Monday, June 7, 2010

Press conference on Lagoon Perdana

Press conference to update purchasers of Block 1, 3, 7 and 8 Lagoon Perdana together with representatives from MPSJ, MPSJ councillor Tony Chang Kim Loong (also representing House Buyers' Association) and Mr Ricky Goh of Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd (Developer)

Below is the article published by NST on 4th June 2010

After a nine-year wait, there is finally some good news for purchasers of units at the Lagoon Perdana condominiums.

The 1,052 people who bought units at Blocks 1, 3 and 8 can expect to get their house keys as early as August, once the certificate of fitness (CF) is approved by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).

The three blocks of 18-storey condominiums are expected to be completed at the end of July.

However, purchasers of units in Block 7 will have to be patient for a little longer as the fourth and last block cannot be completed because its foundation is weak, said Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh.

"The last block which was partially completed two years ago will have to be torn down. Consultants hired by the developer Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd have found that the foundation of the condominium is not stable," she said.

Yeoh said she would hold another meeting with the developer to look for a solution for the 359 purchasers of Block 7.

She said the developer had come up with a few options.

"The developer had proposed to change the building from 18 storeys to nine storeys. Those who had purchased units on levels 10 to 18 can opt for units on the levels 9 to 1.

"The developer also said it is looking into the possibility of cancelling the Sales and Purchase Agreements and refunding the money to the buyers," she said.

As for the three other blocks, Yeoh said for the CFs to be issued, the developer would have to rectify defects found there.

She said MPSJ had conducted two site inspections and ordered the developer to clear all clogged outlets, maintain proper drainage at the roof, fix the cracks on the inner and outer walls, clear the site of construction debris, plaster the walls, plug the leakages, align the staircases and clean the lavatories.

"For the issuance of the CFs, the developer needs to ensure that it meets these orders.

"The developer has estimated that it requires about four weeks to do so," she said.

Yeoh said the developer owed RM200,000 in assessment fees and RM1 million for the infrastructure fund to MPSJ.

"MPSJ has agreed to allow the developer to pay the assessment fees in six instalments but it has yet to discuss a payment scheme for the infrastructure fund. Once these issues are resolved, it wouldn't be long before the house owners get their keys," she said.

The Lagoon Perdana condominium project comprises eight blocks of condominiums. Four blocks were completed nine years ago but four were abandoned by the developer because of financial constraints

Read more here from Sin Chew daily.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB, thanks for your help all these while.
When will the meeting for Block 7 owners? Can you announce in advance in order for us to arrange our time? Hopefully falls on weekend...

Anonymous said...

Same, i'm purchaser of block 7... i wish to have a refund and cancellation of S&P. Please help us ..

yap_fiona said...

Dear YB,

thank you i am owner B7-1507 and my friend is B7-1306 please advise me when is the meeting TX

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I'm the purchaser for Block 7 as well. Please help us to solve this issue ASAP. Appreciate your help very much. Thank you. God bless u!

OrffGod said...

Dear YB,
Would like to inquire about the status of the Belvedere Condominium project also by Tenaga Gagah. The project is right opposite Lagoon Perdana project. From the previous meeting held over two years ago, the project should be completed by end of last year. But unfortunately till now there is no progress since last year. Please need your advice and action. - T. Zulfadzil, Belvedere Condominium purchaser.

Rajkumar said...

Dear YB,

Thanks for the update. Would appreciate if someone could update me on the meeting for Block 7 purchasers. My email is

Anonymous said...

YB, it's good that you are very helpful, even the previous YB can't help, and his office just in front of the condominium..

Anonymous said...

Dear YB
When will the meeting for Block 7's owners? Can it be arranged ASAP? I opt have compensation and cancel S&P. Thanks.

Blk 7 purchaser said...

Thanks for the latest update that there will be one meeting for Block 7 purchasers. This is something we have been waiting for.

My unit is above 10th floor, would appreciate if the ultimate decision is to refund and cancel the S&P agreement. This will be a shorter & sweeter solution for the purchasers, instead of waiting for another 2-3 years for the apartments to be completed.

Thank you for all your effort. Appreciate it.


Mohammad said...

Dear my belove YB,

Thanks a lot for your help on this drag problem. Even previous YB and State EXCO also cant do anything.

Hope my dream to enter my own house will become a reality soon.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Any update again?? Almost 1 month already after this post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

When will be the meeting for Block 7 purchasers ? Please include me in the mailing list as well. Thanks.

selvam said...

Dear YB, cappreciate what your're doing. Can you lets us know when the meeting for Block 7?

awiera said...

Dear YB,
To demolish and rebuild Block 7 (up to 9 floor)need huge sum of reinvestment and we know Talam/TGSB dont have money to do this. The best option is to refund our money. So far I dont receive any comm. or update from developer. My unit is B7-0211.

To developer,
In business, you dont always make money. How long more you want to cheat us?

Anonymous said...

Dear YB
End of July already. Any news on Block 3? can we really get our house by early Aug? so far no update. hope to hear good news from you. Thanks you so much for your help.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB
July end soon. Aug coming. wonder if you have news on block 3. We will really get our apartment by Aug? hope to see your reply soon. Thanks for everything you have done for us. TQ TQ

selvam said...

Dear YB, appreciate what you're doing.

It has been almost 2 months since last info regards to Block 7 owners meeting and as of today there is no news at all. I have been calling the developer office many times and no one picks up the call.

I think the best solution for this problem is to cancel the S&P and refund our money by the developer.

Please help us.....

leon said...

Dear YB,

I appreciate all your efforts so far... However, today is 16/8/2010 and I haven't get my house key yet, please kindly follow-up and let us know the current situations, thank you very much!

Leon (from Block 1)

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Please help us!!!!!!
It is now mid-Aug and approaching end month. I must say thank you to all your hard work but all the buyers are in dire needs to have possession of our properties after so many years of waiting and interests paying. I do hope that this will be a national day gift if we can get the keys by this month as promised by the developer and all involved. Thank you again for your continuous dedication.

Owner of a unit in Block 8

Anonymous said...

Dear YB, I appreciate all your efforts so far... However, today is 17/8/2010 and I haven't get my house key yet, please kindly follow-up and let us know the current situations, thank you very much!

Owner of a unit in Block 8

Anonymous said...

Last Update : 7 June 2010
Today : 5 Sep 2010
Almost 3 months ???
Nedd your help/support. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

To All owener of Block 7,

I received a letter 9/9 from Talam. They decided to tear down Block 7. Onwer are given 2 options, i) swap the purchase to pther apartment with CF in Tmn Puncak Jalil, or newly completed pending CF in Tmn Putra perdana. Price range closed to exisiting apartment. ii) full refund all including S&P legal fees over 12 mth installment. Forward all receipts and proof to Talam office within 14days.

Do you guys receive the same letter ? Let discuss here.

Anonymous said...

Are the other blocks still paying the maintenance fee to Tenaga Gagah or new management. Is it still Tenaga Gagah? Does anyone know the contact number of the management.

awiera said...

Received a letter from TGSB on 9th Sep. Giving option to Block 7 purchaser either to swap unit with other project i.e Bukit Jalil or Tamsn Sri Putra which they claim almost same value (can we trust this?) or refund of progress payment + S&P + Loan Agreement which will be paid by 12 installment !!!! How about loan interest?....Still want to cheat us? KPKT should black list this developer (Never heard any irresponsible developers being blacklist)...ohhh may be their cronies !!!

Live Long MU Fan said...

Dear YB,
It seems that Talam is behind all these uncompleted projects causing hardships to many, many people. Could something be done to prevent Talam directors and owner from doing development works? Their track record seems atrocious!!!

Bobby25 said...


I coming up to october and i still have not heard anything on my apartment..Mine is at Block 3

calvin said...

About the two options given referring to their letter. I TOTALLY REFUSED BOTH OPTIONS. It is totally unfair to us. For me, I will only agree if they willingly to refund us all the progress payments, legal fees for S&P and loan AS WELL AS ALL THE INTEREST PAID TO BANK AND SOME COMPENSATION since swapping unit will only lead us to another troubles as we all know how good their workmanship is. Hannah, us. Thank you.

Rajkumar said...

Hi Calvin,
I agree with you but we are always at the loosing end.. Its been 8 years since i signed the S&P.. but here we are still talking about Talam cheating us.. Who will help us? Do you think Talam or in this case TGSB will entertain our demand? Will the goverment solve our problem? We all in the same boat..going thru' the same agony..
Anywat lets talk about the TGSB's proposal:
1) Option 1 is totally a waste. Its like "out of lion's mount into croc's mouth". If the other offered apartments are so good/hot spot, then why they still have empty units to be given to us? Even if we intend to rent it out, we still have to pay maint charges + all the headache by tenant.

2) Option 2 seems to be okay. I know that we should be paid some kinda compansation for the years we waited but I think our YB should help us on this matter. However I have submitted my claims to TGSB as per following breakdown.
a) Payment to TGSB (by purchaser & bank)
b) Payment to Panel Lawyer (for all the legal fee)
c) Payment to Insurance Company (for MRTA/MLTA)
d) Interest paid to bank

I know its not easy but I just wanna settle this and move on with my life. Atleast one bad dream gonna over.

If any of you need a sample of my format, please email me at

Anonymous said...

After waiting for ten years, finally, I have received the key. I would like to thank Hannah Yeoh, Selangor government and those that involved for your effort. I greatly appreciate the hardwork that has been done.
Block 8 Owner

jo said...

Hi, is there a number for Tenaga Gagah to check on the status of the unit? I've either been transferred to all departments in the company, or there's just endless ringing and no one answers to any of the numbers. Please advice on this.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here knows Tenaga Gagah office's number?

leon said...

Tenaga Gagah office's number are as below:
1.) Miss Winnie +60342902120 (Lagoon Perdana Project)
2.) Miss Sukvindar +60342902193 (Lagoon Perdana Project)

leon said...

By the way, for all owners / tenants, please join also our new Lagoon-Perdana group as below:

Our objectives:

- Open tender for all small/medium/large projects!
- 100% transparent monthly cash flow accounts!
- No more "makan duit" (corruptions) JMB committee!

2,450 house owners / tenants --> 1 goal --> build my clean & safe home!!!

Current target: to recruit at least 1,000 owners / tenants that always frees to talk & discuss!!!


Anonymous said...

tolong la belum dpt refund lagi dr talam...
berapa lama lagi kami nak tunggu..
dah masuk 8 tahun...habuk pun tarak..

Rajkumar said...

Dear YB,

All the necessary documents has been submitted to TGSB. How long more we have to wait for the "nightmare" to over? Would appreciate if YB can look into this matter urgently.
Thank you.

Rajkumar said...

Dear YB,

Any news on the refund proposal please?

Rajkumar said...

Dear All,

Called TGSB office yesterday and spoke to Ms.Sukvinder regarding the "refund" proposal. Its very disappointing to find out that TGSB only willing pay us back the amount as per below:
a) Deposit paid to TGSB
b) Total amount disbursed by bank to TGSB
c) Legal fee paid to lawyer

Which means that any interest charges paid to bank & MLTA/MRTA payment would not be refunded to the purchasers despite awaiting for 8++ years. The reason given is TGSB don’t have enough fund and we are very lucky at least to receive whatever TGSB willing.

The best part is TGSB only will pay this amount in 12 month installment..

Dear YB,
Where is the justice for rakyat???

awiera said...

Just checked with TGSB and findings as per Rajkumar's notes above.Another shocking answer is TGSB don't have the fund to pay the purchaser right now !!! and it may take another 6 month or more for the first payment!....So actually this is their tactics to cool down the purchaser by promising the refund but the actual fact they don't have fund to pay us back!.....Tan Ah Chai still living in luxurious..

There is no justice for the rakyat, no matter who rules the country.....Purchaser always at the loosing end ! Developer continue to cheat the buyer freely...

Rajkumar said...

Anyone got any latest update on this please??

Dear YB,

Any news from your side?

The desperate Blk 7 purchaser said...

This is attention to all the Block 7 purchases who are waiting for our hard earned money to be refunded... please provide some feedback or update...if you have any.

The last time we submitted all documents to the developer's office for refunds... we were promised that we would get 12 pieces of "POST-DATED" or instalment cheques that the developer had promised in 2 months' time. However, already
coming to a year... the answer from the developer office still the same :"our company is trying our best to refund, but not now..."

Not now, but WHEN ???

Hannah, if you have a chance to read this note, the developer is not telling you the truth when they said they will refund the downpayments to the purchasers, they are just putting up an ACT because they want everyone to stop harrassing them, especially yourself who is persistent and will not let go if you cannot get a satisfactory answer for the people concerned.

I urge your authority to really put down your stand firm to deal with this kind of crook & liar developer !!!

Thank you very much.

The desperate Blk 7 purchaser

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Please help us to get our hard earned money refunded from the developer. I've been calling them every month and they are telling me the same answer which is to "wait". Before CNY i called them and they said on the month of May the money will be release. This morning i called them again and they told me that money will release in october. Month after month i've been waiting. When can this problem be resolve? Please help us... at least some feedback on the real status.

Owner, block 7

Anonymous said...

I have been called by the bank (ie Citibank) regarding the increase of interest, not for remaining loan but overall loan start from day 1, which is rediculous, I shall bring this to YB's attention, is there any advice from any of you in this situation ? Pls advice if you can.

Anonymous said...

Yay ! Have received 12 pcs post dated cheque today after 8 years ! Anyway I have lost my bank interest but better than nothing !

Anonymous said...

May i know since when u received those cheques? What are the procedures? I've submitted everything they request but still no news at all from them. I'm still waiting for refund. YB, can you please help us to look into this matter. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I guess the developer is buying out time from making repayment on our deposit as no penalty/interest imposed to them. Moreover, there is no news/letter/ black & white given to ensure the money will be paid. They only give us empty promises by giving moving target date if we were to ask for the repayment.
I have lost faith in the developer’s words and need assurance from YB for the case will be settled soon. Definitely we will have to forfeit all our interest paid to the bank and the late payment interest for the past 9 years because of this bad developer, but at least they should show some responsibility to commit in their promises. Hope this will get priority attention from YB..

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed. The developer keep delaying the payment, until now i haven’t received anything. Why don't we report to, however we need to unite as collective voice is better than one.

Anonymous said...

I urged all 359 purchasers of Block 7, please stand up for your rights to fight redeem back our hard earn money as nobody will able to help except ourself.
YB, i appreciates your help in reviving the 3 blocks, but can you also help us to look into this matter seriously. At least give us the update on the status. Tq.

Anonymous said...

Are there any updates on this matter? We've been left in a limbo for a very long time now.

leon said...

Full Name: …………………………………………………………

Unit No: …………………………………………

Pangsapuri Lagoon Perdana,
Jalan PJS 9/1,
46150 Bandar Sunway,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Mobile Phone No: …………………………………………

Attention to,

Encik Noorhafez Bin Nordin
Commissioner of Buildings,
Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya,
Persiaran Perpaduan, USJ 5,
47610 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-8026 3231
Fax: 03-5637 6565 Date: ………………………………



We as the current tenants / residents / house owners of Pangsapuri Lagoon Perdana, we need your urgent response and actions as followings:

2. Currently there is too many missing lifts buttons at Block 1, 3 & 8 and there is always shutdown 1 (one) lift for Block 2, 3A, 5 & 6; no action has been taken by the current building manager; even the management office had just change a new building manager since last month; therefore we need a proposed building manager from Commissioner of Buildings, MPSJ, URGENTLY!!!

3. There is no any audited financial statements presented to us since 30th June 2010, meaning that we have no idea about the financial details for the period from 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011; and the management office always claims that they have NO MONEY to maintain or repair the lifts or install a buttons protector to prevent the lifts vandalism; therefore we need a proposed financial auditor from Commissioner of Buildings, MPSJ, URGENTLY!!!

Precautions better than cure, we understood that sometime there is totally no lifts functioning for all 7 (seven) Blocks i.e. 1, 2, 3A, 5, 6 & 8; the 70 years old or even 80 years old residents and 8 month’s pregnant lady had to climb up and climb down themselves from 17th floors and sometime even 18th floors. Your immediate actions could prevent some unnecessary tragedy happens in this area which exactly under your responsibility and control.

Thank you very much.

“1 Malaysia: Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan”.

Yours Sincerely,


Full Name: …………………………………………………………

NRIC No: …………………………………………………………

CC: YB Hannah Yeoh
Pusat Khidmat Rakyat ADUN Subang Jaya
113A (First Floor), Jalan SS14/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-5631 2768
Fax: 03-5631 2757

Anonymous said...

Hai , Blk.7 purchasers i had posted my comments on Hannah Yeoh:Status of Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units ) on 20/04/2012 and 26/04/2012 under Anonymous . On checking the one posted on 20/04/2012 , there was a typing mistake, saying T.G. start paying from April to June 2010 .correction should be June 2012 .I called up in March again this year ,was told last year the redemption statement sent by bank to T.G.was no longer valid as , T.G. couldn't fulfil that time they didn't have the money . Was very angry they didn't inform me while I waited patiently . Now since I called again , Ms Sukvinder of T.G. asked me to write to the bank to request for a fresh Redemption statement for 3 months in advance to know the latest amount they owe my son's financing bank.According to her , she has written to both May Banks and Citibanks but they never replied . So to all of you to make things move faster , call up your financing bank to enquire whether they had received such letter from T.G. .if not get the name of officer you talk to , prepare the letter , attention to him /her to make sure the letter reaches the person . any enquiry ask the person to refer to T.G. Ms Sukvinder no.03-42902193 . This time things move. Got a C.C. copy of the letter from MBB stating T.G. issuing a cheque to MBB beginning this month ,April . Not quite convincing , I called up the financing bank , who confirmed to me , yes the debt being cleared , my son's loan a/c with the bank is now closed.Hurray. As for the other 10% we paid , ,was expecting much later date from T.G.but they called up my son just this Monday 23/04/2012 to come and collect the cheques. So we went on tuesday to the office . Was given 12 pcs. of cheques . 1st cheque dated 12/04/2012 , rest posted dated on 12th of every month till the last one on 12/03/2013 . My son signed termination of Sales contract as well as hand over the S&P copy , which is one of the terms. The night mare is over ,no need to make calls to T.G and the bank , no need to service bank interest every month which over 11 yrs. equal to 10 % of of purchase cost .Good luck to all of you .

Marc said...

Any updates on block 7 of Lagoon Perdana....

What options do we have to take action againts Talam.

It's been too long and still paying the interest.

Please YB give us some answers...or anyone else with updates

Anonymous said...

To Marc

Please read my info just above yours in which I mentioned my son's case is now cleared . T.G. needs a redemption letter from the buyer's financing bank before they can settle the buyer's bank side . then followed your own 10 % payment to them + the lawyers' fees for S&P and loan agreement between you and the financing bank . T.G did send letter to M.B.B. and CITI bank requesting redemption lettter to show them the exact amount they have to
pay the bank . But it seems the banks never reply . So When I called up Ms Sukvinder , she told me to send in another letter on my own to the bank requesting the letter of redemption for 3 months to speed up the process since the bank seems to take so long to reply to them . My advice is you call up the bank loan dept , quote your loan a/c no. ( from the bank monthly interest dr. statement ) ask for the name of the officer who attend to you , so later follow ups ask for this officer only , to know the latest development.
So following my letter to the bank ( I faxed it ) 3 weeks -1 month , I got a copy of the letter from T.G. to the bank stating that they had sent a cheque settling the amount the bank stated in the redemption letter. In return T.G, request , on clearance of the cheque The bank is to return whatever documents relating to the S & P of the mentioned property. I personally called up the bank to get confirmation and was told my son's loan a/c with the bank is now closed . so no more owing the bank i.e no need to service the monthly interest any more. The first pc. of cheque , dated 12/04/12 , was cleared .Next monday I am going to deposit the 2nd. chq.(12/05/12) . I did ask Ms. Sukvinder what if t.G doesn't honour the later part chq . she said no .T.G. will honour because they now have the money for these payment and they have put aside this amount of money monthly for this purpose . So you can now call up Ms Sukvinder at 03-42902193 to enquire your ststus .If she said she has yet to receive the Remp. letter from your bank and ask you to wite in yourself, call up the loan dept like what I wrote , name of officer you talk to , fax no. , in your letter specify attention to the officer , this is to make sure , the letter reaches fast to correct person . Otherwise ,it might go merry go round , unnecessary delaying time .

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,any updates for this issue?any buyers recieved their compensation already?