Sunday, April 3, 2011

Water disruption in Subang Jaya

SS12 to SS19 Subang Jaya experienced water disruption in the last few days. When residents' calls to Puspel (Syabas' Customer Service) went unanswered, my office was flooded with calls from residents. Residents from these affected areas informed me that there was no prior notice by Syabas on the water disruption. My office and I then made attempts to contact Syabas for information.

As my office continued to receive calls from residents,  we found that many were unsure as to who is responsible for the operations and service of Syabas. We had to explain that Syabas  is a privatised company and it has its duty to inform its own customers.  However, due to the critical nature of this disruption, I had to step in and assist residents in obtaining timely information. I immediately contacted one of the Executive Directors of Syabas who promised to look into the matter. Due to lack of information and response from Syabas towards residents' calls, I assisted to provide updates from Syabas via Twitter as and when I received them.

While awaiting water supply to be restored, I requested for water tankers to be deployed to these affected areas. I was told as of 9pm last night (Sat Apr 2nd), 10 tankers made a total of 32 trips to various parts of Subang Jaya as and when requested by residents via Puspel.

Today (Sun Apr 3rd), I understand from Syabas and residents that water supply has been restored. This water disruption was caused by a decrease in water level at 3 reservoirs in Effingham, Bukit Gasing and Subang Airport and has affected water distribution to 9000 customer accounts.

I have also informed the Menteri Besar of Selangor YAB Tan Sri Dato' Seri Khalid Ibrahim on this matter and these are the following issues which I will pursue with Syabas following this incident:
  • why wasn't there an alert when water level at these 3 reservoirs dropped?
  • why didn't consumers receive any notice (prior to and during disruption)?
  • what happened to Puspel's call centre and what is  its call-handling capacity especially during a crisis?
For those who are not aware, the Selangor State Government has been making attempts to restructure the water industry in Selangor but has received no favourable response from Syabas. For more details on this effort - kindly visit


Bolehland said...

Good day to you
Noted yr tiredless efforts in handling the “surprise” water –cut. Thank you.
The area where I stay, USJ 1 was not affected. And, my two cents worth of suggestion:-
1)Puspel should set up a twitter account. So that yr goodself office only need to RETWEET their response/ status , and the affected recipient also can tweet commenting on Puspel response.
The solutions provider in this case is Puspel, not DAP Svc Centre –for those who vent their frustration that evening….Some of us know that, if you agreed, spread the word and educate them lah…(YB didn’t ask me to write this).
2) I have a frend who toured Tokyo the week after March 11 tsunami as her travel package could not be cancel. She said” I admired the Japs coz they lined up in an orderly manner to queue for bottled water, can food, tissue paper…” I told her” Good experience. And , yes lah, those are Japs, we (some of us) are still 3rd class…er…er….er”. The morale of the story – YB – you no need to be perfect , sometimes also no need to do your best…coz I wd rather have your service on a long haul basis …(don’t mean to be selfish). Not worth stressing yrself out by those who vent their frustration on you. Remember , we are in Bolehland. Note that (some if not most) Subang Jaya residents are among the most demanding and selfish ones coz we are in the (majority) developed (educated??) neighbourhood (it 's a joke).
I had just completed one tiny community project for USJ 1 /25 n USJ 1 / 26. Some of the neighbours have gotong royong spirt and nice. Others are simply selfish, demanding…and opportunist.
Why God loves human race with all its imperfection??

3)In USJ 1, elec cut is NOT uncommon esp mid nite. I wont call yr office if disruption takes place. Again, TNB should set up a twitter account. So that yr goodself office only need to RETWEET their response/ status etc. coz the solution provider is TNB, nor yr office. Usually, TNB officer who rcd our call (in the past) said “ Ramai sudah panggil, tunggulah nanti , kami memantau … tengah “check”. We usu got back our supply a few hours later . This is gaya Bolehland - not knowing why it happened, more so why it recurred.

Anonymous said...

Vote OUT bn and SACK this rozali than things will restored!!!!

hurricanemax said...

Yup...we were updated by your tweets. Thanks to Yang Berkhidmat untuk all in SJ Hannah, at least we know what to expect and plan for lesser flushing of toilets!

Gillian said...

Very well done on your prompt following-up with this matter! Your constituency is lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

Irresponsible act by SYABAS?PUSPEL! We were caught by surprised on this matter.

Totally agree with your 3 issues to be brought up to SYABAS/PUSPEL!

Resident of SS19

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for helping and updating the subang jaya residents on this matter as the Puspel twitter update is very useless. In addition to the 3 points that you raised, can you also pursue with Syabas on how can they prevent this incident (low water level at the reservoirs) from happening again.

Anonymous said...

I saw on Malaysiakini that there was a notice of water disruption - you can check on this with Malaysiakini.

This is Bolehland where everything is Boleh - from disruptions, interruptions, destructions, corruptions, the list goes on.

Unless politicians and those in public service do not have self-reform, Bolehland will continue to rot.

As for you YB, keep on with the good work.

Anonymous said...

This is a clear-cut case of sabotage by Syabas. They gave all sorts of reasons like low water level in reservoir.

Elizabeth checked these reservoirs and they were over 90% level at the reservoirs mentioned. ( See the Sun - Tuesday Page 7 )

Sharon Amrita said...

Thanks so much, Hannah, fir all your efforts! Much much appreciated! Take care! ;)

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah. Thank you for highlighting the water cut in SJ recently. We were unaware of the cut until we turned on the tap and found it's dry. Are Syabas and Puspel top management on the other side of the political divide? If so we should anticipate more of these inconveniences.

Anonymous said...

Hi,is there water disruption still on going. I'm staying in USJ 13, i believe i'm using my water from my tank.
Does anyone know when this will stop? otherwise i will need to stay collecting rain water.

Anonymous said...

Syabas call centre is a joke.

Chong said...

There is no water supply again today 21st Oct since morning till now 5:50pm. Just made a call to Puspel and waited 10mins for them to answer, was told their "kerja untuk gangguan air siap pukul 6 lebih nanti, dijangka pukul 7 boleh dapat bekalan air.."
We werent told about the gangguan air as usual again.. and lets pray and wait till 7.