Saturday, January 29, 2011

Task force for Taman Subang Ria

Article from NST, 25 January 2011

SUBANG JAYA: A six-member task force has been formed to be part of the negotiation, acquisition and fundraising process to buy over the 29.39ha Subang Ria Park. 

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, who heads the task force, announced that the members were Subang Jaya Residents' Association chairman A.S. Gill, Zone 1 councillor Dr Loi Kheng Min, lawyer Derek Fernandez, Wangsa Baiduri Residents' Association committee member Haneef Gordon and USJ Residents' Association member Premesh Chandran.

The members, she added, were approved and endorsed by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, who had called for the taskforce to be set up to acquire the SS12 park during a dialogue session earlier this month.

Three vastly different valuations were presented on that day. Subang Jaya Municipal Council's private evaluator's report said the land was worth RM165 million, the Town and Country Planning Department report valued the land at RM53 million, and an independent land evaluation study commissioned by Yeoh stated that the land was worth RM15 million. 

During the session, Khalid said there had been no change to the land status which was classified as "recreational", and assured residents that no development would take place at the park for now.

Keeping the task force small at the request of Khalid, Yeoh said its members possessed diverse expertise and all aspects were covered.

Dr Loi, who is also Transparent International Malaysia secretary-general, will function to ensure that the process of fund collection was transparent. Fernandez will offer his knowledge on acquisition law while Premesh, a media practitioner, will take charge of publicity. [Note : Dr Loi is no longer secretary-general but he is still a member of Transparency International]

The residents will be represented by Gill and Haneef.

Yeoh said the task force's next course of action would be to seek an appointment with Sime Darby Property, the owner of the park, and begin the negotiation process.

"I will be writing to Sime Darby Property next week requesting for a meeting, where we will also table the valuation of Subang Ria Park that was done on our side.

"Once we agree on the amount, the state government will set up a fund. Residents can start contributing to the acquisition through a bank account and the amount is tax exempted," she said, adding that she expected the first meeting to take place after Chinese New Year celebrations.

Once a figure was agreed upon, Yeoh said they would have eight months to raise the money. Within the period, the sum raised must be at least one-third of the figure.

The state government has agreed to match the amount raised ringgit-for-ringgit, but Khalid had said it would not fork out more than RM50 million to buy the land.

Yeoh advised residents not to contribute to persons claiming to be part of the task force, and to wait until the bank account number has been announced by the state government.

The Selangor State Appeals Board will hear Sime Darby Property's appeal against the council's decision to reject its application to subdivide the land and title conversion.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Factory owners get green light for sub-division of individual titles

The Subang Light Industrial Park Factory Owners Association has finally received the green light for the sub-division of individual titles from the Selangor government.

It has been a long struggle for the association which has obtained court orders since 2006 for the sub-division application after their developer failed to do so. While the master title had been properly converted from agricultural to light industrial, the developerhad not obtained the individual titles for the 106 factory owners.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said the developer had also not paid up the quit rent since 2002, resulting in more than RM800,000 in outstanding amount, including penalty for late charges.

“Because of this, the owners were left in a lurch and had also been served with notices from the state government in April last year that their lands will be confiscated,” Yeoh said after meeting the association’s committee members at her service centre.

The factory owners at the industrial park in Jalan Subang 2, USJ 1 have businesses ranging from manufacturing and printing to car repairs.

Association president Richard Foo said so far, only 69 out of the 106 factory owners had responded to the call of the court order enabling them to apply for the sub-division on behalf of the developer.

“The remaining 37 have been reluctant despite letters sent out by our committee and banners to announce this. We have spent more than RM300,000 in surveying fees for the sub-division and court order,” Foo said.

Yeoh said she received a letter from the legal adviser on Jan 17 that only owners whose names were listed in the court order could proceed with the sub-division process.

She added that the association was now making a final appeal to the remaining 37 lot owners to contact the committee members for their names to be listed in the court order.

“Otherwise, they will be left out and may not be able to obtain their individual titles. It is unfortunate that the association has to do the job of a developer. In fact, they have invested much effort and time to come to this stage,” said Yeoh.

Foo said the committee was giving the 37 lot owners until Feb 12 to contact the assciation, after which they would proceed with the sub-division.

Association secretary Lee Man Seng said the committee now held the master title.

The 69 lot owners have paid up their share of about RM404,000 of the total outstanding quit rent arrears.

Foo said the association would also hold its annual general meeting on Feb 20 at the 98 Seafood Restaurant in USJ 8/2A at 3pm and urged all to turn up.

The committee members can be contacted at 012-618 9516 (Foo), 012-3310 273 (Lee) and 012-287 3163 (vice-president Wong).

With the committee members and the letter from the State Legal Advisor allowing the owners listed in the court order to apply for individual titles

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Balik Kampung-Rumah Selamat program 2011

Message from SJ Alert :

Please take note that this Service is provided absolutely free by PDRM and SJ Alert

Further to the Official launch of the Balik Kampung – Rumah Selamat Campaign at Summit USJ by YDH DIG Datuk Hussin Hj Ismail on Sunday 16/01/2011.

SJ Alert pleased to announce that you can now register for Balik Kampung Rumah Selamat On-line at:
Kindly be advised that On-Line registration will only be accepted by SJ Alert up to Tuesday, 01/02/2011 at 5.00pm. Registration after this time may not be recorded.

You can also register directly at the Balai Polis near you by using the official Borang Maklumat readily available at all participating Balai Polis.

Just a reminder, do register early so that the Polis can plan their Patrols efficiently, do not send in your registration at the very last moment.

If you are driving this Chinese New Year, please do so safely and remember to get your passengers seated at the rear of the car to buckle up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Press release by Menteri Besar on 18 Januari 2011

18 JANUARI 2011

Kerajaan Negeri Selangor  sedia maklum dengan kes melibatkan mantan Menteri Besar, Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo yang berdepan  tindakan mahkamah kerana didakwa terlibat dalam gejala rasuah.

Kerajaan Negeri Selangor yang kini ditadbir Pakatan Rakyat tidak terlibat dengan pemberian projek secara runding terus kepada syarikat-syarikat  yang dimiliki Shamsudin Hayroni.

Bagi mengelak timbul spekulasi dan tanggapan buruk terhadap Kerajaan Negeri Selangor menjelang perbicaraan kes Dr Khir, Kerajaan Negeri telah mengarahkan maklumat lanjut diperolehi melibatkan projek-projek yang telah diberikan kepada Shamsuddin Hayroni ketika Dr Khir menjadi Menteri Besar.

Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN) pada 16 Disember 2010 membuat keputusan supaya maklumat tentang jenis projek dan nilai projek yang diberikan kepada syarikat milik Shamsuddin Hayroni didedahkan untuk pengetahuan umum.

Sebanyak lima projek runding terus telah diberikan kepada Majulia Sdn Bhd dengan nilai projek berbeza iaitu:

1.      Pembinaan kuarters kakitangan kerajaan di Seksyen 16,Fasa 1 dengan nilai RM22,880,000
2.      Pembinaan kuarters kakitangan kerajaan di Seksyen 16 fasa 2 dengan nilai RM61 juta
3.      Cadangan merekabentuk, membina dan menyaipkan bangunan Perpustakaan Selangor Maju bernilai RM71,080,000
4.      Cadangan membina dan menyiapkan jalan dari Simpang B15/B11 Lama Daerah Sepang bernilai RM73,750,871.53
5.      Cadangan projek pembangunan sebuah stadium terbuka, sebuah pencawang elektrik, dua kebuk dan satu unit loji kumbahan atas sebahagian tapak Kompleks Sukan atas tanah kerajaan, mukim Dengkil bernilai RM14,999,000.00

Sementara itu, dua lagi syarikat milik Shamsuddin iaitu Getrahome Sdn Bhd dan Kanasutra Sdn Bhd telah diberikan  projek secara penswastaan.

Getrahome Sdn Bhd mendapat projek pembangunan perumahan dan perniagaan secara penswastaan atas tanah seluas 134.57 ekar mukim Dengkil, Daerah Sepang bernilai RM16 juta pada tahun 2000.

Kanasutra Sdn Bhd pula diberikan projek cadangan pembangunan perumahan dan perniagaan secara penswastaan atas tanah kerajaan lot 5395 dan 5396 Mukim Dengkil pada 2005 bernilai RM14 juta. Bagaimanapun, MMKN pada 27 Januari 2010 telah membatal dan menarik balik projek berkenaan.

Pendedahan maklumat ini dibuat bagi memastikan Kerajaan Selangor dan kakitangan awam tidak dikaitkan dalam perbicaraan kes Dr Khir dan Shamsuddin Hayroni.

Ini juga sejajar dengan prinsip ketelusan dan kebertanggungjawaban pentadbiran yang didokong oleh Pakatan Rakyat yang sama sekali menolak sebarang penyelewengan dan salah guna kuasa di kalangan pemimpin dan ahli politik demi kepentingan peribadi.

Dr Khir didakwa telah mendapatkan untuk dirinya dan isteri Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik, 45, suatu barang berharga dengan suatu balasan yang beliau ketahui tidak mencukupi iaitu dua lot tanah dan sebuah rumah yang terletak di alamat no. 8 & 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1 L, Shah Alam, daripada Ditamas Sdn Bhd melalui pengarah Ditamas, Shamsuddin Hayroni, dengan harga RM3.5 juta, sedangkan hartanah itu telah dibeli oleh Ditamas pada 23 Disember 2004 dengan harga RM6.5 juta.

Kerajaan Negeri berpendapat maklumat yang diberikan ini dapat membantu pihak berkuasa menjalankan siasatan.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exercise at Millennium Park TWICE a week!

The exercise program in the Millennium Park at SS13 will now be on twice a week. The additional session on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm will hopefully encourage more young people to participate (especially those who are unable to wake up early on 7:30am every Saturday morning). These exercise programs are funded fully by my annual state allocation and ABSOLUTELY FREE for the residents, suitable for all ages and races! Make use of them especially those who have made new year resolutions to exercise and stay healthy – this is for you!