Thursday, October 7, 2010

Latest : Gated & Guarded guidelines

Click here to read the guidelines issued by Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT) on Gated Community and Guarded Neighbourhood.

I welcome feedback from residents on the guidelines, will raise them with the State Exco and State Planning Committee.


peter leow said...

How come public need to spend more money to guard their own homes? How about Police, aren't they supposed to make sure all the properties and ensure security of all residents? Guidelines are not laws... so,,,, macam mana??

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that all the entrances open for the convenience of the people. Petrol price is so high, every one is complaining, so why waste petrol going round and round finding for an entrance when there are already build for the convenient of the residents? Why take away the conveniences and instal something that are not going to work at all? There are still break-in in the gated area. I am not sure whether all the residents are informed of the break-ins?

Anonymous said...

Thanks hannah for giving us all the updates.

Anonymous said...

Dun blame the police, we have to protect our home, our children first.

Anonymous said...

As good tax paying citizens, we should feel secure with the presence of the police force, have clean water supply, an education system and standard (from primary to tertiary) comparable to others down south, highway linkages that are toll free, public transport infrastructure that is affordable and extensive, low cost housing where design and layout provides dignity,spaciousness and affordability to the poor, etc, etc.
Why must we keep on paying through the roof?

Anonymous said...

" Why must we keep on paying through the roof? "

Because not all our taxes go towards the provision of public amenities and security. Most of it is wasted on MPSJ renovating its own surroundings and on criminally-wasteful projects like the millennium bird park.

Anonymous said...

Please monitor ,someone also use G&G as a profit making tools.

Anonymous said...

Please leran more about Civics.
Mata2 are under FEDERAL just like askar but Majlis are local Government and under State. If mata2 not enough, why not ask LBH who was the previous MP and they are the part of the FEDERAL government.

Most of the taxes paid are to the FEDERAL including those taxes from Gambling.

Anonymous said...

What's to become of our country?
PKR also problem, DAP also problem, PAS also problem. UMNO, MCA, MIC,Gerakan semua problem.
It's time for politicians to grow up.
Signed - FED UP

sati said...

There are many examples of "syarat" in place such as applying for a hawker licence, signages etc. So why not for backlane grilles too?? After installation, we take a photo, fill up the form/s, submit it to one authority (our case MPSJ) who then disseminates it to all other agencies concerned. Let's be proactive in doing things.. lah. If you want to charge a fee - by all means BUT not let us run around town to get approvals.

Anonymous said...

Gated or guarded would not solve the problem of escalating crime rate. It only aggravate the problem. We all know the high crime rate is directly associated with foreign illegal, and yet we are bringing in more foreign workers, all the "guards" are foreigner. We already have Indon, Bagladeshi, Pakistani, combodian etc.... and now we have the Naplese. For 1 legal foreign worker, we may end up having 20 illegal, now we see lots of Naplese walking our street, are they all legal workers?

As rakyat and Adun we should not encourage the setting up of more guarded residential, we should continue putting pressure on the authority responsible (the Police and Immigration) to buck up. We should also be less dependent on cheap labours and domestic maids. Lets do our duty, I am loking forward to the day where we can freely walk the street again without fear.

Anonymous said...

Many right thinking residents would not agreed to this gated or guarded neighborhood. It is the police job to curb crime,why should we do the job for them?

I would have agree if it is a temp measure and we only employ local guards. And the guard would go round and do the patrolling. But if you drive around Subang, do you like what you see? The boomgate,the fences, the foreign guards, it completely change the environment.

I do not agreed with you that it will foster good relationship among neighbours,we are isolating ourselves from each other.

Anonymous said...

There is another daylight robbery in this gated and guarded areas again!!!! I just saw a police car in front of one of the house at about 6.30 pm and then the contractor repairing the broken door.
Last week there was an attempt break in, but was not successful. Please let the residents know the number of breaks in so that every body is aware and not leave it to the gate and guards.

Anonymous said...


On one hand you have said you are neutral but the many times you have said in the Media makes it look like you are all for the fenced and gated concept.

The new guidelines is still very ambiguous. As you have said in the Press, what is the majority? 51% or 85%? Since fencing is out, that means all the current fenced and gated communities like those in USJ 11/3 must be torn down!

Then the government said back lanes cannot be fenced up but many townships have such fencing for years.

Actually the issue is not that complicated. It has become complicated because ADUNs like you try to sit on the fence and not doing anything when the law is broken. RAs also bulldoze their fenced and gated concept without consideration for others.

The government must ban all attempts to fence up open concept townships like Subang Jaya/USJ, Bandar Sunway. They have too many exit points and were not built to be a gated community.

The only legal gated and guarded communities are those where the internal roads all belong to the purchasers. this means that when a developer builds say 100 homes, it is a stratified development and all roads are not surrendered to the local councils but the land (park, internal roads) all belong to the buyers. The buyers hence have every right not to allow outsiders inside their development. In such a development, they have absolute rights to wall/fence up their community, have guards, boom gates, CCTVs etc.

Residents must organize their own rubbish collection and put it at a central rubbish dump outside their project for the council trucks to carry the rubbish away. The postmen can deliver letters and put letters inside letter boxes at the guard house etc.

Those who buy houses in such projects must sign a covenant agreeing to pay the monthly security fees.

As for open concept developments, all fenced and gated or gated and guarded schemes must be banned! You cannot have half of this and half of that!

Meanwhile, the authorities should allow the fencing up of backlanes as it does not intrude on the freedom of lovement of the residents although some people who want to split hairs may say they want to walk inside people's back lanes.

Anonymous said...

Gated and guarded is just nonsense. I know it is a good bussiness for the committee, for the security company and contractors, so does it mean the residents has to waste time and money for the sake of their selfish idea??????????

Anonymous said...


Many of you are blaming hannah and against gated and guarded concept.

Can we really rely on the police to safeguard our familes and our properties?

How many that speaks out againts G&G are genuinely against it?

I personally feel that there are many free-loaders that would not contribute 1 cent but wants to enjoy the facilities.

Anonymous said...

If you purchased a property knowing its is G&G, well.. its ur choice to purchase knowing it is G&G and well, u have to pay. If it is a NON G&G old taman, it is not an obligation to pay even some so called RA tries to set up G&G. Coz it is not a G&G since day1. Those who willing to pay to setup G&G, please do not term others "free-loaders". Kindly open up ur pea brain. U chose to pay, others dont!