24 May 2010 to find an amicable solution)
For Block 7
  • Developer has not finalised their plans for repayment to purchasers of this Block.
I am in touch with Jabatan Perumahan Negara and we are focusing our efforts to obtain CF for Blocks 1, 3 and 8 first. Any other actions by purchasers against the Developer will be looked into by Jabatan Perumahan Negara after delivery of vacant possession.


MOYSC said...

Dear YB,

Thank you for your timely updates. It seems that the infrastructure fees owing to MPSJ issue has re-surfaced again despite
earlier assurances given by the Housing Ministry and Dato Lee (former ADUN Subang Jaya) that this issue would be resolved, when purchasers met with them in year 2006.

Given the fact that Talam has huge
debt problems, it is very likely that they would not be able to pay their dues to MPSJ soon. How would this affect the handover of blocks 1,3 and 8? Do purchasers have to suffer more wait?

Your urgent reply and updates on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Yeoh,
Can you give us any updates on the doomed project Newgate21? We already gave up on YB Kok as she is too busy to help us on this. Pls help us. TQ

Anonymous said...

As i recall,talam need to pay us LAD right? the 18 months to built block 3 has already expired early last year


Rajkumar said...


From what I can remember regarding LAD, Talam were "smart" in fixing the extended completion period (EOT) for this project. Yes, it was 18 months for Block 3 but the overall EOT for all the uncompleted blocks was 27 months (which I think already expired too)

MOYSC said...

Hi Bobby & Raj,

Yes, both Talam & IJMC promised 27 months to complete our apartments and they did just that - apartments completed but only yet to be handed over!

We'd several previous discussions with Talam & IJMC to include hand-over date into the 27 months but they had rejected our requests. Reason given was because they had no control over the authorities which are in-charge of inspections prior to handover/delivery of vacant possession of the apartments.

This problem was anticipated from the very beginning but yet we could do nothing nor did we have any support from the Housing Ministry.

KAI said...

Thanks YB for your follow up on this matter ! I truly appreciate this update and your efforts to help the buyers ( i am one them ) to obtain Vacant Possession of this unit in Block 8.

I hv kinda given up, and everytime i ass by Kesas HIghway, there will be sadness. Today after seeing this update, i am really touched that someone has not forgotten our plight.

Thank you again YB.