Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JKP3 Family day

JawatanKuasa Penduduk 3 (JKP3) will be organizing its first ever Family Day Event. The purpose of this event is to foster closer ties among the residents under JKP Zone 3 (covers USJ2 to USJ15, approximately 100,000 residents).

Date : 19 June 2010 (This Saturday)
Time : 5pm to 10pm

Venue : MPSJ Padang at USJ5, Subang Jaya

Goodies bags will be distributed to the first 500 registered families.

Lucky draw (lucky draw will be conducted throughout the program, from 730pm till 10pm)

(Please register before 7pm to be in the draw)

For more details, please visit JKP3 blog. See you there!!


Richard Loh said...

yeak, YB, why change the layout and color, it looks awful to me but again this is YB's blog. But rest assured that I still see you as a good SA with integrity....

Good work by YB

Anonymous said...

I also think this pastel green does not reflect your youth and vibrancy. The color is more suited for a passive and soft look personal. Try to choose your other favorite color, sorry cannot choose for you. The header also look 'flat' as tasteless, like a botak middle age man with blotted belly.
YB, i hope my comment will make you laugh. Keep up the good work you have done so far and many many years to come.


Chan, Yan Hoong said...

Dear Hannah,

Yeap, I agreed with the two previous comments. The green looks very yucky. I prefer the previous colour. Anyway, Hannah, keep up the good work. May the Lord gives you strength. Keep close to Him. God bless.

Anonymous said...

can ss19 resident come also?

hurricanemax said...

YB H...colour is subjective...I like this new format. its pastelling refreshing!